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Chrono Trigger DS
Chrono Trigger DS
The best DS RPG ever!
Published by miniroo
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Chrono Trigger DS

Introduction: Hello NFF and welcome to another Keyman4 video game review! Now before I get started, I just wanted to say that as for my FFIV DS review, I'm still playing that game, and it is simply fantastic and definetly qualifies in my top 10 video games of all time! I should hopefully have a review up for it by Monday, 1-18-09! Anyways, I was going through my collection of DS games and stubled across Chrono Trigger. Remembering all of the great times I spent staying up at night playing this game, I decided that "Hey, while op98x is making his decision on whether or not I should be on the review team, why not review this great game for NFF, and let them know why it's so fun and memorable? So now, I give you guys my second non Nintendo review on one of the best RPGs to hit the DS, Chrono Trigger. I hope you enjoy reading this review while I had a fun time making it!

Now I present to you.........

The story begins with the main character, Chrono (you), being invited to the annual Millenial Fair, that is hosted every 1000 years in Guardia, by his super smart, inventor friend Lucca. She has created yet another invention , with most of her previous inventions usually ending in a disatrous result,and wants to show it to Chrono! So, after saying good-bye to your momma and your cat, you leave your house and sometime later reach the fair, which is full of cheerful people, fresh food smells in the air, and a lively atmosphere! As you settle into the fair, you bump into a strange, tomboyish girl name Marle. After you retreive her mysterious pendant, which fell off of her in the bump-in, you chat with her a little bit, and then she asks to walk around the fair with you so she wont be lonely! Of course, you being the gentleman that you are, lets her do so. After a series of strange events with Marle, you eventually go to Lucca's station, where she is showing a small audience her newest invention, in which she wanted you to see, the TelePorter. Lucca then sees you and Marle and welcomes you both ( though if you really pay attention, you can sense that Lucca's slightly jealous that you got a new girl to hang out with) and then asks you to be the first tester of the Teleporter. After a successful test, the audience begins to change their mind about Lucca and starts applauding at the successful test. Marle is so excited that she asks to try it out as well, in which Lucca happily says she can. When Marle steps onto the first Telepad and Lucca boots it up, the pendant that she's wearing begins to glow. Surprised and confused, Marle suddenly starts to question this. Things start to get even stranger as the machine starts functioning in a weird way and a blue vortex forms out of all of the chaos and sucks Marle into it. Paniced, Marle struggles to get out, but to no avail. Lucca and her father, Taban, who had happened to be helping Lucca on the machine, try all of the buttons and parts on the machine, but aren't successful. Everyone watches in shock as the pendant flies off of Marle and the vortex closes with Marle still inside. The audience runs out of view while Chrono stays behind and Lucca and Taban try to find a way to bring her back. After some time, Chrono offers to try and help find Marle ( though he doesn't actually say anything, but instead makes a gesture) by using the pendant which seems to offer some kind of portal. Taban and Lucca, happy at Chrono's courageous act, boots up the TelePorter with Chrono on it and this is where the story not only begins, but gets epic. On your journey to search for Marle, you travel through time while fighting evil monsters, learning more about Guardia's chaotic yet rich history, and eventually trying to stop an alien like creature by the name of "Lavos", from destroying the future. When I played through this, I thought the story was mind blowing and simply amazing. Square Enix did a careful and great job of adding the right plot twists at their rightful places, and made you really feel as though you were traveling with Chrono and his friends. They also added good, clear and simply funny dialogue for most of the characters and they also gave each one of them, even the NPCs ( Non-Playable Character or Person) a unique style and personality. However I do feel that the story was missing some details and felt a little awkwards at times, especially late in the gamel. But overall, I found it to be very enjoyable and memorable at the same time, and players wont be disappointed.

You have DS games such as Super Mario 64, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, and Final Fantasy IV and then you have this. When compared to the aforementioned games, this looks completely horrible and not visually pleasing to the eye. The old, bunched, pixilation quickly bugged me and made me wonder throughout the entire game, "Why didn't they give this a visual makeover like FFIV and DQMJ?" However, one saving grace was the anime cutscenes that would appear occasionally when you beat a certain part of the game. These cutscenes were colorful, bright, and well drawn which really gave you some more reason to play the game, and see the rest of them, with about a total of 13 in all. So in conclusion, the graphics really could've used a makeover and didn't totally ruin the game.

Music/Sound: 10/10
This is one of the star points about this game, besides the gameplay. The music tracks in this game was emotional, moody, and upbeat. I cant say this enought that these are perhaps some of the best videogame music I've ever put my ears into. When you play this game and listen to the music, you will never, EVER want to turn the sound down! If you don't believe me, just listen to the music yourself:

and finally

It can easily be said that the right time was put into constructing this wonderful music!

Gameplay: 9/10

If you've played a Final Fantasy game, then you should know about the Active Time Battle System, which also happens to be in this game. Basically what the ATB system is a battle system is where you wait for a gauge to fill up before selecting items or attacks and so forth. What made the battles in this game so much fun in this game was the Techs, which were basically special moves that can be used with 1-3 party members which would deliver a satisfying and powerful attack. What made the Techs so fun and awesome to use was the teamwork and strategy that it implemented. Besides battling, there was other fun gameplay elements such as racing a slick talking dude name "Johnny" in the future, which pitted you in a racing minigame with insanely awesome music, flying on airships and pterodactyls in the way distant past, and taking part in some of the most epic boss battles such as fighting an evil but stupid villain WAY up in the sky, and then on a ship, and fighting a super powerful dinosaur creature. Some other great features that were added was the bestiary, which was a really helpful, ingame encyclopedia, a jukebox to listen to that spectacular music, a video player to watch your favorite cutscene, and other stuff. Finally, after beating the main game, you were treated to the New Game Plus feature which allowed you to start a new game with all of your previous stats and weapons, and the ability to find new endings in the game,. The gameplay was just simply extraordinary and severly fun to play and it always brought fresh and new ideas to the game all while staying on the top of its game. The one problem I had with the gameplay was the seemingly uncessary battle arena in the game, which lacked originality, depth, variety,and overall entertainment. I feel that if they wanted to add to the game, they should've at least added the aforementioned factors.

In Conclusion: If you're an owner of the DS and are looking for a good RPG, this game is your answer. Make sure to add this game to your collection!

Closing Words: So if you actually read all of that text, then I hoped you enjoyed this review as much as I did. Please tell me how I did and what I can do to improve. Again, thank you for reading and look forward to my FFIV DS review coming soon to you!-Keyman4
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By Stapler on 02-21-2010, 02:22 AM
I haven't played this game before, but I've always want to give it a try. It's not that common in Aus.
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By Pokeman on 02-21-2010, 02:39 AM
I think it's stupid that you complained about the graphics
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By Rin on 02-21-2010, 04:08 AM
Grammar, wording, syntax, and punctuation all need work. Run it through Word or something. Also, the graphics rating is a load of crap. It's a damn SNES original, ported to the DS. It isn't going to have beautiful realism as comparative to today's DS games. Even trying to compare it to Super Mario 64 is completely idiotic. I don't remember any other DS-ported SNES games getting axed on in that department. Of course, I know that a numerical rating is pretty meaningless, but oh well. I needed to rant about something.

Also, the game name might be Chrono Trigger, but the main character's name is Crono, without the H at the beginning. Chrono doesn't refer to his name, but to a certain part of the story. I won't spoil anything for anyone. Hell, it's in one of your screenshots, and yet you misspelled his name the whole time.

It needs work. Don't take it just from me though.
Last edited by Rin; 02-21-2010 at 04:18 AM..
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By Blitz on 02-21-2010, 06:38 PM
I have this game, and it is just awesome. I've always wanted to play it because I saw videos of its gameplay and heard some of its music on Youtube. I went to my local Gamestop one day to see if they had it, and sure enough, they did so I got it (I think they only had one copy of it). It's a pretty hard game to come by these days.
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By miniroo on 02-22-2010, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by Blitz View Post
I have this game, and it is just awesome. I've always wanted to play it because I saw videos of its gameplay and heard some of its music on Youtube. I went to my local Gamestop one day to see if they had it, and sure enough, they did so I got it (I think they only had one copy of it). It's a pretty hard game to come by these days.

Yeah I got it because of the videos on Youtube and it was considered a very good RPG!
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By jackbency on 03-06-2010, 04:41 AM
Chrono Trigger is and always will be one of the greatest RPG s ever created. There are plenty of secrets and side quest to keep you busy and also a New Game and feature that allows you to replay the game with all of your beefed up stats and discover a large amount of additional endings!
Last edited by jackbency; 03-10-2010 at 12:59 AM..
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By Beasty on 03-06-2010, 05:05 AM
this game was already ah big hit in the 90s on the super nintendo this looks awesome nice revieuw
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