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VIp and Wall Mix Series
VIp and Wall Mix Series
Published by Alice
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VIp and Wall Mix Series

Japan has yet again, gained control of Lunar Magic. As Such, a wave of hacks have been pushed out. One series that stand out is the VIP and Wall Mix series, created by the VIP members of 2chan, including Carol, the creator of Brutal Mario. Strap yourself in kids, this is one crazy series.


As with most SMW hacks, the gameplay hasn't really changed. Even though Carol is part of this series, there isn't a whole lot of ASM throughout.
Most of the ASM is shown during the final boss fights, but there is some throughout levels. Examples include edited bullet bills that target and follow mario, sideways moving thwomps, and edited jump mechanics.
The levels are difficult however. The VIP series like to exploit glitches and secret in Super Mario World in the level designs. As such, various levels require a certain amount of time, precision, and time to complete.
Other than that, it's fairly basic. This is a definable characteristic of the VIP series.

The VIP series doesn't have a complete story. It changes in each game, and to mix salt with lemon juice and apply to a wound, it's in Japanese. Go figure. Regardless, the hacks do show that there is a story, and as such, make for a very fun gaming experience.

oh lord... this is an experience.
Essentially everything dealing with the graphics of enemies are changed in the VIP series. Some of these edits are very... let's just say, strange.
Mario is edited for once. He has been edited into Bu-n, an adorable little guy that run and jumps through everything. Koopas are smiley faces with shells on their head, awww~ Magikoopa is a cat faced pervert that shoots magic from, his dong? OH MAN!?
That's just the beginning. In VIP 4, the fish bones are flying peni, in Vip 1 and I believe 2, Chargin' Chuck is a cat with an exposed dong that he uses to dig up boulders, or hit footballs. That is seriously, not right.
But it's not all bad. In VIP 4, chargin' chuck is better, he is a happy, charging man with no exposed, ahem, parts.
now, it essentially every VIP hack, there is edited level GFX. this can be simple little designs, to highly detailed final Fantasy-like GFX. This helps heighten the experience, and show that the japanese are trying to make an epic series.
The graphics are really a high point in VIP.

all-in-all, the VIP series is fun, funny and great in itself.
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