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Rogue Galaxy
Rogue Galaxy
Published by Aether_Fenris
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Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy
Developer: Level-5
Review by SuperGamecube64

Rogue Galaxy is an action RPG from Level-5, the creators of Dark Cloud. Sadly, one of the same problems that plagued the Dark cloud series is present here as well-monotony.

The game kicks off with Jaster Rogue, a monster hunter who lives in a nearby town, sitting atop his…weird…camel thing. His town has been enslaved by the Longardians, and he is put to work, hunting monsters in the dessert. After returning to Rosa, he is given a rather meager pay by the guards, to which he complains only to get mocked. Returning to the church, and to his foster father, Raul, h complains about the situation. Raul however, tries to see the good in things, points out that there hadn’t been any beasts in the town since their arrival. Realizing he has spoken too soon, they are alerted that there is indeed a monster in the town. As Jaster rushes out of the door to go slay the beast, he catches a glimpse of it flying through the town. It is a large, dragon like creature. As he heads for the area it flew too, several smaller enemies attack from the ground. Luckily, a nearby hooded stranger rushes in to fight by his side.

At this point the game teaches you the basics of combat as you make your way towards the boss. Combat flows in real time in Rogue Galaxy. Much like Dark Cloud 2, you have a main weapon and a side arm at your disposal; in Jaster’s case, a broadsword and a pistol. The combat system is, in my opinion, flawed. You have an action gage, and as you perform various actions, it drains. When it is empty, you have to wait for it to fill back up all the way to do anything. Guarding makes it fill faster apparently. I think that’s a bunch of crap. Perhaps they are trying to strike a balance between offensive and defensive gameplay, but shouldn’t that be up to the player?

After making your way through the town, Mr.Hood guy decides to ditch you, but gives you his sword because it’s better than your “butter knife”. At this point, a robot and a…lizard...I think…..anyway, the robot and the lizard approach you, quite excited. The robot, Steve, thinks you are the legendary hunter, Dessert claw, because you are holding his sword. Gee…I wonder who the real Dessert Claw could possibly be. I guess we’ll never know. Too bad the hooded guy that is most definitely not Dessert Claw isn’t here to clarify. Although he tries his best to explain, they won’t take “no” for an answer, and start to drag Jaster along, but he breaks free of his grip and goes off the fight the monster. The dynamic duo of course, follows suit.

This fight is actually quite interesting. Most(but not all) of the bosses have some sort of puzzle element to them. In order to defeat the beat, you must use a special gun to crate platforms on hit’s back so that you can traverse it and reach it’s weak point. After defeating the creature, the two weirdoes take Jaster back to a large ship where he will meet the majority of the main cast, and the adventure will really begin….

The story is only somewhat interesting to me, honestly. And the gameplay, as I mentioned has as many bad points as it does good points. One thing I am happy about is that they finally moved on from their obsession with randomly generated dungeons. Dungeons now have a preset map, and are the same every time.

Another one of my favorite things about rogue Galaxy is the music. I have to hand it to them, they really knocked the musical score out of the park. I especially enjoy the title music. As for voice acting…um….yeah….the actors could at least pretend to care.The graphics are also a good point. They are cell shaded, and very detailed.

Overall, it’s just average. I know this game has its fans out there, though, so who knows. You may be one of them. I think it’s a game you have to try for yourself to see if you really like it, but I just can’t get into it.

Oddly, I didn't find any screen shots of anyone playing as Jaster. apparently, Zegram is where its at.
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