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Luigi's Cosmic Memory

Before you read, this will most likely not be continued in any way. This was written for ~Krystal~ at her request as a prologue for a level she made with a level editor. If you want to play said level, talk to her, cus I can't help you.
__________________________________________________ ______________________
Torches lined the stone hallway, illuminating the darkness with their flickering, dancing flames. A figure ran down the hallway swiftly, huffing as he moved his legs as fast as he could without running out of his brown shoes. He wore a white cap and a white shirt, covered by green overalls, a bushy mustache on his lip and an “L” displayed on his cap. This of course, was Luigi Mario. He dashed forward and slid underneath a slowly closing wooden arch door. He let out a sigh of relief as the door closed just as he cleared it. Looking ahead he saw his enemy – or at least the back side of him. Faced by numerous spikes protruding a green shell, and a yellow lizard tail swishing back and forth, he knew already he was about to face Bowser, the Koopa King. Slowly starting up one of his infamous chuckles, Bowser turned to face him.

“So, we meet again Mario!” he snarled, “You’re not Mario? Who are you little man? Bah! I’ll roast you anyway!”

Clenching his fists Luigi’s face grew angered, twitching his mustache. “I’m-a Luigi….number one!” he said.

They stood in a circular room, a steel floor beneath them. Lava boiled beneath the floor, visible through the criss-crossing bars of steel they stood on.

“Did I ask who you were?!” Bowser growled breathing a line of fire at Luigi.

“Actually, Bowser, you did!” Luigi retorted as he retaliated with a green fireball, that burst as it made contact with Bowser, causing the koopa king to stumble backwards a bit. HE charged towards his enemy as he stumbled, and leaped into the air, several feet higher than the average person could jump.

Bowser recovered, spotting Luigi coming down above him. With a laugh and a growl, he grabbed the leaping hero by the ankle, and slammed him into the floor, still holding firm to him.

Luigi’s vision was dizzied, unable to focus on anything as he lay on the floor.

Bowser’s grip tightened around Luigi’s ankle as he began to lift him back into the air, but with his signature “GRAH!” released him. His vision finally returning to him, he saw his brother with blurry vision, standing in front on him, having just kicked Bowser in the face, saving Luigi. His brother, Mario, was a good head shorter than Luigi, having an “M” rather than an “L” in his cap, but still dressed similarly, albeit in red overalls. Mario looked over his shoulder with a faint grin and gave his brother a thumbs up with his gloved hand.

The two brothers loved one another dearly, and yet, like most brothers, there was always a rivalry there, albeit a bit larger in scale than most. Nevertheless, they often worked together and made a great team. As Bowser staggered back to his feet, Mario make a dash for a rather obvious red button on the far side of the room. Giving it a good stomp, the floor began to recede into the walls, As Bowser balanced himself on one leg, about to tumble into the boiling magma beneath him, Luigi leapt again into the air, this time pushing off of Bowser’s skull, propelling himself through an open door, just as his brother ran in after him, and sending the Koopa King plummeting into his own trap.

In the room they had just entered was a set of stone stairs leading up to a cage suspended above more lava. Inside the cage was Princess Peach Toadstool, wearing her elegant pink dress, her long blond hair still primped and proper despite all the time spent as a prisoner. She was quite accustomed to being rescued by the brothers, and jumped a bit as they entered, and smiled, awaiting her release. Luigi was the clumsier of the two brothers and rarely saw an opportunity to either face Bowser, let alone see the princess rescued. He usually got himself hurt along the way, or had a side job to take care of. Not knowing many of Bowser’s ways and mechanisms, he spotted a blue switch on the ground nearby. Well, there’s a princess in a cage, and a button. Surely the button with open her prison, wouldn’t it? This is exactly what went through Luigi’s mind and so he stomped on the blue button. Mario jumped, and looked at Luigi with fire in his eyes, and with a gasp, the princess reached forward though an opening in the cage before it plummeted into the depths of the lava with a sizzle as the black smoke rose.

Quickly changing from angered to sorrowful, Mario fell to his knees as his eyes welled. Luigi was shocked, and unable to even fathom what had just occurred. His eyes wide, and his jaw open, he stood staring at his sobbing brother. In fact, he bore the same expression two days later as he stood in the castle court, a small brown toad seated before him. This was Toadsworth. Toadsworth held much power in the Mushroom Kingdom, and also held the princess dear to his heart. With a tear in his eye, he banished Luigi from the kingdom.

Luigi woke in a heavy sweat, gasping for breath having just had a dream, or a nightmare rather. He recalled all of these events and more. On top of having lived in his brother’s shadow practically his entire life, he was now responsible for the death of his Princess, who was more importantly that his ruler, his friend.

Dressed in soft, green pajamas with a matching cap, Luigi yawned as he stepped bare foot out of his bed and stepped on his wooden floor. It was raining outside, the thunder rolling and the droplets of rain tapping at his bedroom window. With a subsequent yawn, he exited his bedroom and made way for his small kitchen. He opened a creaky cabinet and took out a small bottle, capped with a rather cute cork in the shape of a mushroom. Inside was a transparent, purple liquid. It was a sleep aid derived from a poison mushroom-the stuff that would make you ill removed, of course. Looking inside the container, there wasn’t a whole lot left in the bottle, and with a shrug, Luigi chugged the whole thing, unknowingly overdosing by about six tablespoons in his half sleeping state. Woozily he made his way back to his bed, eyes half shut. And with half a yawn that morphed into a snore, he fell onto his bed, asleep. What followed was a dream quite unlike the nightmare before…

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