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Miniature Tigers - Tell It To The Volcano
Miniature Tigers - Tell It To The Volcano
Published by indiehipster
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Miniature Tigers - Tell It To The Volcano

For the song Giraffe, click here:
The player is at the top.

This review is from my current blog, What-Music-Heard. I did not copy+paste. You do not have to click the link to listen, I don't care for page views. I also don't like to use a rating scale. I would prefer you read it, instead of asking for an answer right away of: "Is it good or bad?" By reading, you can solidify an idea if the album is within your tastes. Of course, listening helps more-so.

Tell It To the Volcano.

Miniature Tigers, previously dubbed as a more upbeat version of The Shins, this album was sure to bring good tidings. The album provokes toe-tapping, finger snapping, and the urge to sing along to just about every song. Every song in this album is bound to stick in your head at some point. The hypnotic vocals pull you in and donít let go. Itís like tasting sweeteners. You like sweeteners, right? Who doesnít? Theyíre great because, ďTheyíre made from sugar, they taste like sugar, but they arenít sugar.Ē Take all you can buddy; thereís no limit to this here musical treat.

Right away, the album sweeps you in with ďCannibal Queen,Ē the bandís most popular song. A very promising start to the album with much to love. The tiny maracas in the background really stand out to me, spewing ear-candy. The vocal are hypnotic and definitely suited for this bandís flow as well.

The album goes by quickly, shutting down after twenty-seven minutes. The longest song is barely over 200 seconds (you do the math), but itís really not an issue. Pop the album in again and youíll love it even more! Really, in my opinion, I feel like the best part about this album is the fact that it doesnít feel too seriously. The title song, ďTell It to the Volcano,Ē is about throwing a girl down a volcano. Iím not kidding. Itís not a joke. Really itís a typical love story. Man loves woman. Woman doesnít love man. Woman finds another man. Other man leaves woman. Woman begs for first man. Man responds with the appropriate, ď**** you!Ē and throws her down a volcano. Seriously. Thatís the song and I absolutely love it.

ďGiraffe,Ē the song I had placed for your earís enjoyment, is my favorite tune. The song is about minding your own business. Okay maybe not. I really have no idea what itís about. I just really like it.

Tell It to the Volcano is one of my favorite albums. I love to sing along to it and Iím sure anyone else who hears it will too. Each song just feels so fun. So donít worry about your moral stances or political views to be challenged, Miniature Tigers donít seem to care. Besides, whatís more fun than listening to fun? Precisely. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Tell me how you think I did! I'm really looking into journalism, and blogging is a fun way to express it.
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