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xxx, and not in the good way!
Published by SuperGamecube64
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X-Blades strikes...get it?..heh...ok, the byline was not funny.


This is Ayumi, and she is sexy. That is the only redeeming quality to this game.

X-Blades was originally a Russia only release. yes, Russia. Since when does Russia get exclusives?...anyway, This game may look quite may look very appealing, but like a siren waiting in the misty ocean, it isn't what it appears to be.


The graphics are the one good thing about X-Blades. This game is quite beautiful. Everything is cell shaded and has a very anime feel to it. The environments are expecially gorgeous. Too bad they didn't put as much effort into...well, anything else.

An example of the games gorgeous environments.

An example of the anime cell shaded character style.


You are a treasure hunter, and frankly, you're "the best there is"...yeah, not really. That's about the extent of it. There's some stuff about an artifact and a curse and some dude that has terrible voice acting...but it's very shallow.


The game honeslty doesn't control all that bad. Ayumi moves kid of fast, but you get used to it quickly. Some of the platforming elements are a bit weak, but again, you get used to them. Spells can be mapped to buttons for easy access, and if you've played other action games, the cotrols will be easy to get used to.


You mean there is gameplay?! well, actually, there is, it's just insanely mundane, boring and shallow. You hack and slash at stuff, occasionally shoot your guns and cast spells. It really doesn't sound that bad, but you end up just killing stuf by using the same basic combo over and over until you clear the area. They should have added more depth to the combat system. It's almost like a poor mans Devil May cry......I take that back, this is a hobo's Devil May Cry. In fact, I'm pretty sure the devil WOULD cry if he had to play this game.

Looks like a decently fun fight, righ?, not really...

Sub par at best. None of the music is memorable at all, and the voice acting is laughable. ayumiu's voice is done fairly well, but the rest of the voices are almost laughable.

So, in the end X-Blades is...well, to be frank, a turd in the form of a disc. oh yeah, and Ayumi wears so a thong. so if games that look good and have animated females in thongs without any actual solid gameplay are you thing, then by all means buy this game.
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