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Gameboy care FAQ

Gameboys undoubtedly the greatest family of handhelds ever made. Sure the DS is nice with it's 3d graphics and touch screen, but the Gameboy just has such a legacy...

Nintendo's handhelds are pretty resilient, but that doesn't mean they are invincible! Here are some general tips that apply to all gameboys of all generations.

-Don't throw it at the wall

-Don't throw it at the floor

-Don't leave it where Pooter can mistake it for a chew toy

-If you keep it in a backpack, purse, or messenger bag, don't throw the bag around.

-Keep them away from water

-Never leave them outside.

Most of these tips are self explanatory, and are things that you would probably do/not do anyway, but I felt they should be included.

The Original Gameboy

The original Gameboy is big, bulky and required 4 batteries. Yes, 4. They are very tough, but since they are electronics, this makes them delicate as well.

Caring for the System

The system doesn't take much. You might need to wipe off the surface now and then. If your buttons are sticking, use a tothepick to clean around the edges. If they are still giving you problems, take your Gameboy apart, and clean out the buttons from the inside. In some cases (most likely due to some sort of impact) you may have dead pixels, or messed up images. You can actually buy repalcement screens, and they are easy to install.

Caring for Catridges

Your cartridges will probably get dust in them. However, blowing them out is a bad idea. The moisture in your breath can actually harm the game in the long term. If you must blow into the cartridge, cover it with something like a tee shirt to prevent spit and such from enetering. A better method is to clean them using a q-tip dipped in a 50% water, 50% alcohal mixture. There are protective cases available for Gameboy games that can really help.

Replacing Save Batteries

Older Gameboy games may have trouble saving, delete your saves, or not be able to save at all. If this happens, the save battery needs to be replaced. To open the cartridge, you will need a security bit remover. After opening the cartridge look for something that looks almost like a watch battery. This is a CR2025 battery, and can be bough rather inexpensively. Simply use pleirs or a scredriver to remove the battery, and replace it.

Gameboy Pocket

The Gameboy Pocket is simply a smaller, less power hungry monochrome Gameboy. In japan, it also had a backlit screen. Caring for the system is the same as with an original Gameboy, and it plays the same cartridges. However, I have ehard that it is more difficult to repalce the screen if necessary.

Gameboy Color

Same as the others, but with a color screen. You should take care of it just the same. I do hear that it is, like the Pocket, difficult to replace the screen.

Gameboy Advance

The GBA is also easy to take care of. The cartridges, though a different size can be cleaned the same way as older ones, though they are much less likely to need it. The GBA has shoulder buttons, and in some cases, they may come loose. In this case, you will need to unscrew the GBA using a tri-wing screw driver, and use something like super glue to attatch the shoulder buttn to the spring. a rather simple procedure, but I suggest using gloves to protect your hands. I don't want you running into the ER with a GBA glues to your forehead with you hand glued to the other end, and you other hand stuck on that arm.

Gameboy Advance SP

Finaly, America getd a backlight. This one is quite well built, and doesn't suffer from the shoulder button problem. Since it closes shut, the buttons and screen are protected, and this one doesn't take much at all.

Gameboy Micro

Released AFTER the Nintendo DS, it didn't really sell well at all. It has a smaller screen than other GBA models, and only plays GBA games. It does however, display the games in a higher resolution. This one isn't too tough to care for either. I suggest a screen protector, or maybe a small silk bag or something to keep it in, though. Things like loose change in your pocket could easily scratch the exposed screen.

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