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MLB Power Pros 2008
MLB Power Pros 2008
Published by SuperGamecube64
Author review
Average 96%
MLB Power Pros 2008

Normally, with the exception of Mario sports games, I do not play sports games. I feel that I wish to play a sport, I should just go play it.However, I gave MLB Power Pros a try, and it's actually quite good.


MLB Power Pros graphics are simple, and effective. The characters are chibi and have anime style faces, and no mouths. Quite strange for an officially licensed sports game. All of the real teams are here from the Mets to the Braves to the Cardinals. You can also create your own team, and characters. Needless to say, the representations of the players don't look quite like them, but that doesn't matter in this game. the visuals are charming, and grow on you fast.


This game actual has a story of a sort. In certain modes, you must create a player. you start off in the minor leagues, and work your way up from there. along the way, you must also deal with life events outside of baseball. These includes going out with freinds, dating, getting married and even keeping your family happy. Your salary increases the better you play, allowing you to spend more on people. So in the end, you sort of make your own story.


Beleive it or not, this game does not use motion controls. Thank God, because they probably would have found some way to screw it up. I play using a Gamecube controller, because I find it more natural, but there are other control schemes available. As for the's a baseball game. It, baseball.


I don't have much to comment on when it comes to the sound in the game. Other than the crowd, some background music on menus and the crack of the bat against the ball, there really isn't anything to discuss.


MLB Power Pros is a fin, addictive baseball game with a plethora of modes to keep you busy. i don't know exactly how many modes there are, but I haven't even played all of them yet. I spend most of my time in the Franchise mode I talked about earlier, though. If you like baseball, give this a shot. even if you don't like sports games.
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