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Super Mario World
Super Mario World
Published by Alice
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Super Mario World

Another old review :P


With Nintendo's entrance to the world of 16-bit games, the SNES brought forth what many people claim is the best game on the SNES, if not the best platformer made by Nintendo.
So, Mario, Luigi and the princess have ventured to Dinosaur island, and big surprise, the princess was kidnapped...again.
So Mario and Luigi must set off to rescue her, again.

Now, the levels in this game were great. Every level had some kind of trick to it, and no 2 levels felt the same, even if they had the same graphics, enemies or other such things.

Now, one thing that some people will remember from Super Mario bros. 3, was the overworld.

This allowed players to replay any level as much as they wanted, even castle levels. This made the game last longer, because players could seek out small secret areas, or practice tedious jumps, as well as get items for later on.
The only levels that could not be replayed were switch palaces.

Now then, the cool thing about this game is the amount of enemies that are specific to only this game.
Rip Van Fishes, Chargin' Chucks, Jumping Pirahna plants and a bunch more.
Not to mention the bosses, a total of 9 actually.
Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy, Larry, Bowser and the big boo boss.

some bosses were similar but had some sort of new gimmick added to them, so they still weren't the same.

Yoshi was first introduced in this game, which made a staple character in the world of Mario.

He came in 4 colours, each with different traits, and made some levels easy, and others hard, depending on how he was used.
Players could utilize his jump, which made him bounce off of spikey enemies, and obliterate others. Players could also jump off of yoshi while in the air to get up to high areas.

And the music.
Now, there wasn't a whole lot of music, so it got repetitive. However, the music used in levels always got the player really into it, giving them a good feel in the level.
This worked especially well with Bosses.

The simplicity of this game also led to many speed-runners trying to beat in as little time as possible, or for some to just clear all the exits, or other municipal tasks.


So the release of the SNES marked the start of Mario's journey passed 8-bit adventures, and introduced many enemies into the Mario universe, a truly great game for players of any age.

Alice Gives this game, a solid 10/10
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