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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
A great RPG hosted by the one and only Mario.
Published by Mikematute
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Sm Mario Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: The legend of the seven stars
(I must note that the pictures in the review were taken by me and that I played the game on an emulator but I must also note that I NEVER used any game genie or any other cheats and the fact that I NEVER screen saved the game)

Everyone knows who Mario is, everyone knows what a RPG is (Role Playing Game for the ones who didnít know). But few know that this two fused together before Paper Mario on the N64.
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars was a game for the Super Nintendo console. This game is a really complex game, and a really good one. It is complex because it has a great story line, great controls and a great difficulty.
As for my opinion this game marked my life when I was a child. I would remember playing it and arriving with great difficulty and the 3rd boss (and the 3rd boss is not even 1/10 part of the game).

The controls in the game are very simple and I must add the fact that makes the playing of the game much easier. For me to describe the controls I must also add that they are separated in two kinds.
Exploring controls- while exploring the game you simply use the control pad to move Mario, although the menu button was confusing because you must press ďxĒ for it to open and it is really annoying pressing start and not seeing anything happen but the rest of the controls were simple.
Battling controls- in a fight you could have 4 options. Simple attack with your equipped weapon, defend or run away, special attacks & items. Every one of them is one of the 4 buttons on the control and are displayed around the character that would perform the command (as shown in the picture). Also in the middle of your attack you can press the button of your attack to increase your attack or defend yourself against the enemies attacks. If you do time hits correctly on your special abilities you might increase the attack power, healing ability or in a specific attack read the enemy mind. Each of your characters life is displayed on the upper part of the screen.

The graphics on the game are great for the time of the SNES. From what I can recall, from the games I had it was the game with the best graphics. This also made the game one (or maybe the best) of the best games on the SNES console. Although some enemies were the same but with different colors but thatís on all games since it is easier for the gamer to indentify two enemies of the same kind (like for example two rats) mostly by its color.

Sound & Music
In the game the music displayed was really designed for each scenario, every boss and every place you visited. Some of the music was re-used on various scenarios because it went with the theme for example all creepy caves had the same music. I will explain the bosses music later on the bosses section. The game had a lot of different short sound like squeaks or smashes, etc. maybe the music wasnít the best part and maybe other games have better music but I think it makes this game awesome.

The story in this game hasnít any relationship with any other of the games (excepting the part of Bowser kidnapping Peach) so you donít have top lay any other game to understand the story line. The story begins with Peach going to visit her friend Mario and while she was outside Marioís house, she was kidnapped by Bowser (as always). When Mario arrives at Bowserís castle, kicks Bowser but and is about to save Peach, something really unexpected happens. A gigantic sword falls on Bowserís castle and sends the three flying through the sky. Marioís job (your job actually) becomes more complicated as you go on through the story as Mario encounters strange friends, and foes alike.

I needed to add this part dedicated to one of the things that marked me the most in this game. The quantity, quality and difficulty of the bosses. There are about 32 bosses on the whole game.
These bosses can be divided in three categories. Smithy gang, bosses encountered on your travel and optional bosses. Every one of these categories once you encounter one of these, the music in each category. This makes the game more fun to play and gives you different feelings while fighting them.

As in every RPG game, the farther you get on the game the harder it is. And as well if you donít encounter almost every enemy you encounter, you wonít win experience, and if you donít win experience you will be weak and if you are weak then the bosses kick your ass. This was my mistake as a child and the fact that I couldnít understand English back then.

Thanks to everyone that read my review.
I hope you guys enjoyed this game as well as I enjoy it every time I play it.
Thanks and if you decide to play it, good luck and enjoy it.

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By AlloftheAbove on 11-19-2010, 02:32 AM
Hm, a decent first try.
You could have evaluated a little more on the story, rather than just saying what happens in the first couple of minutes.
But really, and I can't stress this enough, it's better than most of the reviews we had this time two years ago.
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By Mikematute on 11-19-2010, 07:44 AM
well thanks AOTA

I will make an effort for the next review to be better ^^.
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