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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares
Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares
nostalgic like deja vu
Published by Aether_Fenris
Author review
Average 83%
Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

A warning: this review contains what may be considered spoilers. If you are a veteran of the series, you already know the story anyway, and it won't matter, but if you aren't so familiar with the Resident Evil back story, and do not wish the story ruined for you, do not read on.

Lost in nightmares is one of two down loadable extras now out for Resident Evil 5, and will also be in the gold Edition. LiN takes place way back when Chris and Jill where partners, trying to take down Albert Wesker in the mansion.


The graphics are just as good as they are in the main game, of course. Taking place in the old mansion, however, things are a bit darker and moodier.


Chris and his partner Jill are in the Spencer mansion looking for Ozwell E. Spencer, founder of umbrella. Upon entering the errie mansion, they find bodies and blood everywhere in the foyer. After finding and reading some documents throughout the mansion, you discover that he had a twisted fantasy of becoming a God, searching for the secret of immortality. Albert Wekser, one of the test subjects ultimately kills spencer, and takes the serum for himself, at which point Chris at Jill find and confront hm.


Just like the main game.


I like LiN mroe than the main game simply for the gameplay. it eems Capcom took a hint, and it's about time. the RE series has become too action oriented, and is no longer scary, creepy, eerie nor do the puzzles challenge your mind anymore. LiN is a step in the right direction. You'll be searching for cranks, passwords and keys like old times in a creepy, atmospheric dark mansion. When you open a door, the camera even zooms in on it as it opens, emulating the load screens from the older games. The puzzles are not enarly as challenging as they ocne were, but one in particular had me running around for a good 15 minutes. that isn't to say there is no combat, even if most of it is indirect, and revolves around deceit and trickery as opposed to mowing them down with guns. There is but one single enemy type in this mansion - The Guardians of Insanity. Large, grotesque scythe weilding mutants that stalk you through sewers and halls. These enemies are quite deadly, and your best bet is to just avoid them when necessary. he original zombies do show up, but only from breif moments in which the reah from the ground and grab you, butyou don't actually fight them. My main complaint about the gameplay is the boss fight in the end. As you already know if you're at all familiar with RE, the final boss is Wesker, right after hes killed Ozwell Spencer. you got a glimpse of how the fight ending in Re5's main story. Looked epic right? well, it should be. but it isn't. Basically, you just have to survive a set length of time. It is nearly impossible to hurt wesker, and even if you can, you can't kill him. all you do is run around and dodge him until the cutscene you saw in the main game starts...quite dissapointing. also, the DLC is only 1 hour long, but it's also only around $5, so hey.


A thrwoback to the old Re games that is quite refreshing if a little short. If it weren't for that totally lame end fight, this would be some of the best DLC out right now, but unfortunately, this is not the case. If you have Re5, you may as well get this. It's only $5, and it's very enjoyable. Here's hopin Capcom takes some more hitns from the fans...

Screen Shots

Hint: RUN!

I've seen this somewhere before....

MUCH better than African villages and Spanish castles feeled with freaky deaky cult members!
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By Skreamo on 03-15-2010, 02:00 AM
OoOoO sexy review thar :O
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By Pokeman on 03-16-2010, 01:56 AM
1) Don't include spoilers in a review
2) It's dlc, who cares?
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