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Act 1: The Protomen
Act 1: The Protomen
By the enigmatic Sir Mega Manguydude
Published by SirManguydude
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Act 1: The Protomen

The Protomen
Act I
The Protomen, a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, formed from mostly graduated Middle Tennessee State University recording students. They are currently working on a Three Act project based on a Dystopian version of the Mega Man universe. Currently the third act has been outlined, and the first two acts have been released.

The musical styling of Act I are somewhere between Chiptunes and Hard Rock.

Hope Rides Alone
The world has been taken over by Dr. Wily and his Evil robots. Meanwhile Dr. Light works on, to create a robot to defeat Wily's army, and bring salvation to the world. Thus, Protoman was born, to combat Wily's Army. Sadly he wasn't strong enough, as Wily rose above the countless remaining robots and ordered the Final Attack. The death of Protoman followed.

The music's tempo is perfect, matching well with the lyrics and what is happening. They are in fact more so Storytellers then Musicians as they have said in interview.

Funeral for a Son
As the name implies, it is a slow somber song. It is all instrumentals, and has a nice tune to it. Of course out of the darkness, a new (Dr.)light shines, and it easily conveys what is happening well, even without the vocals.

Unrest in the House of Light
Dr. Light has created another Robot, Mega Man. He doesn't want him to face what Protoman did, and informs him of the fate of Protoman. He ends by saying "You cannot win."

The music fits the valiant Mega Man, as it is in fact a tune of underlying hope. It also has the feeling of a father's desperate attempt to dissuade their son from doing something irrational.

The Will of One
The action starts here. Also a nice reference to Mega Man 2 right off the start. Mega Man comes to the stage and explains that he must avenge his fallen brother. He was built with knowing the difference of right and wrong, and he vows to follow his heart, and save the world. He approaches the Robot Masters, and begins the fight.

The music switches between a courageous feeling, to a vengeful feeling, and even a second of doubt thrown in there.

The intensity of battle fills this song. He is fighting through the peon robots, demanding to fight their strongest Machines. He wants nothing but to avenge his brother at this point, his voice filling with Blood(oil?)lust.

Everything in this song is filled with intensity, the vocals, the background, and even the lull between the battles between the Robots Masters and a mysterious robot, who is cast in shadows.

The Stand(Man or Machine)
The Robot in front of him turns out to be the one he sought to avenge, Protoman, standing in the shadow of the one Mega Man planned to defeat. Dr. Light had hidden the fact that Protoman had in fact survived, trying to protect him. "You came here to avenge his death. You came here to save mankind, You see now, you can't do both." Mega Man stands in front of Protoman, distraught at the sight of Protoman. He stands and proclaims their are no heroes left in man, as he readies himself for battle. Protoman taunts at him the entire time, about how he is going to fight, even though no one will care when he dies. Mega Man has made his decision, even if he can't avenge his brother, he can still bring down Wily.

This song slows it down a bit. You can feel Mega Man's thoughts through it though. The doubt, the confusion, and of course his conscience.

Sons of Fate
It all ends here, Protoman and Mega Man square off, for the climatic battle. Mega Man fights to save humanity now, even as he tried to persuade Protoman to stand down, and rejoin the side of good.

The song sounds as though this is in fact the turning point of the war to save mankind. The choir of people represent the crowd that gathers in the ruins to watch the battle. They cheer on Mega Man, as he hesitates mid-battle, as he and Protoman catch their breath.

Due Vendetta
With Protoman defeated, Mega Man stands above the city once more, looking down upon it. He readies himself for the struggles ahead, to get to Wily and bring him to justice.

This song foreshadows coming events in Act III, and has a different feel to it. Yes I said Act III, since Act II is a prelude to these events. No doubt Act III will be an awesome cd.

Based on the naming of the Robot Masters, Wily, Mega/Rock Man, and it mentions Protoman so maybe Protoman isn't down for the count just yet. We will just have to wait and see.
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By Rin on 10-20-2010, 06:19 PM
Nice review. I've heard of this before, but never got around to listening to it.
By SirManguydude on 10-20-2010, 10:02 PM
I recommend.
By Rin on 10-20-2010, 10:39 PM
Cool. I'm going to check it out later tonight :3
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