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The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie
By Gameaddict
Published by gameaddict
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The Simpsons Movie



I often say at the start of my reviews, "I had high expectations about this film", but out of all films that I have had high expectations for, The Simpsons Movie would have to be the film that I have had the highest expectations for. I have been watching the Simpsons for as long time now, and it is my favourite TV show of all time. I had also known that there was going to be a Simpsons film for a year before it was released, so I am sure that you can tell that I had very high expectations for this film. If this film failed to impress me, I would be greatly upset. In my opinion, the TV series of the Simpsons had been lacking around the time of the release of the series, and so if the film was of the same quality as some of the most recent episodes, I would not be impressed at all.

As I am sure you all know, when a popular television series is turned in to a feature film, it is almost always destined to be a monstrosity. Examples of this are "Fat Albert", "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut", "The Dukes of Hazard", and so many more. So it wasn't going to be easy for The Simpsons Movie to avoid this.


Finally, after a year of waiting, I saw the film at the cinemas... and I was absolutely amazed. I thought that the plot was great, and the writing was even better. The characters were all exactly like how they are in the TV series, and I really enjoyed watching every minute of it. I was particularly amazed when I saw Bart's penis, which was something I wasn't expecting. There are small differences in the animation, for example, all of the characters can now cast shadows, unlike in the TV show.

The film starts with the Simpsons watching an Itchy and Scratchy film at the cinema. Homer then says in rage, "Why would I pay to see something I can watch at home on TV for free?"
This is not only incredibly funny, but is also the best opening scene for a film I have seen... possibly ever.


It had a great plot and great jokes, and much funnier than the current series of the TV show. One of the things that I liked most about the film is the way almost every single character from the series has some part in the film, and all characters are voiced by the same voice actors as the TV series. There were some new characters added in specially for the film, such as Colin, (Lisa's love interest), President Arnold Schwarzenegger, Russ Cargill, (the head of the Environmental Protection Agency), and of course, the one and only, Spider Pig, (aka Harry Plopper).


The film constantly references and makes jokes about pop culture, and even references itself at one point. The film definitely doesn't differ much from the TV series that we all know so well. The film is written by seven different writers, rather than only a few. Once the idea had been decided, the film was broken up in to seven different parts, and each writer was assigned a part. Once they had finished, it was compiled into one single script. I really like this idea - it means that the film is actually seven different stories that have all been linked, rather than one long story. It also means that the film doesn't become tedious quickly, since the story of the film is constantly changing. This may possibly be the reason why so many films based on TV shows seem to fail - perhaps that's the reason why so many films based on TV shows are such bad quality. Well, if that is the problem, then the writers of all of those films should learn a lesson from the writers of The Simpsons Movie.


The Simpsons movie is a truly terriffic film, and is suitable for people of almost all ages. It's just like the series we have all grown to love, and it features all of the characters that we have also grown to love. The Simpsons always seems to impress me, and The Simpsons Movie is no exception.

Movie Rating: 9/10
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By Mario on 04-07-2010, 09:26 AM
Good Review! I also thought it was a good movie.
By Megas75 on 04-07-2010, 10:10 AM
Yes I agree, the opening scene was epic beyond explanation
By scarymoth on 04-07-2010, 07:10 PM
I was particularly amazed when I saw Bart's penis,

I was particularly amazed when I saw Bart's penis,
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