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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link! He come to town!
Published by Aether_Fenris
Author review
Average 94%
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

If you get that reference in the byline, you are now on my awesome list.

Twilight princess was hyped for a long, long, long time. It was delayed, and delayed again and...eventually it DID come out, on both the Gamecube and the wii. This review is of the wii version.


The graphics on Twilight Princess are fantastic, and bring Hyrule to life more than any game has before it. There is no difference in the graphics between the wii and Gamecube versions. While this shows off how powerful the Gamecube truly can be, it also proves that the wii is only so much more powerful than a last generation console. Personaly, I loved The Winwaker's cartoony cell shaded visuals. As a matter of fact, I would never want that game any other way. that said, it is still nice to see the series return to it's more "realistic" visual style. This game also has some amazing lighting effects, so the shine of a sword to the luminous glow of a scent trail being followed by Wolf Link. The graphics are nice and crisp and the Twilight Realm is very atmospheric.

As you can see, the visuals are very realistic, and the lighting effects are gorgeous.


The Zelda series in reknowned for it's storytelling. Twilight Princess is no exception. Link is a ranch hand in the begining of this one, and after some chores and such, his "boss" if you will sends him to deliver something to Hyrule Castle. However, there is a hinderance.Ilia, link's friend has taken Epona(Link's horse) to a healing spring to help heal her leg, and has locked the gate, refusing to allow link to ride her. Upon discovering an alternate entrance, Link goes in and tries to convince Ilia to let him ride her.As Link appraoches, Epona rushes to his side. "You still prefer your master over me..." she says as his horse goes to him. Before he is about to go off however, a portal opens, and strange creatures kidnap ilia as well as a child from the village who had been accompanying Link....and the story begins. Shortly after all of this, Links awakens in his wolf form, chained up in a cell, but an arrogant imp named Midna sets his free. it isn't long after this scene until you find out why the game is titled "Twilight Princess".


As you probably guessed, you swing the remote to swing the sword. There isn't anything fancy about this, all it takes is a simple swipe, and it works very well. Other motion controls include aiming things such as the Bow and Arrow by pointing at the screen, which also works very well. like all previous Zelda games, items can be mapped to different buttoms on the controller for use when you need them. Z targeting also returns, of course. My only problem with the controls is that occassionally, Link will move forward a couple of steps after I have released the control stick. Perhaps it is my controller, though.


Gameplay is unchanged from pervious Zelda games. Do some quests, go in a dungeon, find some keys, ebat the dungeon, kill the boss, repeat. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? I mean, hey. The Zelda formula has been working for over 20 years, so apparantly, there is nothing wrong with it. As fo difficulty...there is none to be found in this game. this is hands down THE easiest Zelda game I have EVER played, and I am a bit disapointed in that. I only got stuck once and it was only for about 15 minutes. Also, there is a lack of sidequests. After a game like Majora's Mask, which was chock full of extra things for you to do, I'm a bit disapointed. That's not to say there aren't SOME sidequests. The boss batles are all amazing in their own ways, and most of them involve some inventive use of your inventory, as always. In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, you could only use your bow while on epona's back. you can now also weild your sword, and this is utilized to make one massively awesome fight sequence in the early parts of the game...I don't want to ruing it for those that don't know, but even though I already knew about it before I played, it was still amazing. link has had many cpmpanions throughout the series, and this time, it;s Midna. midna is actually quite helpful, and doesn't annoy me like most of them have, however.


Link grunts and yells, and patrons make various noises as a greeeting...that is the extent of voicework. i get sick of people complaining about how the series needs voice actors. No, it doesn't Zelda does not need voice all just doesn't. Now shut up. The soundtrack is awesome. There are a few new songs, but the ones that I love the most are rehashes and remixes of songs from older Zelda songs. The tune that echoes through the halls of Hyrule(Gannons) castle is haunting, and beautiful as well as nostalgia inducing all at the same time. Epona's song returns from Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask, though this time it is played on a flute(or a peice of grass) instead of an Ocarina. some songs can be howled as Wolf Link, though, while neat, can not be done at anytime and don't have the effects I'd like playable Zelda songs to have(changing time of day, inducing weather, ec). That aside, it is a truly awesome soundtrack.


If you like Zelda get this game. it is amazing. It is, however, extremely easy in comparison to the others. It is still a remarkable experience.
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By Brandyn on 12-13-2009, 04:34 PM
Awesome review with nice word choice and detail and screenshots. This is my favorite Zelda game!
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By The Vault Dweller on 12-13-2009, 08:08 PM
I love this game, and this review makes it seem really great.. Have you ever thought of being a profesional advertiser?

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