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For All Mankind review
For All Mankind review
We Came In Peace
Published by da Beef
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For All Mankind review

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For All Mankind
is an extraordinary chronicle of the Apollo missions. Director Al Reinert poured over endless amounts of NASAís archival footage to create one of the most unique documentaries ever made. Unlike conventional docs, there are no talking head interviews or camera movement over still photographs. Video is entirely comprised of on location photography by NASA personnel and astronauts, voiced-over by the astronauts themselves. Footage from all the Apollo flights is spliced together to create the sensation of one epic, singular trip. This results in a technically fictitious series of events, but thatís filmmaking. The absence of subtitles to designate who is on-screen or who is speaking creates a humbling anonymity that trivializes the flags and initials emblazoned over the crew and equipment. These arenít people, but humans.

Can I truly articulate this filmís invaluability? I have watched it every single day since my first viewing, and I canít wait to watch it again tomorrow. To be there for Armstrongís famous words, to cower at the terrible, explosive power of liftoff, like some infernal bullet fired from the depths of hell, or to simply marvel at Earthís, my homeís, beauty. For All Mankind is a representative not just of one of our greatest achievements, but of all humanity. You are unlikely to ever see a more inspiring or communal motion picture.

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By Mreow on 12-31-2009, 10:16 PM
Never, ever heard of it before, but after your review, iīm gonna watch it tomorrow!
Keep up the good work Beefy.
By da Beef on 01-02-2010, 12:33 AM
so did you watch it, Mreow?
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