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The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight
Review by Gameaddict
Published by gameaddict
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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the sequel to the critically acclaimed feature film blockbuster Batman Begins, is the first Batman film not to feature the word "Batman" in its title. The film proves that sequels can be better than the original film.


The Dark Knight is amazing - it has all of the great fight scenes, all of the great chase scenes, all of the huge explosions, all of the scary villains and everything else that Batman Begins offered us, but more. The chase scene that involves police cars, the joker's truck and batman's bike is one of the greatest film scenes I have probably ever seen.

It is a truly amazing film - the only complaint is about the length of the film. It is two and a half hours, and that's not including the ending credits. The film could have probably been half an hour shorter or so, because at some points, it seemed like it was dragging on a little bit - but that is only my own personal opinion.


Almost all of the actors play the same character in this film, except for Maggie Gyllenhaal, who now plays the role of Rachel Dawes. Aaron Eckhart is a great actor, and suits the role of Harvey Dent perfectly (he portrays the character a lot better than Tommy Lee Jones did in the 1995 Batman film Batman Forever).

I don't like Christian Bale very much - when he is playing the role of Batman, he has a really deep voice, and sounds like he has throat cancer. There is a big difference in his between this film and Batman Begins. He has made his voice deeper for this, and it doesn't sound very good. Seriously, I sometimes couldn't even understand what he was saying.

I thought Heath Ledger (who happens to be Australian, like me), did the role of the Joker justice, although if I was casting a Batman, i definitely would not cast someone like Heath Ledger as a character like the Joker. But, I am very pleased with the way he chose to play the character.


Overall, The Dark Knight is a great Batman film, (probably my favourite so far) and it doesn't particularly matter if you have seen the first film or not before. Some of the scenes are truly amazing. I hope the producer of the film doesn't make a sequel, though - I don't want to see the series ruined.
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By Mreow on 12-31-2009, 11:05 PM
Short review, but a cool one, just tells about the main plot of the movie.
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