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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
A solid entry in one of the greatest franchises ever conceived
Published by SuperGamecube64
Author review
Average 93%
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid was a hit on PS1(as well as Gamecube, with it's remake). It's no surprise that when a sequel was announced,f ans of the original were stoked. This game receives a lot of flank it seems, partially due to Raiden replacing snake for most of the game and partly because people's expectations were just too high.


Considering that this is a Playstation 2 game, it looks phenomenal. Taking place in an industrial environment, as did the original, many of the areas are the same greyish color. I think it works, however, and gives the environment the industrial feel they were going for. Character models are, of course, much more well done than in the first installment. Snake has eyes now! Most textures look realistic, but some are sort of blury up close. As is Hideo Kojima's style, the cutscenes use the same graphics as the rest of the game; a nice touch, I think more game's should do. Overall, the graphics aren't tge absolute best, but they do not disapoint.


The storyline ehre can be very confusing if you don't pay close attention(or if you don't follow Metal Gear's storyline). The game starts out at George Washington Bridge in New York City. Snake and Otacon are noiw members or a non government group called "Philanthropy". This group is researching rumors about an amphibious Metal Gear being developed using leaked information from the Metal Gear Rex project. This Metal Gear is housed inside a disguised U.S. tanke. Activating stealth camo, snake jumps off the bridge, and onto the tanker. Upon landing, his camo fails, and he must resort to sneaking tactics. His mission is to find and take pictures of the Metal Gear as proof of it's avoid spilers, I will go no further.


The controls are pretty much the same as before. You can now aim in first person using the R1 button, allowing for mroe tactical combat, as well as walk slower to prevent noise, and hang from ledges.


Much like the original, the object of this game is not to run into a room guns blazing and shoot the crap out of everything that moves. Instead, you are better off to sneak around, killing enemies with stealth and cunning. The games title of "Tactical Espionage Action" is most deffinitely true. Getting caught doesn't instantly result in loss(unless you set it that way), but you will be at a great disadvantage if you give away your position...oh yeah, and you can do cathweels...naked!



The mix of synthesized, tense, techno music and orchaestrated masterpieces sound just as good if not better than those in the original. The Metal Gear Solid series has some of the best msuic around, in my opinion, and Sons of Liberty is no exception. As for voiceovers, the cast is great. i've always thought the series had good actors. Each character's actor seems to really know the character, as if they actually were the character themselves. an amazing sound track, and a great cast make the sounds of this game amazing.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a wodnerful addition to any PS2 library. The original is still my favorite, but this is a wonderful sequel, despite some of the flank people like to give it.
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By da Beef on 02-23-2010, 08:22 PM
boring and full of typos. when reviewing an 8 year old game, you'd better talk about something interesting
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