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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift
From the series of Final fantasy tactics advance
Published by Mikematute
Author review
Average 94%
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift

After playing Final Fantasy Tactics advanced for the Game boy advance I couldn’t think of anything else but getting the one for DS. My first try was getting the emulator but that didn’t work. My hopes banished until my little brother got his DSi and were confirmed after my parents got the R4. From there on I have been playing the game and finished it.
The greatest thing of this game may be that it is as awesome as the first one for GBA. This RPG game is one of the greatest games I have ever played.

The graphics on the game are pretty decent for the DS. All characters have a series of movements more variable than the first game and most effects on the attacks look more expectacular. For example, most attacks referring to dooming you opponent or killing it on one strike, the dead appears and get’s his soul or gets into him.
This is also one of the things that makes this game so fantastic because the characters may walk through the map during the story and jump things or get blown away by an enemy strike. They interact a lot during the story with one another.

The story in this game is a little bit different from the last game. Luso (the main character) is a normal boy in his school. On his last day of school he gets on detention. His punishment is cleaning the library. When he gets there he starts checking a lot of things and eventually he opens up a book. He starts reading it and discovers that the book is unfinished and says something like “Do you know the name of the adventurer?” He couldn’t stand the chance on writing on a library book and he writes his name. Suddenly he gets transported in the middle of a fight with a gigantic monster. Thankfully for him a clan (that’s what they call their groups) was nearby and his target was the monster. The leader of the clan offers him the opportunity of joining the clan for him not to die. (In the process of joining a clan you most swear your loyalty to the judge that will protect you. Once you are in the protection of the judge you can’t die on a battle).After joining it he decides to help fighting the monster. After the battle he is properly introduced to the leader of the clan whose name is Cid. Luso decides to do anything to gets to his world and Cid offers to help. The book in which Luso had written his name was with him and was a magick journal (magick is the way they call it). He discovers that for him to go back to his world he only need to fill the journal. In his way he meets friends that decide to help him. A girl thief named Adelle joins him for her own benefit at the beginning but later gets attached between other people.
From the main story there are a series of alternative stories in which you may find friends willing to join your clan or getting in the way of an organization.

The controls in this game are basely the same as the ones of the other one. On battle Units take turns mostly based on their speed. On your turn you may move, attack or perform a special ability based on your job, and choose the position you will be facing when you end your turn. This affects a lot since depending from the side you attack your enemy influences how much damage you will give, for example if you attack an enemy from the side he will take more damage than a frontal attack or if you attack him on the back he will take even more damage.
Another Thing on the game play influences on the different races and jobs. There are 7 different races on the whole game. Hume, Bangaa, Moogle, Viera, Nu mou, Gria and Seeq. Every race has a different list of jobs and some jobs are only available if you master a series of abilities from a specific job. The abilities differ from the weapon. For example a soldier can learn “first aid” if they are using a short sword. For him to master it he needs to gain experience with it. This experience is called AP and is won after completing a quest or a battle. If he masters the ability he may use it with out needing the weapon. This is part of the fun of the game, having your different jobs and making your units learn different abilities.

The sound of the game seems more orchestral. Some sounds are still beeps from the game but those are less. It is less irritable than the ones of the first game. Every attack has its sound, every weapon makes an individual sound (katanas make a different sound than a sword) and makes this game more comfortable playing.

An extra thing of this game is the number of cameos it makes.
Vaan and Penelo: These two characters from Final fantasy XII appear in the game. The two sky pirates make an important part on the story line they are even impostors try to be like them.
Al-Cid Magrace: Character from Final Fantasy XII. He reminds me to Joey from friends.
Mountblac: This moogle from final fantasy tactics advance makes his appearance and saves you from a problem. He is the older brother from a family of 6 moogles. Two of his other brothers have already appeared one on this game and another in FFTA.
Ezel Berbier: This character from FFTA appears on the game. Unfortunately you can’t use him but it is nice to see some one who saves your butt once in a while.

In general, this is an awesome game. The story line is enjoyable. The number of enemies, the variety and the difficulty is enjoyable. Sound is comfortable and the game play may be a little dizzy and confusing but you can get used to it at the middle of the game. This is an awesome game and I would recommend it to everyone but especially those who love strategic games.

My file until now:
Name: Mike Lv: 61
Clan members: 21 Quests completed: 300
Total play time: 71:30:52
Status: Game Complete.

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