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Overlord: Dark Legend
Overlord: Dark Legend
Published by AlloftheAbove
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Smilie Waluigi Overlord: Dark Legend

For those unfamiliar with the Overlord series, they are
third-person action adventure games at heart, injected
with realtime strategy and roleplaying games. Players
take control of an evil conqueror with an army of
imp-like minions at their side, and unleash all manner of
carnage and mayhem in their quest for power. Dark
Legend is a prequel of sorts and the first time the series
has appeared on Wii. It sees the Overlord as a
16-year-old, and charts his first conquests on his rise to
become the evil ruler of the kingdom.

While still flavoured with lashings of black humour and a
nasty streak of wickedness, Overlord on Wii really
doesn't get down and dirty with evilness. You mught be a
bad guy, but there's still a shred of goodness to be found
somewhere in your armour. This makes Dark Legend a
good entry point for younger gamers introducing
themselves to the Overlord universe.

Dark Legend is an entertaining mish-mash of Pikmin,
Oblivion and Fable. It's a great looking game, but it
comes at a price. There are numerous minor glitches
throughout the game and the framerate really suffers
when you've got a bunch of minions causing chaos on
screen at the same time.

That being said, if you can overlook these quibbles,
you'll discover just how good being bad can be. I got a
kick out of the short time I played this, causing
wholesale desctruction with my little troop of imps, and
it was a whole lotta fun getting up to no good. While real
challenge may be lacking, there's still quite a bit of depth
in the gameplay. Colour-coded minions offer different
abilities and strategies, not unlike Pikmin, and RPG
styled upgrades allow you to beef-up your armour,
weapons and demonic foot soldiers.

The Wii-centric controls are intuitive and work quite well.
However, it seems that Dark Legend may have been a bit
too much for the Wii's widdle-biddie processor. If more
time had been spent on optimisation, this could have
been a truly fantastic game.

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By Beasty on 08-25-2010, 06:14 AM
nice review
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By Rin on 08-25-2010, 03:18 PM
I read all of it, which bodes well.

Most of the time, I get bored reading something due to the content not focusing on what it should be. That, or it was too long.

This one is just right on both fronts. Nice Job.
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