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Excite Truck
Excite Truck
I'm not THAT excited! It's fairly easy to hide it!
Published by Aether_Fenris
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Average 88%
Excite Truck

Almost everyone here probably has at least one memory of the NES game "Excite Bike". There was a lackluster sequel on the Nintendo 64, and really, the best part about that entry was the fact that you could unlock the original. Excite Bike is probably one of the best NES games, and almost everyone I know has played and enjoyed it. Not only was it included in it's sequel, but you could also find it as an item and play it in "Animal Crossing" for the Gamecube. More recently, they are working on a remake for Wiiware that looks quite promising.

Excite Truck is a spiritual successor to Excite Bike. It's the same basic premise, but with trucks. Many things have changed since Excite Bike, and yet some things will feel very familiar. So, does Excite Truck make the Exite Series exiting again?


It's a Wii game. A Wii launch title at that. let's face it, the wii is only so much more powerful than a last generation console. Taking this into consideration, Excite Truck looks quite nice. The vehicles glimmer and shine in the sunlight, and even when you fall off a cliff and bust into 10 different peices, it still looks decent. when it comes down to it, though, the trucks don't look as polished as you would expect. The terrain looks pretty good too, and dust and dirt fly out from udner your tride as you drive. trees could've used some more polish,as when you get close you can see that there isn't much to them. however, since you should probably stay AWAY from the trees, I suppose it is somewhat forgiveable. All the pop up, however, is not. I feel the draw distance could have been better. In the end, though, it's the little things that impess me in the graphics department of games. That being said, Excite Truck's graphics are nothing special, and there are better looking racers on the wii, but it doesn't look terrible either.

You can see here that the graphics aren't terrible, but they aren't anything to write home about either.
Storyline are...driving a truck....because it's fun?


In the end of it all, Excite Truck is fun. Isn't that what matters most in a game? If a game is not fun, then pretty graphics or a great storyline mean nothing. That means you, newer Spnic games! THe controls are easy to use and very accessible. you hold the Wii remote on it's side. The 2 button is gas, and the 1 button is brake. Pressing any of the directional pad with activate your boost. Boost for too long, and you will overheat. Boost at the top of a jump for extra air. You probably expect that in order to steer, you tilt the remote clockwise or counterclockwise like a steering wheel. well, you are wrong. You tilt it left and right instead, and it actually works very good. The first time you play, you will wreck. A lot. Like, every two seconds a lot. After about five minutes or so, you will get used to the controls and the way the vehicles handle, however, and it will be smooth sailing from there. Finishing first is actually not your primary goal in this game. Jumping, wrecking other drivers, drifting and even crashing well(if that's possible) earn you stars. Whoever has the most stars wins. However, placing first earns you bonus stars and CAN at times make a big difference, so while it is not your primary goal, it is still something you want to shoot for. The terrain is unrealistic, but thats a good thing in Excite Truck. Steep inclines, cliffs and sharp turns litter most courses, and hitting a "!" icon on the track will cause a natural disaster such as an earthquake, avalanche or volcanic erruption that will further warp the already crazy terrain. I had fun playing this game. and in the end, thats what I want in a game.


Some of the vehicles sound week, and the soundtrack is quite laughable. so, why did this get a 10 in the scorebox exaclty? For doing something no other wii game does, and that most Wii games should do. On systems like the Xbox 360, you can burn your Cd collection onto your hard drive. After doing this, you may play back your songs while playing a game. Well, you can't burn your audio collection onto the wii, but you CAN put MP3 files on an Sd card! yep, that's right, using the SD card slot and any MP3's you own, you can litterally customise the soundtrack however you wish!


Graphics are unimpressive and minimal. the sound is laughable. however, the excellent, addictive and fun gameplay added with the innovative(for the wii) use of mp3's and the Sd card slot save this game from failure. if your broke, and looking for a game to keep you occupied for a while, Excite Truck is a decent choice. It's no Excite Bike. Here's hoping that the remake is jsut as awesome as the original.
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By Mario on 12-02-2009, 09:06 PM
I think I have this game somewhere, might have to find it for a good laugh.
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By Lukario on 12-02-2009, 10:59 PM
I thought it was a really fun game.
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