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Small Arms
Small Arms
Super smash Bros. this is not
Published by SuperGamecube64
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Small Arms

Small arms is an Xbox Live Arcade title. It has been out for quite some time now, and isn't too expensive anymore. It's basically like smash Bros., but with health gauges, chibi anthropomorphic animals and gins....oh yeah, and it isn't nearly as good.


You have to give the graphics of small Arms props. For a downloadable arcade game, the graphics are fantastic. Much like Rare did in Starfox Adventures, a heavy emphasis has been placed on fur. And since all the characters are anthopomorphic animals(with a couple of exceptions), you'll be seeing a lot of it. So, the fur stands out quite a bit, but the rest of the graphics are nice as well. The grass look full, and sways in the wind, and the backgrounds look nice and col,orful. Water also looks good, but every game has pretty water these days.

Both the character models and environment are highly detailed.


Well, I honestly can't seem to be able to find a story anywhere in this game. Maybe they're fighting over control of the black market? I don't really know, but even if there was a story, it's one of those games where no one would give a crap about it anyway. I guess I'll throw in a review of the characters here, as well. There are 8 at the start, and 4 to unlock(and now, there are some available for download). Some are kind of stupid, but some, such as Marky Kat, who could be considered the main character, are kind of cool. A few of them are sort of unforgetable as well. i mean, c'mon! a character named "Mousy McNuts(no I'm not joking)?! A mad scientist with a forever burning bag of poo on his head named von Brown?! Overall, the cast is colorful if nothing else.


And THIS is where the game falls flat on it's face. The controls are simple. A is jump, and right trigger is fire. you aim using the right stick a la Geometry Wars, and move with the left stick. very simple, and it works, even if it takes getting used to. Characters themselves aren't unbalanced at all, because aside from speed and jump height, everyone has the same stats. Each has their own weapon, but they are just weapons that can be picked up by anyone if found on the map. Multiplayer can be fun, but it just isn't great enough to keep coming back to. also, in the single player, the difficulty ramps up way too fast. Does the gameplay work? yes. is it satisfying? that is a matter of opinion.


Aside from the sounds of gunfire and characters screaming, there isn't anything to review here.


The game works, and is a quick fix for an itchy trgger finger. Since it's price has been cut in half, perhaps you should download it if you're bored.
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By Cam3ron36@NFF on 11-29-2009, 12:41 AM
provide some videos to help explain what you mean. Just wrap [YOUTUB][/YOUTUB] (with the full name though) around the video serial located in the adress bar to make the video embed.
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