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Top 10 scariest Video Game enemies.
Top 10 scariest Video Game enemies.
Published by Alice
Top 10 scariest Video Game enemies.

Video games are something to be enjoyed, and at that, experienced. Some games have enemies that just, just frighten the players, and others that scare them. What I have here is a list of what I deem to be the scariest enemies in video games. Bear in mind that these are my opinions, and yours may be different.

#10: Sa-x - Metroid Fusion

In Metroid Fusion, Samus is at a high disadvantage. She has lost all of her powers due to X-parasites, beings that kill hosts, extract DNA, and take the shape of the dead host. Samus was infected with an X-parasite, and just barely survived. however, the X-managed to stay within the suit, and mimic Samus, with all of her strongest abilities.
So if Samus ever came in contact with this menace, she was almost surely dead. It isn't until later on that Samus could finally kill it.
Sa-X makes it to this list because whenever it shows up, the player is usually scared for their life. Sa-x is a deadly force to be reckoned with.

#9: Shy-guy - The Mario Series

I know what you're thinking, but let me explain.
Shy-guy looks adorable on the outside right? But what is it hiding behind that mask? What ever could it be? According to Luigi, it is scary.

Since it is so mysterious, Shy-guy makes it to this list.

#8: Headcrab Zombie - Half Life Series

Yea, this guy has good reason to be on this list.
Not only is it a human being controlled by a parasite form another dimension, it is mutated, has exposed organs, is covered in blood, and has a chilling moan.
And to top it off, there are various forms of these guys. There are poisonous ones, fast ones, and ones that run and can pull out grenades.
If you can't tell why these are on this list, you are very dumb.

#7: Giratina - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

This is just... how do I put this?
Giratina is a ghost dragon that has 2 forms. One is a six-legged dragon looking monster, the other is a legless serpent-like creature. It frequents cemeteries and was banished to a world of spirits by the god of pokemon, for being violent. And I bet you though i was dumb to have put this on my list.
Giratina has a frightening appearance, harsh history, and to top it off, is a ghost. It is here for a reason damn it.

#6: Jenova - Final Fantasy VII

Now, some of you will likely think I picked Jenova because I am a "HURR DURR FINAL FANTASY VII FAN-TARD." Far from the truth. Final Fantasy VII was no where near my favourite Final Fantasy game.
Anyway, Jenova is very disturbing, simply in appearance. And the first time the party meets it, it has no head. what the hell?
Another thing is that when it came to Earth, it mutated people into monsters, and killed their families.
Just it's appearance in itself is creepy.

#5: Floor Masters - Legend of Zelda Series

I think the picture speaks for itself. It's a severed hand that captures Link and throws him to the start of the dungeon. Not to mention it has a very creepy appearance.
These guys terrified me as a kid, and have every right to be on this list.

#4: The Witch - Left 4 Dead series

In Left 4 Dead, if a players hears her crying, fear sets in.
The Witch, despite her fragile appearance, is deadly. She has a lot of health, and can incapacitate or kill any player, in a single hit. The song that plays when going near the Witch even gives the player a feeling of fear.

#3: psycho Mantis- Metal Gear Solid

This was bound to happen.
Psycho Mantis is insane. He insults Snake, read the memory card, and says what games you've been playing, and going into first-person view gives you Mantis' point of view.
His past also adds to his eeriness. It turns out that he burnt down his home village, and parts of his body, giving him a horrid appearance.
And one main thing that makes him make the list, he makes photographs, laugh at you, that is just... disturbing.

#2: The Demon King - Fire Emblem

I first fought this boss at a young age, and it scared me to the point where I had to stop playing the game for awhile.
The Demon King has a frightening appearance, and strikes fear into players. To top off it's insanity, it has an insane amount of health, and does killer amounts of damage with one attack.
This boss scarred me as a kid, and even today, I am afraid of it.

what can top the frightening enemies shown so far.
I know of one.
Sadly, I have never faced it before, as I have never played the game.
however, I am making an exception.

get ready...

#1: Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

This thing... Is terrifying.
It is the embodiment of pain, suffering and thoughts of misery.
It's sole purpose is to kill anything it sees, and it visibly expresses pain. The Helmet it wear is visibly uncomfortable, the sword is obviously insanely heavy, and it's origins make it even more creepy.
One of the most disturbing things about it, like shy-guy, is the mystery of what's under it's helmet. It is never shown, and never alluded to.
and that my friends, is scary.
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By LolGames4U on 02-13-2011, 02:32 PM
Re-Deads! Re-Deads scare me!!!!! One time I was at my friend's house playing Wind Waker and she went upstairs to get a glass of water and when she came down I was under the couch, crying. There was a Re-Dead. And yesterday she came over and well...we were playing Ocarina of Time and um...a Re-Dead launched at me and I started screaming.
By NommyNommy on 02-14-2011, 02:42 PM
:| play scarier games
By Alice on 02-18-2011, 03:42 PM
A game doesn't have to be scary to have scary elements.
By NommyNommy on 02-19-2011, 12:13 AM
for enemies they kinda do

anyway, birdo is scarier than shyguy lols
By Megas75 on 02-19-2011, 12:16 AM
I honestly thought The Sorrow was scarier than Mantis......
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