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The newest Zelda game is...oh wait, this isn't Zelda!
Published by Aether_Fenris
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Average 83%

Darksiders would be considered by some to be very unoriginal. it borrows elements from multiple other game series and combines them. I have had people tell me they think that makes for a bad game, but i vastly disagree with that. Okami, for example, is one of the best games of both last generation and this generation, and it is a top seller. But what is Okami but a Zelda clone? But I digress.


Darksiders, like most games, has better CG graphics than in game graphics. The in game graphics are still great, though. We've explored a post apocalyptic Earth in many games, but never have you done it while the human race is extinct. Correct me if I'm wrong, there. If you've seen the movie "I am Legend", that should give you an idea of the world you will be exploring. Traffic has forever ceased, and where there once was industry, now nature is begining to take over. Demons have inherited the earth, and there is something waiting to kill you around every corner. The textures are well done, and character models look rpetty good, but are, in my opinion better done than the environments, and it makes them look like they don't quite belong. Enemies are also animated fairly well, but a lot of the enemies are copies. The graphics get the job done, but they could definitely be a little better. Also, if you are playing the 360 version, there is a screen tearing glitch that pops up now and then, but there will be a patch for that soon.

Remind you of a certain Will Smith Movie?...minus the apocalyptic warrior?

Characters and environments don't seem quite on par with one another.


You are War, one of the four horsmen of the apocalypse from the book of Revelation. The seven seals have been broken prematurely, and War is blamed. In attempt to prove his innocence, and restore balance to the three kingdoms(Heaven, Hell and Earth), war must kill the 4 "chosen" to bring their hearts to Samael, a powerful demon who has been outcasted. In return, Samael offers to open the doors to a tower in which Straga, the elader of the chosen dwells. along the way, War will encounter old allies, and new enemies. I really don't want to ruin the story, and though it may not interest everyone, I loved it.


Of course, the left stick moves War around. A/X is jump, as usual. X/square is used to attack with your sword, and y/triangle with your secondary weapon. Items may also be assigned to the directional pads, or the right trigger/R2 button. Pressing down on the right stick zooms in and gives you an aiming recticle for using items such as the boomerang, throwing picked up items or for better aim if you are using your secodnary pistol weapon. The controls are a combination of God of War and Zelda, and it works quite well.


You already know, I'm sure, that this game borrows from many other genre's, so I will lis what features it borrows from what games.

From Zelda

-Overworld with dungeons

-item collection and assignment

-lock on system similar to Z targeting

-upgrade system(4 peices = more health/magic)

-dungeon puzzles

-A horse that has a system much like Epona's carrots

Ruin, War's trusty steed.

From God of War

-fluid combo based combat

-finishing moves

-an overdrive type ability

pretty colors!

Devil May Cry

-killing enemies reqards you with souls to buy and upgrade new attacks.


Health system using multiple guages and "tanks"


-you basically get a portal gun near the end

All of these features come together a lot more nicely than you might think.


The music, while nothing really memorable, is very epic and really sets the backdrop for the apocalypse. As for voice acting, it's all quite well done. i don't think I heard a bad voice actor in the game.


One of my favorite games so far in 2010. I think you should definitely buy it, or at elast rent it if you are skeptical. true, it borrows from other series, and true it doesn't pull off these features QUITE as well as those series, but it's still a fun,f resh adventure game. It's defintiely a nice change of apce with all the shooters coming out lately. If you are worried about the religious undertones, and being offended by them, I am a Christian, and I was not offended by a single thing in this game, despite it's story being based on a "what if?" scenario based on Biblical events.
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