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Super Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario
Wii Like Super Paper Mario!
Published by Mario789
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Super Paper Mario

Hello everyone of "Nintendo Fan Forums" Please enjoy this review I made of the first Paper Mario game introduced to the Nintendo Wii! In this review you will have all of my opinions on this video game. Please be aware that this review may contain some spoilers, really big spoilers I will try to keep hidden using the spoiler function.

In this short segment I will include the games release information and further explain it below the table I created below. Information was gathered from the box art of "Super Paper Mario" and from the Mario Wiki. I will also include small information like ratings.

Release Date Of The US: April 9th 2007
Release Date Of Japan: April 19th 2007
Release Date Of Europe: September 14th 2007
Release Date Of Australia: September 20th 2007
Release Date Of South Korea: February 26th 2009

The video game was rated "E" for everyone by ESRB ratings.

Opinion On Game Rating: I feel rated E was a suitable rating for this game, it contained many of the same Mario like cartoon violence and Nintendo features.

Super Paper Mario: Box Art

The Super Paper Mario Box Art definitely grabbed my attention, All of the wonderful colors and images of featured characters looked really cool, I also thought it was cool how they added some pictures of the 3D features in the game. They showed 3D features of things such as the "Warp Pipe" and the map itself. But looking at the cover made me think it was just going to be another Bowser based game, so I thought it was cool that it gave you or mislead you into the games storyline. Below this text you can view the cover art for yourself if you have not done so already.

Now the first thing I'm going to share with you guys is my thoughts and opinions on the "Controls & Gameplay".
In my opinion the controls of this game were the worst, yeah it was cool and all to transform Mario into 3D but I was really looking foward to the type of controls used in the RPG ONLY based Paper Mario Games, like hammer features and badges and everything like that, although you still had badges it wasn't the same as if you were to enter a different battle realm like in Paper Mario: TTYD and Paper Mario: N64, it was very different instead of crushing your enemies in a cool battle area you got to just fight them right there in the same realm, there was no fighting area or map it was all on one map. Below I will show a video of the fighting style used in Super Paper Mario. Please be warned that this shows the first mini boss fracktail.

Other than that the controls were easy to use and fun to use, Other features included controling pixls by pointing the Wii remote at your TV screen. But in the long run nothing was really amazing about the controls, there was walking, going to your main menu in game, and jumping. But of course there was the cool controls with transforming Mario into 3D, and the abilities to use your pixels to transform you or give you certain powers.

Next on our list is the discussion about the sound.

Super Paper Mario: Sound

In my honest opinion the sound made the game the best all of the character impressions and warp pipe noises, just everything the sound was superb, the battle music just made me not want to put the controller down! Just like in the other Paper Mario Games the music spoke to you, what I mean by that is the music made you suspect something bad, good, scary, dangerous, and confusing to happen next in the game. The music just fitted the maps as well, the music on the maps just made you feel like you were in that environment so to speak. I never heard any better Paper Mario music until this video game. To give you an idea and feeling about the music here are some sound clips I got from youtube. Enjoy!!

Next I will tell you guys my feeling about the storyline in this awesome game.

Super Paper Mario: Storyline

This game had a great storyline something other than just Bowser for once! The biggest targeted enemy was a guy named "Count Bleck" he is the kidnapper of Princess Peach in this game, After Mario relizes it wasn't bowser they set on a journey for princess peach. They sooner relize someone named "Count Bleck" kidnapped her. And the only was to get her is by collecting all of the pure hearts. The pure hearts are used to unlock the door that leads to Count Blecks castle. There are 8 chapters in this game they are...

Chapter 1: The LineLand
Chapter 2: Gloam Valley
Chapter 3: The Bitlands
Chapter 4: Outer Space
Chapter 5: Land Of The Cragnons
Chapter 6: Sammers Kingdom
Chapter 7: The Underwear

And that leads you to the castle of bleck!

Chapter 8: Castle Bleck

Now last segment to discuss is the graphics.

Super Paper Mario: Graphics

In this game the graphics are very different then the following/previous Paper Mario games, there are 3D graphics as I mentioned before the 3D feature is used with mario when he gets the "flip" power from the wizard in the very start of the game. I gave graphics a 6 because I don't like flip 3D in Paper Mario games, I think Paper Mario games should only have the 2D feature to give it the name "Paper"

Overall the game was really good and I hope you enjoy it to!

*This review was made for the 2010 October RoTM contest* I hope you enjoyed this review.


Published by
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By AlloftheAbove on 10-17-2010, 05:24 AM
Woah, I had no idea this review existed.
Did I even approve it? o_O
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By Rin on 10-17-2010, 12:55 PM
I think it was sent off to you for it, and maybe it slipped by? XD
Reply With Quote
By AlloftheAbove on 10-18-2010, 07:08 AM
After getting a chance to actually read this, I must say it's a pretty average review.
Statements like "The battle music made me not want to put my controller down" are odd.

Just try to expand a little on your opinions, because the review seemed a little rushed. Try to analyse and dig deeper than telling us if you liked the box art or not.
Also, you make it seem like you're giving us instructions on how to read your review.

No offense though. Hopefully this is one of your first reviews, and you've got time to grow.
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By Nights on 11-08-2010, 03:17 PM
I love that game my brother has it i rate it a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!
has a good story to it,cool villan,and a sad/happy ending to it i recommended to you!!!!
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