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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
This is not paradise city!....and the girls are not pretty! WHERE AM I?!
Published by Aether_Fenris
Author review
Average 79%
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

So, I tried using a different rating system without numbers. This time I'm gonna try no rating system at all. Just explanations and examples. Now, I never played the first Viva Pinata, so I won't be doing any comparison between the two.


Rare usually tries to make it's games with the best graphics they can, and they deliver here. You can make out the details on the pinatas right down the small flaps of paper that they are composed of. Everything is bright, and colorful, using mostly bright pastel colors. Even when you zoom in on things as close as you can, the graphics are still detailed and crystal clear.

Notice the vibrant pastel colors used , and the lush enviroment and the...the...d'aww....Uncle Tusk is so cute.....


Really, there isn't anything much to say about the story. You want to make a Pinata garden..some weirdo professor dude wants to do evil stuff. That about it. This game is NOT about story.


The gameplay is never ending, although there are certain goals should you choose to meet them, a la Animal Crossing. in fact, I would describe this game as what would happen if animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and the chao garden from the Sonic Adventure series had an orgy baby. you take care of you pinatas by building houses for them and having the correct environment to suit their needs. Once they are full of candy, you can ship them off to a party for cash. Don't worry though, they will reutrn to your garden when the party is over. You also plant and care for trees and plants. Feeding the Pinatas different foods chanegs their colors and in certain species, producing some other effects. Once certain criteria has been met, you can breed your pinatas. Once a pinata species has been "master bred" you can block them from entering your garden. You aquire your pinata by enticing them to stay when they stroll through your territory. You can also go on hunts and capture them. Once you have owned a pinata once, you can pay the hunter to go catch that species for you. Of course, the more elusive the species, the higher the price. Viva Pinata is a fun, never ending game that will entertain you for as long as you are willing to let it.


There isn't much in the sound department worth discussing. Each pinata has it's own call, and you hear the chirps of birds and other nature sounds. Aside from that, the theme song is so catchy you will swear Satan himself composed it, but you won't be complaining either.


Viva Pinata: trouble in Paradise is an excellent way to kill some time. it's a kid friendly game, and though children are the target audience, I know people well into their 30's that got hooked on this games undeniable charm. Try it out. you just might like it.
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