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Pure fun!
Published by Aether_Fenris
Author review
Average 93%

Pure is a trick racing ATV game by Blackrock Studios. As I've already said, it's a racing game, so you know what to expect from it. I'm not usually a big racing game fan, but this game continues to be fun.

Graphics - 10/10

I don't think I can really do the graphics justice using nothing but words....Everything looks so vivid and alive, from the ATV's, to the riders to the dirt and mud that slings as you ride. As you ride, your ATV gets dirty as the gravel and mud slings onto it, and even your rider's helmet and clothes get dirtier. I ride ATVs for real, and when I see my ride at the end of a race, it looks exactly like I do coming out of the woods after it's recently rained. Just...oggle at the screenshot.

Eveything is rich with detail, right dows the dirt that dries on your ride, your clothes and your skin!

Storyline - none

The game has no story. It is a game where you race ATV's. Thats it. I gave this score 10 in the ratings box because points should not deducted for missing story in a game where it is not necessary.

Gameplay - 8.5/10

Pure is, as you already know, a racing game, and so you already know what to do. Finish first! There are no premade vehicles in the game, Instead, you must build your own ATVs from the ground up, starting with the chasis. all the way down to the grips on the handlebar. It's up to you rather you create an unwieldy speed demon suited for sprints, a smooth handling ride four those big courses or a machine built for pulling off those tricks in a stunt competiton, and you can have multiple rides at once, so feel free to try out different combinations! The gameplay is not without flaws, however. sometimes, when you should have wrecked from something, you will not. You would think this is a plus, but it isn't. rather than being reset and continueing, you then must back up however far is necessary and then continue, which can cost you some time. you may be wondering what pulling tricks will do for you in a race. Well, at first you jmay only do easy tricks. After pulling off a few you can do more advanced trickes. the harder the trick you land, the more your boost guage fills. Boost of course gives you a speed boost, but save up until the bar is completely full and you can pull off a special trick, and each rider has their own signature move! The gameplay does not disappoint, but there are improvements that could be made.

Famous last words of a redneck:"Hey y'all! Watch this!"

Sound - 8.5/10

As you would expect, the majority of the noise in Pure comes from your engine. The engines sound just like they should, and I'm not going to dwell on that, but rather I'm going to discuss the other sound effects and the soundtrack. My one complaint with the sound effects is when you crash. It just doesn't sound powerful enough, and almost sounds like a toy crashing. When I wreck ina game as realistic looking as Pure, I should FEEL the impact. The ragdoll physics your character goes through during a wreck helps with this, but the crash sounds are just too weak. As for the soundtrack, it's composed of mostly alternative rock. Bands like wolfmother for example. The soundtrack really suits the games feel in my opinion, but if you are playing it on an Xbox 360, and the find the music not to your liking, you could always play your own tunes over it. As for the voice actors, they do a great job of bringing the riders to life. They all have their own personalities and are very distinct from one another.

Overall - 9/10

Pure is simply a great game. it doesn't have a lot of extra features, or anything like that, but is simply a good racing game. that isn't to say that there aren't better ones, but Pure is worth your time, especially if you are an ATV enthusest. The gameplay is good, the soundtrack fits the game, and although I'm not usually a big graphics guy, I gotta hand it to Pure. it really hit home with the visuals.
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