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Grand Turismo (PSP)
Grand Turismo (PSP)
Published by Tencade Kazarian
Author review
Average 78%
Grand Turismo (PSP)

The REAL Driving Simulator

you better bet your ass it is. Every little move counts in this Real Driving Simulator. The game is for the handheld system the Playstation Portable (PSP) With 35 tracks and more then 800 stunning cars from the worlds top manufactures.

The game takes 256kb of memory, not counting replays. The Controls are simple with D-pad and Joy stick for steering. X and O for Gas, Triangle for reverse, E-break R and square for normal Break. You want to learn the controls best you can. Everything must be perfect while driving or its over. So learn and set the controls the way that's most comfortable for you.

Gameplay is a big element in any game. Basic its a driving game so its hard not to understand the gameplay. Race. Simple as that. There are other Modes to pick from. The Mode basic and known to all games is Single player. In single player you basically RACE. Pick from single race, time trial and drift trail. After picking what one you want you pick your car. you start with a basic car. A Pontiac vibe GT '03. good for dirt and Speed way tracks. I currently own a Saleen S7 '02. Only good for Speed way tracks. (more on the cars later) Ok so you picked your car. Now for a Track. All tracks are unlocked from the start. you can pick from Real circuits, City courses, original courses and dirt and Snow tracks. depending on the AI lv (basic start is D) is how hard the race will be with other racers. AL driving levels are as follow. D, C, B, A, and last S. Obvious the hardest one.

Multiplayer is a mode that allow you to race with another player with AD-HOC mode (that's Offline Multiplayer) or trade and share your cars.

So the Mode noticeable mode is Challenge mode. this mode is where you will learn to drive. Each Lv is coded by Letters. A, B, and C are most notable for being the easy lv (my A$$) Where D, E, and G are more challenging. the Hardest class's are H, I and F.
It goes a follow. Beat Class A to unlock B and so on. The first follow challenges are Stop 100 meters ahead. simple right? after that one, now stop 200 meter ahead, then 400 meters. This is for you to learn breaking. The object is to get speed right off the bad and break PERFECT at the blue (line without passing it) in 10 secs for a Gold trophy. After the first few challenges you get to the challenge of stopping on a Dime. As in PERFECT. No joke. Soon after you are challenged with braking and steering at the same time. Sound easy huh? Class A is all about learning braking and the basics. Class B is about types of corners. Well Class F is high speed driving.

Here is and EX of a Challenge

Looks Easy doesn't it?

Well the trick is to get a gold is to be PERFECT. I have spent many hours re-trying a challenge.

The Dealership is where you can buy new cars with the credits you earn from Single player and challenge mode. the dealership changes on each in game day. (not real day) so for EX today's dealers are FLAT, KKS, Jensen, and Mazda. There are far more then just these Dealers but sense it changes daily (in game days) you better get the car you want (if you have enough $$) cause you may not see it again for awhile.

The Status Report is where you can check your report. How many races you have raced, how many gold, silver, and bronze trophies you have, your AI Driver Lv, recent Events you have done, and your car collection. In your car collection youmay have up to 30 FAV cars. any FAV cars you can tune.

Graphics are well done as you can see in the challenge EX. That's why I gave it a 9
Storyline... well there isn't a story so it gets a 5. Now even tho the modes are nice, it not really enough to make the replay value high. To be honest where the challenges are hard (even on Class A) is definitely a big turn down on replay value. You just feel some are impossible to beat, and you don't want to play anymore.
Controls are great. Simple and easy to learn. So along with gameplay it gets an 8. Nothing beats a real simulation on driving even though its not easy.
Sound gets a 9. If your not one for the music n the game then once you beat a certain mode, then you can listen to your own music you have stored on your PSP memory stick. That's why I gave it a 9

Overall its a great game. With its up and downs it really is the best real driving simulator on PSP. So if your a Gran Turismo fan then hey pick this game up.

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By DarkLegacy on 02-09-2010, 01:26 PM
You spelt 'Brake' wrong, other than that the review it's self is pretty good.
Last edited by DarkLegacy; 02-09-2010 at 02:35 PM..
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