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System of a Down - Mezmerize
System of a Down - Mezmerize
By Gameaddict
Published by gameaddict
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System of a Down - Mezmerize



Mezmerize is System of a Down's fourth studio album, and is my second favourite album by System of a Down. Overall, I think Mezmerize is a fantastic album - it only has eleven songs, and is System of a Down's shortest album, but the quality of each songs makes up for the length.


1. Soldier Side - Intro

Soldier Side - Intro is a great song to start the album with. It is nice and short, (only a little more than a minute long), and sets the mood for the rest of the album perfectly. There is a longer version of this song on System of a Down's following album, Hypnotize.

2. B.Y.O.B.

This is not only my favourite song on the album, but is also one of my favourite System of a Down songs.

3. Revenga

Although this is not one of the most standout songs on the album, it definitely has a catchy guitar riff, and an even more catchy chorus.

4. Cigaro

Cigaro is a less serious, more comedic song. But this doesn't mean that it is any less of a song. I's unfortunate that it is so short - I only wish it could last longer!

5. Radio/Video

Radio/Video is often blamed for being repetitive and boring - but I couldn't disagree more. Radio/Video is my third favourite song on this album. I really like how it changes both loudness and tempo throughout the whole song.

6. This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song

I love the guitar riff of this song! Serj Tankian, the lead singer of (System of a Down), has so many different singing techniques, and it can be seen that in this song, he is using his different singing techniques.

7. Violent Pornography

This song has always amazed me. The singing in the song is just incredible. I love the harmonies.

8. Question!

Question! is a truly terriffic song. The first time I heard it, I almost criEd. This song has about five different time signatures, and each time signature seems to represent a different mood. It is amazing how a single song can Amie you feel so many ways. Question! is my second favourite song on the album, very closely behind B.Y.O.B.

9. Sad Statue

Sad Statue is definitely one of my least favourite songs on the album - it doesn't change mood, it just stays the same for the whole song.

10. Old School Hollywood

This is also not one of my favourite songs. I don't like the techno sound to this song, and I like the lyrics even less.

11. Lost in Hollywood

I really like Lost in Hollywood - it's a nice soft song, it's a good song to finish the album with, and is different to all of the other songs on the album. Although, it's a little too long for my liking.


In conclusion, Mezmerize is great - all eleven songs are different and diverse, which means that you won't become bored of the album. It may not be the ideal album for everyone, but if you enjoy listening to metal, and you haven't heard of System of a Down , then I would suggest buying Mezmerize.

Rating: 8.5/10
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By Mario on 04-05-2010, 01:50 PM
Thanks for the review I'll have to give a listen to this.
By gameaddict on 04-12-2010, 12:46 PM
I'm glad you liked the review. Thanks for reading.
By Beasty on 04-12-2010, 03:53 PM
i'm not a rocker i like hardstyle and that style of music.
but i do have to say i listen rock long time ago and i actually pretty like the song
system of a down - revenga it's also nice song to make css vidz ;d
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