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Classic TV Show Reviews: Full House

Okay, so I was inspired by the Nolstagia Critic to do this. But this isn't really satrical, I'm just doing my own take on these.

Full House is infamous for probably being one of the lamest shows there was, yet it did pretty well. So how did it do so well? I honestly think the show was so cheezy, that we just kept tuning in to see just how corny it could get.

The premise of the show is that a recently widowed father calls upon his best friend and brother-in-law to help him raise his three girls in San Francisco.

Now, cheezy isn't really bad all the time. Full House did at least try to offer us some valuable life lessons; basically, this show was like the Degrassi of the late 80's and early 90's in a way.

So now to explain how the show is "cheezy?" Well, for starters and the Nolstagia Critic rightly pointed this out, everytime a character is making a speech, you get this lame music that really just makes you want to laugh, and therefore not really take it as seriously.

You'll see what I mean at around 0:26 (video not by me)

Like alot of sitcoms of that time, there were of course many episodes that attempted to cover some "serious" topics. Although Full House, being the cuddly happy-go-lucky show it was, didn't dare try to dive too far into these. I think the most serious topic they covered was Alchohol. And then at the end, we were treated to that wonderful music during the speech.

In terms of the characters....I dare say they were all pretty generic with nothing alluring about any of them, really. The widow father Danny is the "neat freak" and overprotective of his girls like most TV dads, Jesse is the leather sporting rock n' roll wannabe, Joey is the "funnyman" and comic relief, DJ the oldest girl is the naggiest, Stephanie is the sarcastic middle girl, but she's okay, and Michelle is the cute girl...until the later seasons. In the beginning of the show she's a baby, and as she grows older she becomes whiny and bratty. Stephanie is probably my favorite character of the bunch, though. Only because she is the least bratty of the girls.
Yeah Michelle supposedly stole the show, but she annoyed me probably the most. Even her catchphrase, "You Got It Dude". Well, needless to say what happened to the Olson twins after this, but this was their gateway into fame that surpassed their much older co-stars.

The acting was....mediocre at best. I know acting isn't neccessarily easy, but it's also important not to try too hard, which it seems alot of these guys did. It also did feel weird to see Bob Saget have to be so clean, knowing the kind of content is on his standup routines.And I'm sure it killed him on the inside as well, which is why cast and crew continually reported him making dirty jokes on the set between takes. It's okay, Mr. Saget, you'll be able to be yourself again, soon.

(This is Olsen's face when she discovered the show was still running. Even the cast was surprised. )

The show sure did it's job though, and that's make us laugh. But we weren't laughing with them. Rather or not the producers knew this is irrelevant I suppose, because they were making that money. And as much as we complained how lame the show was, we tuned in every week, didn't we? So who's to blame? But love it or hate it, no matter how you look at it, Full House is definately a piece of TV history.
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