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Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Candiipup Commentary!
Published by candiipup
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Average 88%
Trauma Center: Under the Knife


bwahahaha. okay. enough of that. - So i think everyone, or most people have seen this around, now it's time for me to add to the review archive. Because i love this game to death.

The game surrounds a fresh new doctor named Derek Styles. Cute as hell and new with a knife. You start out learning simple things, how to use and love the stabilizer, and the antibiotic gel. How to sew up things and where to put those broken bone pieces. Kind of. You go through car accidents and normal illness for a while... then it all goes terribly wrong. I don't want to reveal too much about the story line, but man does it get interesting.

Then you meet Angie, your nurse for the whole game practically... They do a full screen on her. (Yes. A full picture, top and bottom screen.. ehehehe) Anyway, you meet her and quickly learn how annoying she can be. However, leaving the sound on is recommended because of the time limit warnings and heart rate warnings.

The gameplay itself is easy. It's simple at it's core, buttons that are easily recognized. The rest is up to you, how you learn to do things and how fast you do them. Trust me, after playing for a while you'll get mad-fast at sewing up guys. Even with your newly found quickness there are some things you need help with, that's what the EVIL DEA-- i mean... the healing touch does. The healing touch is a star, easily drawn, and once you do it, time will slow down, allowing you to work faster. It only lasts for a little bit, and you can only do it once, but it's helpful later on in the game.

This game is really fun, and talk about action. You're always on edge when you're doing those operations, even the simple ones. The story itself is really good when you're inbetween operations, however there are some parts in the game where it's nothing BUT story, so be prepared for a bit of reading. There aren't any cut scenes or anything, and the sound pretty much is limited to the yelling of your assistant, beeps, and the occasional ambulance sounds. The game play really makes up for anything it lacks, though.

Though after playing the game, i recommend looking up "Trauma center awesome" on newgrounds. Totally captures the game's essence. XD
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