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Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, My Version (Prologue + Chapter 1)

This is a story about the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time that I wrote as a fan and because it seemed fun. What is posted now is the prologue, which is mostly taken from the game, and Chapter 1. You are warned, Chapter 1 is long, so if you're not a fan of long writing, turn back! Muahahahah. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors.
P.S. Prologue + Chapters 1-3 are now available at this thread. To see them, just keep scrolling down.

The Three Spiritual Stones


In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule…Long have I served as the guardian spirit known as the Great Deku Tree. The children of the forest, the Kokiri children, live here with me. Each Kokiri is granted his or her own guardian fairy.

However, there is one boy who does not have a fairy.

* * *

“Navi…Navi, where art thou?”

“I am here, old friend.”

“Navi, the fairy, please listen to my words, perhaps my final words as the Great Deku Tree. Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil descending upon this realm…Malevolent forces even now are mustering to attack our land of Hyrule…”

“I do, I sense them.”

“For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the source of life, has stood as a Barrier, deterring outsiders and maintaining the order of the world. But, before this tremendous evil, even my power as is…is nothing.”

“That’s not possible! You are one of the greatest living entities to ever lay root to this world!”

“But no longer. It seems the time has come for the boy without a fairy to begin his journey, his quest. The youth whose destiny it is to lead Hyrule to the path of justice and truth. Navi…go now! Find our young friend and guide him to me…I do not have much time left. Fly, Navi, fly! The fate of the forest, nay, the world, depends upon thee!”

Chapter 1
Link and the Kokiri Village

The moment he realized he couldn’t tell how he had come to where he was, Link knew he was dreaming. It was the same dream, repeated in his mind over a thousand times. The sky was a muddy sheet of black, and before him stood a stone wall so large it stretched from one side of the horizon to the other. Before Link could properly find his bearings, the single wooden drawn bridge began to lower. Only moments after the drawn bridge was fully lowered, a white stallion with two travelers on its back galloped past Link, nearly trampling his dream-state body. Though he only saw the two riders from the corner of his eyes, he saw one was a masked older woman with the body of a warrior protectively clutching a young girl in her arms.

Link wanted to stare harder; he wanted to properly identify the mysterious couple that was attempting to turn him into road kill, but he knew there was no time for that. He faced forward once more and found himself face-to-face with a horse mounted, armored man. He didn’t know who this man was, but he knew one concrete fact: this man was his enemy. Without warning, the mysterious enemy threw back his head in laughter, letting his black stallion rear on its hind legs, as if preparing to crush Link under its hooves.

* * *

Link slowly opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep from them. When he first had his dream, he jumped out of his bed throwing his arms about wildly while screaming. Now, after having the same dream for the past few years for every night, they bored him. He tossed aside his leaf-woven blanket before sitting upright on his bed. Shaking aside his groggy thoughts, he slipped on his leather boots and donned his green hood that rested at the base of the bed.

Dragging his feet over to his sink, which was magically grown and shaped from the interior wall, he splashed the cold water gathered at the base of the wooden sink. He straightened his gold hair from his blue eyes, habitually pinched the tip of his pointed ears, and patted off a few stray leaves from his green tunic. Satisfied that he was fully awake and dressed, he took three steps towards the rectangular opening in his room, tossed aside the tarp covering the exit, and stepped out onto his porch to greet the new day and the Kokiri Village.

Many of the village inhabitants, the Kokiri children, were already wide awake and bustling with restless energy. He noticed that there was almost a large crowd in front of Dentri’s and Hapi’s house. The rest were either sleeping or dragging themselves out of their tree grown homes. Link plucked an apple growing from a branch protruding from the side of his house, watching as another apple grew in its place just as quickly.

“Link!” someone called as Link dug his teeth into his breakfast. Link looked over the side of his porch to see his best Kokiri friend jogging towards him.

“Hi there, Saria,” Link called back, giving a small wave with his hand. “Had anything to eat yet?”

Saria slowed to a stop in front of the Deku Wood ladder connecting the edge of Link’s porch with the grassy ground.

“She hasn’t eaten anything yet!” Tatl, Saria’s fairy, piped out while Saria caught her breath. “We just came back from visiting the Great Deku Tree, and we’ve got a message for…hey Link, stop staring at me like a starved Wolfos, you’re embarrassing me!”

Link caught himself, pulling back out of his dazed, hungry stupor. “Sorry, sorry,” Link apologized, tossing the remains of his apple onto the ground, watching as the blades of grass consumed the remains and sprouted a small sapling in its place.

“Really now!” Saria pouted, “Every time you look at a fairy, I’m almost afraid you’ll kidnap the poor little thing and run off with it.”

Link muffled a laugh. “I’m not that desperate for a fairy...” and then muttered so Saria couldn’t hear him, “…though the thought kinda crossed my mind every now and then.”

Saria, who seemed to have misinterpreted Link’s mumbling as a complained grumble, softened the tone of her voice. “Aw, don’t be that way! I know you want a fairy partner of your own, but don’t be so down! You’ll probably get one someday, and even when you do, you’ll see that they’re not that great. Ow, ow ,ow!” Saria whined as Tatl started pummeling the top of Saria’s head with her glowing round body.

Link chuckled, watching Saria run around in circles trying to avoid her flying and frustrated fairy partner, Tatl. All the Kokiri children were given a fairy partner at birth, to be their guardian, comrade, and best of friends. That bond that existed between fairy and Kokiri was something Link longed for. It was something that he used to dream about (before his dream-waves were hijacked), a partnership with a friend that would never leave you, and always be there for you. Why Link never received a fairy, he didn’t know. He visited the Great Deku Tree many times, asking and sometimes pleading for a fairy, but the guardian of the forest simply told him it wasn’t the right time.

Ah, speaking of the Great Deku Tree … “Saria, Tatl, didn’t you have some sort of message for me?” Link asked.

Saria stopped running and Tatl stopped chasing.

Saria looked at Tatl. “We did?”

Tatl looked at Saria. “Did we?”

Airheads, Link thought with a small laugh. “Want to visit Dentri and Hapi? I’m sure some of their cooking will spur a few memories or two, and it seems like they’ve made something good for once.”

The prospect of good food had Saria rearing to go. Link back flipped off his porch, landing perfectly on his feet onto the grass twelve feet below. After Saria muttered the words “show off” and “happy Deku feet”, she was all for giving Dentri and Hapi a playful visit.

“What do you think they’ve made this time?” Saria asked, almost bouncing down the boot-flattened path that neatly connected almost all the separate homes of the Kokiri Village. “Do you think they made some improvements on their Deku Fruit Salad, or maybe made a new Honey Tree Deluxe?”

“Or they could have made something like their So-Flow Leftovers,” Link said. Saria started to pale with bad memories.

“So-flow Leftovers…wasn’t that made of…” Tatl started choking on her words.

“Yep, Wolfos excess,” Link laughed.

Saria gagged. “Please…please don’t remind me. Everyone ate that stuff and the entire village was visiting the end of the stream for the entire day. Wait, you didn’t eat the So-Flow Leftovers at all. How’d you know that stuff was going to be lethal?”

Link grinned. “What’s So-Flow spelled backwards?”

It dawned on Saria. “Oh…oh…oh…”

“Link, you brains are the treasure of the village,” Tatl said, flying in circles around Link’s head like a halo.

Saria wrapped her arms around Link, staring at him with her pleading emerald pupils. “Link, you’ll tell me if something is wrong with their next experiment, won’t you? Won’t you?”

“I will, I will, don’t sweat it,” Link replied.

“Please do! Those cooked Wolfos…you know…they left me at the end of the stream for the entire day! I don’t want to repeat that day,” Saria moaned, making a face as she rubbed her stomach.

“I’ll spare you a painful tummy ache if I can.”

“I don’t even get tummy aches, but remembering what those So-Flow Leftovers did makes me wheezy as well,” Tatl whined.

“We’re here,” Link announced.

Link, Saria, and Tatl perched on Saria’s shoulder, stood behind a massive, crowded body of Kokiri children attempting to forcibly make their way into Dentri’s and Hapi’s house. The small tree formed house seemed to be on the verge of caving in with the number Kokiri children packed into the small hut.

Tatl cast an analyzing glance over the crowd. “Hm, now either Dentri and Hapi have made a grand slam, awesome new meal, or that crowd is demanding an antidote for whatever poison they’ve been fed.”

Link watched his close neighbors, Fresta and Hany, laughing merrily as they feasted on a dish he had never seen before. “Probably not the latter.”

“Link, Saria, Tatl!”

Dentri, a short Kokiri child with brown hair that fell over his eyes, and his fairy, a light pink glowing sphere with delicate transparent wings, were making their way through the mesh of Kokiri and fairies gathered at the front of their house. In Dentri’s hands were Deku Wood plates. On the plates were, without a doubt, Dentri’s and Hapi’s latest creations. They were round, flat, had a small tan of brown, and slathered in honey.

Saria retreated behind Link, eyeing the dish as if it were a Skullwalltula.

Dentri looked hurt by Saria’s reaction. Hapi even turned a slight shade of black, a fairy’s way of showing they’re upset.

“Aw, don’t fret it Saria!” Dentri pleaded, pushing the dishes closer to Link and Saria. Saria took three massive steps backwards, dragging Link along with her. “Come on! Look at all my other satisfied consumers!” Dentri beckoned to the scrambling crowd of Kokiri, who were eagerly searching for more of whatever Dentri and Hapi had served them.

“They all look pleased,” Link noted, “Will they still be just as happy in just a few hours?”

“Of course! This time Hapi and I didn’t use…er…that other secret ingredient that didn’t work out so well in the end. This time we only used all natural ingredients that have been magically grown by the Great Deku Tree himself!”

“Everything in the village is grown by the Great Deku Tree.”

“That gives a reassuring message, doesn’t it?” Dentri said with a wink.

“So why did you resort to Wolfos droppings before?”

“Oh…just wanted to spice things up, you know?”

From the glare Saria was giving Dentri, she knew.

“Well!” Dentri returned his attention to Link. “So you wanna try my latest dish or not?”

“Why not? Doesn’t look as dangerous as your So-Flow. By the way, what did you name this dish?” Link asked, accepting one of the dishes while Saria hesitantly poked her finger at the other.

A smile stretched across Dentri’s face. “Listen and be amazed! For the first time, the Dentri and Hapi combo are proud to present…pancakes!”

“Pancakes? Hope they’re as gentle as they sound,” Link said. With that, he plucked a small portion of Dentri’s and Hapi’s pancake with his fingers, watching the honey coated portion slip across his fingers. Once he put the piece of pancake into his mouth, he was not disappointed. The pancake was soft, sweet, and its taste enhanced by the honey. His tongue did a small jump of joy, and he couldn’t resist mimicking Dentri’s playful grin as he took another piece off his pancake and popped it into his mouth.

“No doubt about it,” Link said between mouthfuls, “This is the best meal the two of you have made so far. I’d love to try to make a pancake myself. How secret is your recipe?”

“Link?” Saria said with a tug at his sleeve. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay? No violent headaches, chest pains, sudden muscle cramps, extreme stomach pain, or maybe even—?”

Link answered by plucking off a piece of Saria’s pancake and flicking into her mouth while her lips continued to babble off the list off a list of symptoms. At first Saria lost her motor control in fear, but slowly started chewing after Link encouraged her to eat first and react later. Slowly, Saria’s body lost its rigid tension, and her face loosened until all that remained was content. Saria’s didn’t need to tell how pleased she was of Dentri’s and Hapi’s new meal, the way she stuffed the rest of her pancake into her mouth and dove into the massive crowd of Kokiri looking for more was all they needed to see.

“Wow, it must really be good for Saria to lose it like that,” Tatl muttered to herself, hovering over the packed mob of Kokiri children searching for Saria.

Dentri gave a triumphant laugh, and Hapi gave off a ring of delight.
“Muwahahahahaha! Now you know the power of Dentri and Hapi cooking! No Kokiri makes a good meal like we do!”

“As well as a constipation inducing meal,” Link said low enough so neither Dentri or Hapi could hear.

“By the way, Link! You said before you wanted to know the recipe of our ever-so-super-special pancake, didn’t you?”

“I did.”

Dentri stroked his chin, as if doing his best to impersonate a devious villain told in the scrolls of the Kokiri library. “Of course, everyone should be in utter amazement and praise our pancake to the fullest.”

“But!” Hapi cut in, “Our pancake recipe is now as precious as the Spiritual Stone of the Forest! We cannot just give our sacred recipe to just any Kokiri!”

“But!” Dentri cut back in, “You’re not just anyone, Link! Everyone knows you’re the rising star of the Kokiri Village! You’re the only thing the Kokiri girls talk about these days!”

Link tried not to choke on his pancake. “Rising star? Kokiri girls? Since when?”

“Well, since the last Dark Dawn of course. There were so many monsters swarming the Kokiri Village back then we would have had to change the name to Kokiri Den of Monsters. But you drove them out! There were thousands of Deku Beasts, Wolfos, and even a few Stalfos, but you drove them out!”

“Er…” Link didn’t know how, when, or why the previous Dark Dawn had been so greatly exaggerated. “…You do know that there were only around ten Deku Scrubs, one Wolfos, and not a single Stalfos in sight. If there was a Stalfos, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to just waltz up to one and knock its skull from its bones.”

“Nah! You’re being too modest!” Hapi assured him.

“We totally saw everything! How you beat down at least a hundred Deku Scrubs with every swing of your Deku Stick, and when you picked up all those Wolfos by their tails and tossed them over the trees!”

Link took a quick glance at the trees that surrounded the Kokiri Village and protected them from intruders. They were easily over fifty feet in height. He couldn’t even throw Mido’s fairy, Varl, that high.

Ah, thinking of Mido. “You do know, that not everyone thinks I’m a…” Link choked on the words, “…rising star of our village.”

“Really? Who doesn’t think you are?”

“Mr. No-Fairy!”

Link jabbed a thumb at the direction of the new voice. “Him.”

Dentri looked over Link’s shoulder and frowned. “Oh…him.”

“Have some respect for your village leader!” a fairy snapped.

Link sighed, took two deep breaths, and turned around. Approaching him was his least favorite Kokiri. Actually, Mido was the only Kokiri in the entire village whom Link couldn’t stand.

Mido was the second tallest Kokiri in the village (Link was the first). He had short brown hair, a green hood a few sizes too small for his head, a sleeveless green tunic, and his favorite pair of green boots. Flying next to him was his yellow fairy partner Varl. Both of them had down-right nasty attitudes, and held a special place of hatred towards Link in their hearts. Where their hatred stemmed from, Link didn’t know, but he knew a warm welcome was a manner the Great Deku Tree had forgotten to teach Mido.

“Hi Mido, you look extremely grumpy today. Sleep on a sack of Deku Seeds?” Link asked.

Mido carved a sneer into his face. “I’m not amused, Mr. No-Fairy! And I don’t have time for you! What I want to know is why there’s such an incessant noise going on so early in the morning! Dentri! Hapi! Did you two kill the entire village again? Did you?!”

Dentri and Hapi took refuge behind Link. “He never forgave use for that So-Flow incident.”

Link stepped in for the cowering two. “They didn’t intentionally mean any harm. Besides, their latest meal, the pancake, has gone quite well.” Link turned to Dentri. “Am I still going to get the recipe?”


“No problem.”

Link faced Mido. “So you want any pancakes, Mido?”

Mido turned a little pale; clearly the effects of the So-Flow Leftovers dominated a good part of his memories. “N-Never! Either way, I want this…this…” Mido gestured wildly at the pack of Kokiri children, who were all beginning to divert their attention from the pancakes to the noise making Mido, “…this ridiculous crowd to put away these panflakes, quiet down, and eat some proper fruits!”

A roar of protests attacked Mido’s ears.

“Come on!”

“Don’t be so stingy!”

“Did you accidentally kiss a Deku Baba again Mido?”

Mido’s pale features started to boil red. Link had to stifle his own laughter as he recalled Mido’s daring attempt to attack a Deku Baba alone. The result: Mido tripped on his own quivering feet the same moment the Deku Baba lunged at Mido, causing a nice chuuu. And, since Deku Babas are monsters that are mostly mouth, it was entertaining to see, except for Mido’s fairy partner Varl and Mido himself.

“I thought…” Mido swiped a pancake from a nearby Kokiri, “…I told all of you…” he drew his arm back, “…to NEVER talk about that again!” Mido flung the pancake at Link’s face, but Link already saw it coming. He ducked, and heard the pancake slap against Dentri’s face.

Uh oh, Link thought, slowly standing up and turning around to see the damage. The pancake had landed with perfect, unintentional accuracy. It landed squarely on Dentri’s face, and Link could already see the veins on the side of the Kokiri chief’s head bulge. Hapi’s body glow quickly turned a deep shade of red: hatred.

Oh…boy… “Saria!” Link shouted, scrambling away from Dentri with all his bodily speed. He found her, the only Kokiri ignoring the quarreling Mido and was feasting on pancakes. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her protesting body behind him as he sprinted for cover. He dived for the nearest house, tossing Saria and Tatl into shop and closing the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” Saria demanded, wiping spilt honey from her hands.

“Maybe he wants some alone time with just the two of you,” Tatl cooed before Saria could slap her fairy out of the air.

“Mido threw a pancake at Dentri,” Link replied, stepping towards the window and daring a peek outside.

Saria instantly understood. “Oh my.” She jumped to his side, daring a glance. The smell of fresh honey and leaves coming off Saria was a little distracting.

Mido and Dentri were sending hate-glares at one another, while their fairies Varl and Hapi were butting red bodies. All around them, Kokiri children were either following Link’s example of retreating or edging themselves towards the closest growing fruit they could find. Link strained his pointed ears, picking up the few sly insults or comments Mido and Dentri threw at one another.

Then finally, they reached the breaking point.


All chaos broke loose as Kokiri children either scrambled for cover or grabbed the nearest apple, banana, orange, or whatever edible, instantly regrowing object they could get their hands on. That was the messy things about food fights in the Kokiri Village; they’re hard to put an end to. How do you end a food fight between raging children with unlimited ammo?

“Oh my,” Saria said again, watching a band of Kokiri girls group together to pellet down any Kokiri boys they came across. “This always happens when Dentri and Hapi get mad. They love food so much that this is what happens when they see one of their meals get wasted regardless…” Saria made a face, “…regardless of how terrible it is.”

“It’s the reason why no one gave them much lip or threw aside their So-Flow Leftovers,” Tatl said. “Well, this food fight will probably last a few days. How long was the last one again.”

Link took a moment to remember. “I think it was five days.”

Tatl gagged. “Five days? Oh, this food fight is going to last so much longer.”

Saria frowned. “So much wasted food. It’s such a shame. Usually, the Great Deku Tree would never let us put so much good food to waste!”

“That’s true,” Link said. “The Great Deku Tree is really strict about these kind of things. Nowadays, he’s way too…lenient. Oh, and Saria? Did you remember what your message was again?”

“I do. The Great Deku Tree wants to see you.”

Link took a peek outside, watching his neighbor Fresta go gladiator with a watermelon. “I kind of wish you remembered sooner. We could have made it to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow before this food fight started. Actually, if we left sooner this would have never happened in the first place.”

“Sorry about that too. I remembered what the Great Deku Tree’s message was after I had a few bites of that pancake, way before Mido and Varl came. Sorry, don’t be mad,” Saria said with an apologetic smile.

Link stared at Saria for a full second before letting out a good laugh. “Why would I be mad? You’ve always been a bit empty-minded, and it’s not like that’ll change all too soon. If I get angry at you every time you forget something, I’d be yelling at you every time I talked to you.”

Saria gave a sheepish grin, but her eyes were sorrowfully focusing on the ground. Link knew that look; it was the face Saria always put on when she was trying to hide something. Link passed it off; Saria put on that face all too often these days, like she was trying to hide some sort of terrible fate that only she knew of. Link told her time and time again that if anything was worrying her, she could confide in him, but all she ever did was put on her mask and tell him it was nothing.

Link refocused on the present. “So!” Link clapped his hands in front of Saria’s face, shocking her false face right off. “I need to see the Great Deku Tree. I guess that…,” Link looked back at the window at the food fight, “…will make getting there interesting.”

“Especially that,” a new voice piped in. Link turned to the voice, but Saria and Tatl were so startled they ran themselves into the wall.

“Tref, Hani.” Link said, identifying the Kokiri, fairy pair that were hiding behind the counter. He hadn’t realized it before, but he had just dragged Saria and Tatl into the Kokiri Store, owned by Tref the Kokiri child and his fairy partner Hani. Tref was well known for his skinny figure and incredibly chubby cheeks, while Hani was famous for his unusual glowing brown color and snappy attitude. The two of them were the most creative inventors of the Kokiri Village. While Dentri and Hapi specialized in food, Tref and Hani showed their talents in inventions.

“Tref, Hani! What are you two doing here?” Tatl asked after checking if Saria was okay.

Tref and Hani gave Tatl the “uh-duh” expression. “We live here.”

Tatl turned pink: embarrassment. “Oh, right…right. I knew that.”

“You two didn’t go out for pancakes?” Saria asked.

Tref shook his head, and Hani answered, “We learned our lesson! Can you believe those two? Trying to make Wolfos poo food? Aw, I totally want to strangle those two with some magically enforced vines! Besides! Do you even know what were in those pancakes?”

“All natural food.” Saria said. To Link, it sounded more like a hopeful plea than stating a fact.

“Tref!” Link shouted before Saria’s imagination could get to wild. “You said something was especially interesting. What?”

Tref merely pointed out the window, inviting Link to take a closer look at the chaos. Knowing he wouldn’t get any straight answers anytime soon, Link obliged and returned his attention to the battlefield. It seemed just like every other food fight. Innocent Kokiri children hurling fruits at one another. Fresta smacking heads with watermelons and pumpkins. Dentri going berserk and chucking one apple after another at Mido with terrible aim. Then there were the Kokiri Triplets, three identical Kokiri girls taking out one Kokiri after another by having two of them hold the arms of their victims and having the third stuff a banana up their noses. Jaspin, with the help of his fairy Karl giving him coordinates and directions, was shooting down Kokiri children at random with cherries even though they were over a hundred feet away from him.

Link’s eyes widened. “Tref…please tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

“Hmm. If you’re thinking around the lines of ‘oh by the Great Deku Tree, I didn’t know we Kokiri could fit four bananas in our nostrils!’, then we’re probably thinking the same.” Tref said.

“No, I mean what Jaspin is holding. I’m talking about that slingshot.”

“Oh. That. He wanted to try shooting Nama. You know, Tony’s fairy. Nama has always been pushing Karl around when you’re not looking, so Jaspin wanted a little payback. I lent him that slingshot for a while. Hey, don’t give me that look! How’d I know he’d use it in a food fight? Besides! It’s not like he’ll use it to shoot you!”

Link gave Jaspin another glance from the window, watching the Kokiri shoot any Kokiri unlucky enough to be his target. Even through the clutter of noise emanating from the food fight, Link could hear Jaspin muttering, “Come on out Link, my boy, I still owe you for that pineapple.”

Link let out a long sigh. “Nope, I still think he’s been holding it against me. You know, when I dropped that pineapple on his forest jewels while he was down in the last food fight.”

Tref laughed. “Come on! All’s fair in the food fight!” Then Link heard Tref whisper to his fairy, “But even I think that was brutal and too low for a blow.” Tref, oblivious to Link’s keen hearing, raised his voice to normal volume. “If it makes you feel safer, you can have this.” Tref rummaged behind his counter shelves until he pulled out a crudely shaped slab of wood slightly larger than his own torso and tossed it to Link.

Link caught the slab by its edge, surprised by its lightness. “What is this? Your idea of a Frisbee?”

“Of course not! If you want a real quality Frisbee you craft it out of the shell of a Deku Baba!” Jaspin’s fairy, Karl, snapped. “No, that is our latest creation! The Deku Shield!” Karl shouted the item’s name as if it were a deity in need of reverence.

Link was not impressed. Even Saria looked a little disappointed. Tatl flew in a few circles around the wooden shield and smirked.

“A shield?” Tatl scoffed. “Mido’s face would do better.”

Tref fumed. “Don’t insult my craftschildship! That Deku Shield was made from the shell of a Big Deku Baba! It was sanded down with the fang of a Big Skulltula and hardened with powder made from grinded Stalfos bones!”

Saria made a silent “wow” and Tatl rang an applause, but Link was hardly convinced.

“It is tough?” Link asked, flipping the shield like a disk skillfully with one finger.

“As hard as a Skulltula’s shell.”

Link gave the shield’s surface a few taps, used the straps on the backside to fasten it to his right arm, and tested the overall weight by swinging his arm. “Not bad. I guess I’ll be safe enough with this. Saria, Tatl, stay here. I’ll talk to the Great Deku Tree, and see if I can ask him to pull out the big sticks and stop that food fight.”

“Good luck, Link. Be careful about the flying watermelons. They’ll give you a headache.” Saria said.

“And falling pineapples, although I don’t think I know anyone who would stoop that low,” Tatl added.

“Thanks,” was the last think Link said before he left his small quiet paradise and entered the turmoil of food war. He barely had time to close the door behind him before he heard his biggest problems.

“Mr. No-Fairy! Your face is gonna be the biggest apple this village has ever seen once I’m done with you!”

“Link! I’ve got a pineapple with your name carved on it!”

Uh oh. I don’t think I like either of those options. Link quickly spotted the two threats in the confusion and flying fruits and vegetables. Mido was only a few yards away, but was forced to face off against Fresta, who had a piece of a watermelon in one hand and was holding a pumpkin by its stem in the other. Jaspin had posted himself at the top of Mido’s house, with enough cherries and pineapples at his feet to feed several Kokiri children for weeks. To Link’s surprise, Jaspin really had carved Link’s name on each and every one of the pineapples.

“Jaspin!” Karl reported. “Target has been located at our 12’o clock position! Target armed with wood with possible shield-like purposes!”

“Gimme the range!”

“Target is twenty Deku Sticks in distance! Wind has a one leaf value pull to the right! Target is in range with no possible obsticles!”

“I’m on target!”

“Hold your target…fire when ready!”


“You two have practiced this way too much!” Link shouted, bringing up his Deku Shield to block the incoming cherry. The amount of force behind the small piece of fruit surprised Link. “Jaspin, you’ve got another pineapple coming your way.”

“Mr. No-Fairy!” Mido screamed.

Link turned his focus back to Mido, absent-mindedly blocking four more incoming cherries and a rather small apple. Mido had taken a pumpkin to the face, but had managed to slip by Fresta nonetheless. There were no fruits to throw in Mido’s hands, only tightened fists.

“What did I ever do to make you hate me this much?” Link demanded. He took with quick glance at the entrance to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow; he was several yards away from the entrance, with just a few vegetable chucking Kokiri behind him and Mido and Jaspin aiming at him from the front.

“Too much!” Mido screamed in response, and lunged at Link while wildly tossing his fists.

“That explains too little!” Link smashed the Deku Shield into Mido’s face hard enough for the self-proclaimed Kokiri leader to be stunned into a daze. Then Link’s eyes flashed to a cherry shot by Jaspin. The small fruity projectile would have smacked Link dead in the forehead if Link hadn’t grabbed Mido by the collar of his tunic and pull the dazed Kokiri into the cherry’s path. Mido’s eyes nearly popped out when the cherry made impact with the back of his head.

“A Mido Shield! Not bad Link!” Jaspin called out, loading another cherry into his slingshot.

“Taking out Mido and defending at the same time, worked well enough,” Link said. Still between his Deku Shield and Mido’s sagging body, Link knew well enough he’d be better off defending with his board of wood. He released Mido, picked up an apple, and socked Mido across the face with it. Mido groaned before falling flat on his back while Varl screamed curses at Link.

Confident that Mido was down and out for a good while and Varl would be too busy shouting insults, Link slowly backed up towards the Great Deku Tree’s meadow, but Jaspin refused to yield. Even as the distance between the two increased, thanks to Karl’s perfect directions, Jaspin’s aim lost no accuracy. Link could easily block whatever Jaspin shot at him; seeing the trajectory of the fruit and intercepting its path with his shield was Kokiri’s play for him.

Then again, I’m not all that convinced that I am a Kokiri, so I don’t know how well that metaphor works for me, Link thought with a disgruntled tone. He was still a few yards away from the entrance to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow, but he had Branda and Twiggs fighting with carrots and celery sticks. Their fairies, Appi and Oran, were shouting comments that were definitely not helping the conflict between their Kokiri partners. Stepping between the two of that was the third last thing Link wanted to do at the moment, so walking around them was the way to go.

“It’s Link!”

“It’s Link!”

“It’s Link!”

“Oh by the Great Deku Tree, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

Unfortunately for Link, no one was. It was the triplets Sally, Dally, and Yally, followed by their fairies Sani, Dani, and Yani. Dally and Dani were coming in on his left, Yally and Yani were coming in on his right, and Sally and Sani were approaching Link from the front with an arm full of bananas in her arms. On top of it all, Jaspin had seen the triplets heading towards Link, scoped a few pineapples into his arms, and was dashing at Link with all his Kokiri strength.

What should I do what should I do? Link’s mind raced ahead, formulating plan after plan on how to deal with the predicament that he currently faced. The plan with the highest success rate was to hit Yally with his Deku Shield, push Dally so she trips over Mido’s fallen body and knocked herself out, and then kick Sally in the face so that she would fall back and collide into Jaspin, who was closing in quick.

Even to Link, it sounded brutal. Sally, Dally, and Yally were three of Saria’s best friends; he couldn’t just beat them up to avoid getting a banana or five stuck up his nose. And Sani, Dani, and Yani were three of Link’s favorite fairies. He knew his friendship with them wouldn’t last a second longer if he did anything cruel to the triplets. Retreat wasn’t an option. Although they didn’t look it, the triplets were the fastest Kokiri girls in the village. If Link tried to turn around to run, they’d pounce on him like a Skulltula on its prey. Besides, Branda and Twiggs were still duking it out with increased fury and vigor, so rushing around or between them was not an option.

Don’t stop thinking! Don’t stop! The moment I stop thinking and start fretting is the moment I forfeit my nose to the Banana Girls. I can’t hurt them, and I can’t run away from them. Disable them! Dally and Yally immobilize and Sally attacks. Dally is attacking my left, Yally is attacking my right. I need space to back up and have Dally and Yally take each other out. At the pace they’re running at they’ll easily run into each other if I move. If Dally and Yally are out of the picture, then Sally would instantly give up her banana sheme. Branda and Twiggs are still behind me, so I can’t move back unless I take care of them first! Branda has a weak shin and Twiggs has terrible balance. One swipe at their feet with my leg and they’ll be out for the count. I can move back and take my time dealing with Dally and Yally. That’s the plan! That’s…going way too far for a food fight. Link sighed internally. Maybe it is a good time to test how many bananas I can fit in my nose, Link thought sourly, placing his Deku Shield on the grass and raising his arms in surrender.

As he expected, Dally wrapped her arms around his left arm, while Yally pounced on his right arm. With his arms restrained, he all he could do was count the seconds before Sally skid to a stop in front of him with a banana in her hand.

“Aw, how sweet of you!” Sally said, waving the banana in her hand beneath the tip of Link’s nose. “I thought for sure you’d struggle a bit.”

“Saria wouldn’t like it if I did anything to you three,” Link replied. He tried struggling a little, but Dally and Yally were stronger than they appeared.

“A gentlekokiri,” Dally and Yally said together, blowing in his ears.

“Are you going to shove that banana up my nose or not?” Link asked.

Sally pressed herself against Link’s chest. “Aw, don’t be such a party squisher! You hardly ever come over to play with us! You always spend all your time with Saria!”

“Saria is my best friend. And I meet you three every now and then.”

“But not as much as Saria,” Dally pouted.

“Not even a fifth as much,” Yally whined.

“They’re love birds, what’d you expect,” the triplet’s three fairies chimed.


Link, the triplets and their fairies turned their heads to see Jaspin charging at them, holding a pineapple with Link’s name carved on its surface between his hands over his head. “The time for my payback is here!”

“Butt out!” Sally screamed, smacking Jaspin across the face with her banana. Staggered, Jaspin sank to his knees. Dally and Yally let go of Link, took the pineapple in Jaspin’s hands, and brought it down on Jaspin’s head. With a dull thwack, Jaspin’s eyes rolled up into his head as he passed out, and Karl screamed in mourning.

“And Tref called me brutal,” Link murmured, watching as Dally and Yally picked up a few bananas and tested the elasticity of Jaspin’s nostrils. “Well, if you girls don’t mind…”

“But we do!” All three of them pounced back onto Link, pushing him into Twiggs and Branda behind him and knocking the quarreling Kokiri children off their feet.

Furious that their squabble had been interrupted, Twiggs and Branda turned their fury towards the triplets, waving their carrots and celery sticks while shouting words that could have had them grounded for months if the Great Deku Tree had heard them.

But they were still no match for the triplets.




Three “huh’s” from the triplets had Twiggs and Branda fleeing while screaming for forgiveness and bananas.

Yally grinned and turned back to Link. “Now!”

Dally picked up Link’s Deku Shield and handed it back to him. “Where…?”

Sally leaned against Link, pressing her cheek against his. “…were we?”

“I’m not too sure.” Link replied. “You tried to attack me, then you saved me, and now you’re hitting on me. I’m kind of confused at where this is all going.”

All three sisters giggled in unison.

“Well, at first we wanted to see how you’d react if we tried chasing you.” Sally said. “Dally was afraid you’d slap us around like Mido.”

“Did not!” Dally protested. “But Link! You didn’t run! You acted so cool and surrendered so coolly!”

“You’re totally our hero!” Yally cheered.

“So…wait. You came charging at me just to see how I’d react?” Link asked.

The triplets gave him identical devious smiles.

“That and to give our friend a little message,” Sally said. Before Link could ask which friend and what message, Dally and Yally kissed both of his cheeks, and Sally pecked him on the nose. Giggling madly, the triplets ran off, letting their fairies shoot of small sparks in their wake. Link was momentarily stunned, but only for a moment.

Hey, perhaps being a rising star isn’t so bad at all, Link thought, lightly touching the places where the triplets had kissed him. I could probably get used to it.

Then Link felt a chill. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. I was like a cold, river-chilled hand had just slipped its way down the back of his tunic and was scratching away at his skin. Slowly, Link turned around to face the source of the chill. Saria was glaring at him from the window of Dentri and Hapi’s shop, feverishly eyeing the places where Sally, Dally, and Yally had kissed him. She was gripping the edges of the shops window with such force that the wood was cracking beneath her fingers. Her face wasn’t frenzied, but was so calm and cool that it almost seemed deviously evil.

“Two-timer,” Tatl muttered.

Awkwardly, and with Saria’s piercing glare still drilling into him, Link slowly turned back to the entrance of the Great Deku Tree’s meadow.

If I don’t have any problems with the Great Deku Tree, Saria is going to beat me black and blue when I get back.

* * *

Link was having problems even before he stepped into the Great Deku Tree’s meadow.

The trees that surrounded the Kokiri Village were so compact that it was impossible to slip between them (except for Link) to venture into the world beyond the village. There was only one exit, one opening within the barrier of trees. This opening was a narrow pathway where grass grew in the place of trees, a narrow isle between the towering trees that lead to a vast meadow. In the meadow lives a single entity, a tree so tall and wide that even that largest tree of the Kokiri Forest was nothing more than a feeble twig in comparison. This tree was the Great Deku Tree, the creator as well as the protector of the Kokiri Village.

The Great Deku Tree was the father of the village, the one who gave life to the Kokiri children and granted these Kokiri their fairies at their birth. He was the father and mentor of the village. The Kokiri children and fairies alike all held the Great Deku Tree in fatherly reverence.

Except Link. Link couldn’t tell why, and he couldn’t example why, but the Great Deku Tree was never a father to him. The ancient deity was more of a friend. Granted, the Great Deku Tree was a bossy, strict old friend that loved fertilizer, but still a friend Link liked to visit whenever he had problems.

But now it seemed Link couldn’t even visit his old friend without running into problems. He had barely taken five steps into the path leading to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow when they lunged at him. Three fully grown Deku Babas. The village always made jokes about Deku Babas, about how they were only dangerous if you were stupid enough to kiss one.

Link knew better. Although leaving the village was forbidden, that never stopped him from venturing the woods of the Kokiri Forest. He had seen plenty of monsters, Deku Babas included. Although Deku Babas looked harmless enough, having only a blue, leathery head that was all mouth and a body that was only a five-foot long vine, Link had seen a Deku Baba’s mouth bite through branches thicker than himself, and their vine-like bodies let them lash their lethal jaws with instantaneous speed.

Now Link had three Deku Baba’s facing him with open jaws. He couldn’t believe that Mido had actually kissed one of these things.

This is impossible, Link thought, slowly taking a few steps from side to side, watching the Deku Babas follow his movements with drooling jaws. As long as the Great Deku Tree’s magic protects this forest and the village, it’s impossible for monsters to appear or even spawn within the village unless as Dark Dawn happens. If this were a Dark Dawn, the village would already be overrun with monsters, but that’s not the case. So how did these Deku Babas spawn within the village’s borders?

The closest Deku Baba lunged at Link with its mouth wide open. Link beat aside the Deku Baba’s mouth with his Deku Shield, knocking the monster’s mouth back. However, since of base of a Deku Baba’s vine, its body, was rooted to the ground, it only took the monster a few moments to straighten itself out and follow Link’s movements with a drooling jaw once more.

“Fine, if that’s how you want to play it,” Link growled. The Deku Baba lunged again, but this time Link didn’t block. As soon as the Deku Baba’s open mouth was close enough to smell, Link side-stepped and grabbed the Deku Baba’s body with his left hand and pinned the monster to the ground. Before the Deku Baba could find enough strength to struggle free, Link raised his Deku Shield over his head and brought it down on the Deku Baba’s viney body. With a sick crunch, Link severed the Deku Baba’s head from the rest of its body. The headless body spasmed for a brief moment before straightening out and stiffening. This was how Deku Sticks were made, by taking off the head of a Deku Baba and letting the remainder of its body to harden until it morphed into a five-foot long heavy yet fragile stick.

Link picked up the Deku Stick, weighing it in his hands while watching the remaining two Deku Babas snap at his feet; he was just barely outside of their biting range. Link silently thanked whatever deity that created Deku Babas for not granting the monsters brains. As vicious as they were, they were incapable for thinking before acting. Even now, they were desperately snapping away at Link’s toes, their bodies flat against the ground and their wide jaws snapping at the grass in front of Link’s boots.

“Four~!” Link shouted, grasping the end of the Deku Stick, twisting his body, and raising it high above his head. He brought the Deku Stick down, smacking one of the Deku Babas into the other, forcing their heads to fly backwards. Unfortunately, that small blow had snapped Link’s new Deku Stick clean in two.

“Oh well,” Link said, tossing the pieces over his head before charging at the dazed Deku Babas. He brought himself to a stop before the base of the Deku Babas, grasping the roots of the Deku Babas’ bodies and wrenching them about of the ground. As soon as the Deku Babas were separated from the ground, their heads instantly shriveled into Deku Nuts while their bodies hardened into Deku Sticks.

Link dusted his hands off, smiling. “Three down…” Link turned around, facing the Great Deku Tree’s meadow. His smile instantly dropped. “…and apparently seven more to go. What is going on here?”

Perhaps this was why the Great Deku Tree had called for Link. Perhaps something was wrong with the Great Deku Tree’s magic and he needed help exterminating all the monsters that were popping up in the Kokiri Village. The thought made Link feel a little warm and fuzzy; the Great Deku Tree needed Link’s help. He would have felt a little bummed out if the Great Deku Tree had called for Mido’s help, but Link was certain that kissing Deku Babas was the only thing Mido could do when it came to monster hunting.

Speaking of Mido, Link thought. Didn’t he have a weapon when he was kissing…I mean…facing that Deku Baba? He had a sword. Where’d he get that from? Link looked at the remaining seven Deku Babas, who were beginning to notice Link’s presence. This would really be easier if I had a sword of my own. Hey, guess I’ll pay Mido a visit. If I can’t borrow his sword, I can find my own, and if I can’t find my own, I can steal his. Sounds like a plan.

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Was this copy paste?
I'm enjoying it though!

Mence and Flow!!

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I wrote the story on Microsoft Word and copied it here.
Copy and paste. =3
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Ok, it looks lik its from the real chapter book.
Nice job.

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Guess I should've heeded your warning, Chapter 1 is too much to read this late at night @_@

But it looks good from what I've skimmed, will get on it tomorrow

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I'd have to read more than the first chapter to decide if this is as good as it seems. You're a very good writer nonetheless, it's just that fanfiction has to be extremely interesting to be good to me. Continue on, please!

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You wield the banhammer like Thor wields Mjolnir.

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Here's Chapter 2.
Sorry about posting it in a whole new link, I didn't know about the clutter stuff. ^_^;
As always, if you fear long stories, turn back, Chapter 2 almost as long as Chapter 1
Chapter 2 written in Saria's perspective. Sorry for an spelling or grammar errors.

Chapter 2
Saria and her Worries

A kiss! A kiss! The three of them kissed him! Saria silently fumed, marching out of Tref’s and Hani’s house. I know the four of us talked about who...who liked Link more and everything…but they kissed him! They kissed him!

“Saria, look out!” Tatl shouted.

Saria irritably looked up, watching Cupin and his fairy Balo rush at her.

“Saria!” Cupin shouted, raising the head of lettuce in his hand over his head, “If I can hit you will you go out with me?”

“Get lost!” was all Saria screamed before picking up an apricot and smacking it into Cupin’s nose. She didn’t even bother to check and see if Cupin was okay or not as he fell to his knees and then to the ground.

“What was that for Saria?” Balo demanded. “All he wanted to do was confess!”

Saria gave the small fairy such a glare that Balo hid himself behind Cupin’s fallen body. Tatl was smart enough not to reprimand Saria for her rude behavior; as she was now, Saria could take on the Goddess Din herself and come out victorious.

Why was she in such a bad mood? Obviously it had to do with Link. She liked Link. It wasn’t something as cliché as love at first sight; it was a feeling that strengthened itself the more Saria and Link met. The fact that Link was also the most popular boy amongst all the girls of the village didn’t help at all. Link wasn’t popular just because he saved the village from the most dangerous Dark Dawn the village had ever seen. Link was in the hearts of all the girls the moment the Great Deku Tree introduced him to the village. He was smart, kind, sometimes funny, gave confidence to others, had beautiful gold hair, wonderful blue eyes, a perfectly angled chin, wonderful smile…beautiful teeth…looked absolutely dashing when…

Saria slapped herself so hard that everyone within a ten feet radius stopped what they were doing and stared at her.

“Sorry, sorry, get back to beating each other up,” Saria said, rubbing her swelling cheek and wiping a small bit of drool from the edge of her lips. “Fantasizing…too dangerous…almost lost my steam…”

“Have you calmed down?” Tatl asked as the ruckus around them restarted.

Saria’s eyes regained their icy edge. “Not on your pixie wings.”


Tatl remained silent while Saria made her way after Link, determined to…to, um…to do…something.

Saria’s ice sculptured glare melted. “What am I going to do?”

“Um…I don’t know. I barely know anything that’s going through your head these days,” Tatl replied, landing on Saria’s green hair band. “Are you sure you’re okay? Your Link-fever isn’t acting up?”

“There’s no such thing as Link-fever!” Saria protested.

“Really? Does your heart race when you meet Link? Does your face feel like its burning when he looks at you? Do your palms become sweaty when he touches you?” Tatl asked.


“Then you have Link-fever!” Tatl cheered, “Along with every girl in the village!”

Saria slapped Tatl off from her head. “I thought you were my fairy partner! Aren’t you supposed to be more supportive than annoying?”

“Of course I’m supporting you! I’ve tried to get you and Link together, haven’t I? I sang when you two were all alone in the depths of the Sacred Meadow at the most beautiful of nights!”

Saria turned pink. Tatl’s “singing” involved using the phrase “Kiss the Girl” for a good part of the lyrics.

Saria moaned. “Sally, Dally and Yally got to kiss Link. They kissed him. What if he starts to like them more than me?”

If Tatl had a face, Saria knew her fairy would be grinning. “Never fear! Your place in his heart is more tightly secured than a Skullwalltula is to its wall!”

“You mean no matter how hard Link tries to get rid of me, I’ll keep sticking around like an unwanted bug?”

Tatl pounded the top of Saria’s head, giving the girl a good headache. Her fairy may have been small, but she knew how to deal the pain.

“If you’re so worried, then why don’t you kiss him?!” Tatl demanded.

“Sally, Dally and Yally already did that,” Saria said with a sigh, “What good will it be if I kiss him on the cheek?”

Tatl gave her Saria her favorite evil villain laugh. “Who said anything about the cheek? If you want an advantage over your three friends, you go for the jackpot! You go for the deep ki—!”

Saria slapped her fairy out of the air before Tatl could finish her sentence. Saria’s face was now redder than the ripest of apples and the angriest of fairies (a fairy’s body turns very red when angry). Of course Saria wanted to give Link a good kiss; sometimes she even drooled in her sleep dreaming about it when she wasn’t having her usual nightmares. But she didn’t have the courage to step up to Link’s face and press her lips against his. Once she came incredibly close to kissing Link, but just had to pass out just before their lips made contact. When she woke up, she found herself resting at her bed in an empty home with an empty heart.

“Don’t strain yourself too hard,” Tatl said, flying in circles around Saria’s head. “If you can’t kiss him now, just meet up with Link and I’ll create an opportunity for you.”

Saria gave Tatl a fierce glower that held only one message: Don’t you dare! Tatl’s “opportunities” either involved placing Saria and Link in I-wish-would-die-this-is-too-embarrassing situations or in scenarios where a good push would have Saria and Link rolling into each other with their lips as one.

Saria didn’t want either of them. If she was going to kiss the boy, she would do it by herself and without Tatl’s “opportunities”.

She was only a few feet away from the entrance to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow. Link would just be around the corner. For now, there were no kisses in the play book. She wasn’t going to slap him around for being kissed either; that wasn’t his fault, even if he could have prevented it. For now, she would see what the Great Deku Tree’s message for Link was and then accompany him home or maybe pick up a few more pancakes. She would think about how to get her kiss around later.

Then Saria froze. She was forced to lean against a nearby tree for support, or else she’d fall face-flat to the ground. She quickly turned her eyes to the ground; sometimes it helped when a thousand images suddenly flashed in front of her eyes so quickly she felt sick. She didn’t know why these pictures were burning themselves into her eyes, but she knew what each of them meant, and that scared her. Link often thought that when this happened, Saria was trying to hide some sort of terrible destiny. In truth, Saria was reliving a past she never knew existed. The memories were too vivid, too real to be hallucinations induced by Dentri’s and Hapi’s sometimes-terrible food. No, it was more like memories of her past lives were catching up to her one rush at a time, and it was overwhelming.

Still, the flash of memories stopped almost as quickly as they arrived. Saria slowly pushed herself off the tree she was leaning against, preparing for what would happen next. She took a sharp intake of breath as her senses sudden went into overdrive. Although this would also only last for a few seconds, for that small moment of time, Saria could feel every living being in the forest. She could feel the presence of all sixty-one Kokiri children and their sixty-one fairies. She could feel every single tree in the forest and what fruit they grew. She could feel every bug or animal that roamed in her forest, and she could tell how many monsters roamed the woods. To her, monsters gave off a different…light, you could say. While the children of the village gave off a pure green aura and their fairies a blue light, monsters gave off a black presence. While she was like this, Saria felt like a deity,…no…a living sage of the forest.

However, lately the number of black spots in Saria’s enhanced vision were growing, and steadily getting closer and closer to the village. Then Saria’s sage-like vision started to flutter, and she knew it would end soon enough. Before her all seeing vision left her completely, she felt Link’s aura. Link was different from the rest of the children of the village and their fairies. While the children were green and the fairies were blue, Link’s aura was pure golden, like a beacon of light in her all seeing visions. And then Saria knew something was wrong. Close to the beacon of gold…all too close…were ten black spots: monsters, and they were attacking her gold aura.

As soon as her sagely sight left her and Saria could move once more, she rushing into the entrance of the Great Deku Tree’s meadow, wanting to scream Link’s name and tell him to run.

She soon found that it was unnecessary.

“Fine, if that’s how you want to play it,” Link had growled, staring at the monsters, the Deku Babas, straight into their drool covered mouths. Saria watched in awe as Link beheaded the first Deku Baba with his shield alone, and then defeated the next two with a single Deku Stick and his bare hands.

“Three down…” Link said with a smile that instantly disappeared when he noticed the remaining seven Deku Babas. “…and apparently seven more to go. What is going on here?”

Saria wish she knew the answer to that.

“Wow,” Tatl whispered to Saria. “For a moment, I thought Link would lose his first kiss to those Deku Babas, but he owned them so hard they didn’t know what hit them.”

Saria would have slapped Tatl out of the air again for the kiss remark (because Link’s first kiss belonged to her), but she was too busy watching Link. Link was standing still, staring at the remaining seven Deku Babas. Although she couldn’t see all of Link’s face, Saria could tell from the way the corner of Link’s mouth twitched upward that Link had just thought of a plan.

“You’re actually not half bad.”

Saria’s eyes quickly darted towards the new voice. Link looked up as well. Hovering just above Link’s line of sight was a blue fairy. Now Saria had seen and met all sixty-one of the village fairies. The fairy in front of her eyes right now was a fairy she had never seen before.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. Where’s your Kokiri partner?” Link asked the fairy.

“I don’t know about the Kokiri part, but I do know where my partner is,” the fairy replied.



There was an awkward pause.

Somewhere in the village, someone screamed, “Not there! NOT THERE!!”

Saria had been Link’s best friend for several years now. She knew how desperately Link had always wanted a fairy partner, so it surprised her that Link wasn’t doing back flips of joy, crying in celebration, and kissing everyone in sight because of pure joy.

No, forget that kissing part. Link’s lips are mine, Saria thought with an edge of steel. What Link did instead, caught Saria off guard. His expression darkened, and his hands clenched into fists.

“So it’s that serious?” Link asked the fairy.

“You catch on quick,” the fairy noted with a hint of admiration. “But yes, it’s probably just as bad as you think it is. Right now, you need to get to the Great Deku Tree right now.”

“Can’t,” Link replied, pointing to the remaining seven Deku Babas.

“Don’t give me that!” the fairy pouted. “You took care of three Deku Babas with nothing but your hands and that piece of tree bark! You can take on seven more with no problem, right?”

“I don’t want to.”

The fairy staggered as if she had been punched. “You…what?”

“I said I don’t want to.”

The fairy’s glowing body quickly turned red. “You don’t want to?! Are you saying you’re just too lazy to do anything?! Does the fate of Hyrule really rest on such a lazy boy like YOU?!”

“Hyrule?” Tatl wondered.

A kingdom that rests beyond the boundaries of the forest, Saria thought without knowing how she knew this.

Link laughed Saria’s favorite laugh: carefree yet serious. “Lazy? No. Unprepared, yes. I doubt these Deku Babas are the last things I’m going to be worried about. I need a weapon, so I’m coming back once I have one.”

The fairy took what Link said into consideration and calmed down, her glowing red body reverting to its normal blue. “Alright. What you said is true enough. But! You better not consider some feeble Deku Stick to be your choice of a weapon.”

“Hardly. I’ve got something better in mind.”

“Good enough. Well, I suppose my introduction is a little late. I’m Navi the fairy, your fairy partner from today forward.”

“I’m Link, nice to meet you to.”

The fairy nodded. “Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, who’s the eavesdropping girl behind you?”

Link turned around, his eyes meeting Saria’s as he flashed her a grin. “That’s Saria and Tatl, my two best friends.”

Saria gave Navi the fairy a small smile, but never let the mysterious fairy nor the group of Deku Babas behind Link out of her sight as she slowly walked to Link’s side.

“How long did you know I was there?” Saria asked Link.

“Only when Navi asked who you two were. The two of you, as well as Tref and Hani, are the only ones who knew I needed to see the Great Deku Tree. Since I was pretty such Tref and Hani would never leave home during a food fight, I figured the two of you would be the only ones to drop in.” Link replied.

“Well aren’t you the smart one,” Saria teased. Then she went back to her serious tone. “What did you mean before when you said you needed weapon. What kind of weapon do you have in mind? Tref’s slingshot?”

Navi scoffed. “Please don’t tell me that’s the weapon you’re thinking about.”

“Well,” Link pondered the thought, “It wasn’t the exact weapon I had in mind, but you never know. I could use one.”

“What did you have in mind then?” Saria asked.

“That sword Mido had before when he kissed that Deku Baba, remember?” Link said.

“The Great Deku Tree let’s you kids use swords?” Navi said, bewildered. “Just what is that old coot thinking these days?”

That buzzed Tatl’s buttons. “The Great Deku Tree is not an old coot! You take that back, new girl!”

Navi responded by pounding Tatl into the ground.

“Hey!” Saria protested, scooping her crippled fairy from the grass. “No one gets to bully my fairy but me!”

Navi ignored her; the new fairy turned her back to Saria and said to Link, “So where is this sword? It’s probably with this Mido character, right?”

Link shrugged. “I hope. Knowing Mido, he’s either got it hanging on a pedestal somewhere just to show it off, or hid it somewhere so no one else can have it. Saria?”


“Can you find that slingshot Jaspin was using for me? It might come in handy.” Link asked.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to look for Mido. I hit him with an apple, but it looks like I didn’t hit him hard enough,” Link said, peering over Saria’s shoulder. “He’s not where I left him, so he probably got up and is causing problems for someone else.”

Saria turned around to see what Link was seeing, but she found it impossible to isolate a single person or fairy from the chaos coming from the food fight. Sometimes she just marveled at how excellent Link’s eye sight was.

“But Jaspin is still where the triplets left him,” Link noted.

Saria squinted her eyes, but still couldn’t find a single unconscious boy in the mess of the food fight. “Sorry, I can’t see him.”

Then Link made Saria’s heart jump. He put one hand on her waist, his left hand on her left hand, and placed his chin on her shoulder so that they were cheek to cheek.

Link stared saying something; Saria could feel the words brushing against her, and she could see Link adjusting her hand so that she was pointing at a fallen child with a pineapple for a head. Obviously he was showing her where Jaspin was, but all she could hear was the sound of her own heart racing: Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp! Ba-bamp!

Finally, Link let her go, waved to her, and raced off back into the food fight with Navi close at his back. When he was clear out of sight, Saria slid to her knees and focuses on controlling her breathing.

“I…really hate it…when he does that,” Saria panted, clutching her heart, hoping that would help slow it down.

Tatl was all giddy. “Really? To me you looked like you were enjoying yourself. I bet you’re secretly wishing Link would have held you longer.”

Saria didn’t make a retort or slap Tatl out of the air. She stood up, brushed a few strands of her green hair from her eyes, respotted the fallen Jaspin, and walked over to him. Sally, Dally, and Yally really did a number on Jaspin; the bump on his head was larger than the pineapple they hit him with.

“Hi Saria,” Jaspin’s fairy, Karl, said. The small fairy was perch atop of the bump swelling from Jaspin’s head. “We really underestimated the power of popularity.”

“I saw. Think Jaspin will be okay?” Saria asked.

“He’ll be fine. Compared to what Link did to him in the past, this is nothing, I hope.” Karl said.

“Good, I need that.” Saria pried the slingshot out of Jaspin’s unconscious hand.

Karl was livid. “What! You’re stealing from my unconscious partner! Thief!”

“Sorry! It’s going to a better cause!” Saria replied before running off to find Link. It was slightly easier to navigate through the food fight now. Alliances had been formed and ammunition was being gathered, which meant less food was being tossed about. There were only a few children left randomly hurling fruits and vegetables at one another now.

Hold up, hold up, hold up, Saria thought to herself, I can’t just give Link a slingshot without anything to shoot from it. Should I gather some cherries? Maybe some grapes? No, Link might eat them instead of shoot them. Saria paused, and then high tailed back to Tref and Hani’s place. She knocked on the door, but was forced to use fifteen minutes convincing the two that Fresta was not behind her ready to redecorate their faces with watermelons and pumpkins.

“What’s wrong with Fresta? Why are you two suddenly so afraid of her?” Saria asked after Tref nervously opened the door.

Tref’s tongue was tied in more than one knot. “Well…you see…I kinda, you know…I used…what I mean to say is…”

“We had a spare slingshot,” Hani filled in. “We were shooting some Deku Seeds here and there for fun and Tref kind of got Fresta in the rear end.”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Tref blurted. “I used my spare slingshot and shot Fresta the Berserker in the butt with the Deku Seed! You happy?! You want to attend my funeral?!”

Saria shook her head. “No, not that! You can use Deku Seeds for a slingshot’s ammo?”

Tref’s business side kicked in. “Of course! When it comes to hardness and durability, the Deku Seeds is second to none when it comes to naturally grown ammo! And the groves on the Deku Seeds add a spin to the seed when fired, so they cut through the air and hit with deadly accuracy!”

Perfect! “Tref, can I have some?”

Tref spotted the slingshot with Saria’s fingers wrapped around it. “Ah! So you’re interested in the slingshot now! For you, I’ll give you some for free! I call this the Bullet Bag!” Tref took something from off a nearby shelf and handed it to Saria. It was a small leather pouch tied shut with a narrow strip of leather. When Saria opened the pouch, it was filled with at least thirty Deku Seeds.

“Thank you! This is just what I needed! By the way, Tref? Hani?”

“Yes?” the two asked simultaneously.

“I guess you’ve made it up to Fresta already.” Saria said.

Tref raised an eyebrow and Hani turned purple: confusion. “What makes you say that?” Tref asked.

“Well, you invited her in, didn’t you?” Saria said, pointing to a figure directly behind Tref and Hani. Tref looked as if someone stuffed a sharpened Deku Stick up his rear, and Hani turned grey in fear.

For a full minute, Tref stood as still as a statue while Hani orbited Tref’s head like a dead planet. Saria took a closer look at the figure standing behind Tref and Hani. It was, without a doubt, Fresta. Only there were some differences between this Fresta and the Fresta Saria usually knew; this Fresta had war paint splattered on her face, and her two normal pony tails were woven together into a single strand that was slung over her shoulders. In her left hand was a watermelon tied to a rather hefty looking stick; a battle club. In her right hand was a lasso of vines. Saria took a closer peek to see that Fresta had a pouch of ice strapped to her bottom.

Then Tref and Hani made a dash for it. They didn’t get far. The moment Tref took a single step and Hani took one beat of his wings, Fresta roped Tref in with her vine and dragged him back into his own home. Hani screamed for his partner, but Fresta snatched the fairy out of the air and slammed the door shut behind her.

“Well, just make up peacefully!” Saria called over the screaming that came emanating from inside Tref’s house. “And thanks for the Bullet Bag!” Saria couldn’t hear Tref’s “You’re Welcome” over the screaming, so she decided to come back later and thank him again.

Finding Link to give him the slingshot and Bullet Bag wasn’t difficult. All Saria needed to do was ask Tatl to fly above the village and find either Link or Mido. Tatl couldn’t find Link, but she spotted Mido soon enough. He was at the corner of the village, on a small hill with a single house on it. The house belonged to the Know-It-All-Brothers, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th smartest children of the village (Link was the 1st). Next to their house was a sheer cliff. Mido was resting against the cliff, looking sullen yet somehow hopeful. Varl was on his shoulder, whispering something into his ear.

“Mido, Varl? Where’s Link?” Saria asked once she reached them.

Varl was the first to reply. “There.” Varl took off, circling a small hole at the base of the cliff.

“Where’s there?” Saria asked.

“There is there of course.”

“Saria means where does there lead to?” Tatl said.

“It’s the Hole of Z,” Mido grumbled, keeping his eyes on the ground, drawing patterns in the dirt with his finger. Saria craned her head, noticing that the patterns Mido was drawing were actually words: Please don’t come back.

“Did Link go in there?” Saria asked.

“He did.”


Mido blew a strand of hair from his face. “Because that’s where I put my old sword. Mr. No-Fairy…no…Link said he needed it.” Mido said Link’s name as if he were spitting out a rotten prune.

The gesture surprise Saria and Tatl.

“You called Link by his name! What’s the occasion?” Saria asked.

Mido scowled, stomping out the message he wrote in the dirt. “What’s the occasion? Did you not see that annoying little bug flying around Mr. No-Fairy’s…gah! Around Link’s head? He has a fairy! I can’t call him Mr. No-Fairy if he actually has a fairy!”

“Wait!” Tatl piped out. “I have a more important question! This is called the Hole of Z. What does the Z stand for?”

Mido stared at the hole at the base of the cliff. “If you climb through his hole, you enter a maze. It’s a dangerous maze filled with massive rolling boulders that can crush you like a bug. If you don’t have focus, you’ll be…killed. That’s why it’s the Hole of Z! Focus! Z! Z for Focus! You get it?”

Tatl shook her body. “No, I don’t. How does an F become a Z?”

Saria had more to worry about. “Wait! Are you saying you sent Link to such a dangerous place! How could you do such a thing?!”

Mido flinch, as if Saria’s words struck him like a whip. “Well…you know. He said he wanted a sword…the only sword in the village is in the maze beyond the Hole of Z. He really didn’t…have much of a choice.”

“Why did you hide the stupid sword in this Hole of Z in the first place?” Saria demanded, her anger peaking.

Mido was all but cowering as Saria towered over him. “I…didn’t want anyone else…to have it…you know.”

“What are you going to do if Link dies?!”

“Why would I die?” Link asked.

Mido and Saria jumped in surprise as Link climbed back out of the Hole of Z with Navi right behind him. Once he was fully out and on his feet, Saria could see the sheathed sword strapped to his back; Mido’s old Kokiri Sword.

Saria collided into Link with a running jump of joy, smacking him into the side of the cliff face with a jolt. “You’re okay!”

Link coughed, taking a few deep breaths before saying, “Now I see why I could die. Saria, please don’t run into me like that again. I think you were close to breaking some ribs.”

“If you could be killed by something like this, then Hyrule really is doomed,” Navi said. “Well, you got your sword, are we going to meet the Great Deku Tree or not?”

Mido’s attention was instantly seized. “What? Wait! You’re going to see the Great Deku Tree? Why? To get a refund on your fairy?”

Navi pounded Mido in the face with such force that even Fresta would have been impressed. “The Great Deku Tree has requested for Link’s presence! So of course Link has to see him!”

“And I got that slingshot you wanted!” Saria added, handing Link the slingshot she took from Jaspin as well as the Bullet Bag filled with Deku Seeds from Tref. Link gave the slingshot a test run, arming it with a Deku Seed and sniping down a hanging apple at the far end of the village. His accuracy was a sight to behold.

“Thanks,” Link said. He tied the Bullet Bag to his leather belt and placed the slingshot on one of the straps on his belt. “I feel prepared enough. I guess I’ll go see what the Great Deku Tree wants from me. I’ll be back before you know it!”

Link headed back to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow, asking his fairy partner a few questions and receiving a few snide comments.

“I don’t get it…I don’t get it…” Mido muttered. “Why does the Great Deku Tree want to see…Link…and not me? The leader of the Kokiri Village? I don’t get it!” Mido shouted before storming after Link, rushing his way towards the entrance of the Great Deku Tree’s meadow.

Tatl looked over at Varl, who was hovering in place. “What about you? Aren’t you going after Mido?”

“I am, I am, don’t remind me about it,” Mido’s fairy grumbled.

“What are you so upset about? Besides the fact that you’re stuck with Mido for a partner.” Tatl asked.

“It’s not that. Mido and I just made a little bet. We bet whether or not Link would make it out of the Hole of Z.” Varl said.

“And you both bet he wouldn’t?”

Varl spat out a laugh. “Mido did. I bet that Link could make it out with the sword.”

The gesture surprised Saria. She knew Varl was just as antagonistic towards Link as Mido was. “Why’d you do that?”

If Varl had eyes, Saria would have been certain the fairy would be rolling them. “Please. You heard Mido. The Hole of Z leads to a maze filled with giant rolling boulders that could crush you like a Baby Deku Baba. Did you honestly think Mido went into the Hole of Z and hid the sword in there himself?”

Saria thought about it.

Tatl gave it a thought.

“No,” Saria and Tatl said together.

“But,” Saria continued on, “If Mido didn’t put his sword inside the Hole of Z, how’d it get there in the first place?”

“Because Mido asked Link to put it there in the first place, that’s why,” Varl said. The fairy didn’t say anymore before flying after his partner.

Tatl watched Varl fly off before saying, “Wow, suddenly I feel for Varl. That’s definitely a first. So, want to wait for Link or go see what he’s doing?”

Saria didn’t take much time to think about it. “Let’s go see what he’s doing.”

They retraced their steps, crossing through the now eerily silent village. It was all quiet on the eastern and western front; the only sound Saria could hear were the screams that were still coming from Tref and Hani’s house.

“The calm before the storm,” Tatl said.

Saria didn’t understand what Tatl meant, but she decided to pick up the pace nonetheless. However, once she reached the entrance to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow, Saria hesitated. What if Link couldn’t make it to the Great Deku Tree? What if she turned this single corner and saw Link beaten and battered, torn apart by seven Deku Babas?

A tendril of fear reached into her heart. It wasn’t some lesser worry; it was some sort of instinct in Saria’s mind telling her that Link was trying to bite off something far too hard to chew.

“Saria, you came to see what Link was up to as well?”

Saria looked around to see Mido with Varl on his shoulder. The two of them were already several steps into the entrance; there wasn’t a shadow of concern on their faces.

“Wait! Mido! There could be—!”

“Lots of junk!” Mido complained. “I mean, look at all this! Who had the bright idea to leave all these Deku Sticks and Nuts lying around here? I swear on the Great Deku Tree’s name, I’ll find whoever made this mess and make them clean it up!”

It took Saria a moment to process what Mido had just said. When she fully understood, she dashed around the corner. There were no more Deku Babas; all that remained were the Deku Sticks and Nuts the Deku Babas morphed into once killed.

Tatl gave a low whistle. “Wow. Three Deku Babas? No problem! He plucks them like dandelions. Seven Deku Babas? Still no problem! He’ll just bust out the weed whacker!”

“What is your fairy talking about?” Mido demanded. The self-proclaimed leader of the village clearly didn’t know that this small isle had been populated with Deku Babas.

“Nothing much,” Saria replied before jogging into the Great Deku Tree’s meadow.

It had been a few years since Saria had visited the Great Deku Tree. Sure, the Great Deku Tree was an excellent mentor and loving father, but the ancient one had zero advice in love troubles, so Saria had little use for his expertise.

The Great Deku Tree looked that same as Saria last saw him. He was a proud tree more than a hundred feet tall, with branches so thick and spacious the entire village could live in them. Even the leaves growing from the Great Deku Tree were larger than the children of the village. Growing from the surface of the tree was an ageless face; two massive eyebrows, a single large nose, and a simple yet large mustache of wood.

Then Saria noticed. Bark was peeling off from the Great Deku Tree’s trunk, and his usually fresh green leaves were tainted with a hint of yellow. There was even a small crack running along the base of the Great Deku Tree’s left eyebrow. Something was very wrong.

“Saria, Tatl! Oh, and there’s Mido and Varl.” Link called out. He was standing before the Great Deku Tree near the base of the forest deity.

“Saria…Tatl…Mido…Varl…” the Great Deku Tree acknowledged them all. Now Saria definitely knew something was wrong. The Great Deku Tree’s voice was weak, so weak that Saria feared it would snap and fade at any moment. Years ago, the Great Deku Tree’s voice was like a hurricane; powerful yet calm at the center. Now it was nothing more than a near-pitiful breeze.

“Great Deku Tree, what is wrong?” Saria asked, using whatever measure of calm she had left to keep her own voice from breaking in fear.

Mido jabbed a finger at Link. “It was him! He must have done something to you great one! We should punish him!”

“Silence, young one!” the Great Deku Tree barked. Mido clamped his mouth shut, but he retained his hateful glare towards Link.

“Navi…I thank thy for returning with such haste.”

“We got a bit side tracked, but we arrived as quickly as we could,” Navi replied.

“And Link, I thank thou for answering my summons.”

Link dipped his head. “Anything to help.”

“Now please, listen carefully to what I, the Deku Tree, am about to tell thee. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless, and full of nightmares.”

Link nodded. “Yeah, I always have the same dream, over and over again.”

“As the servants of evil gain strength, a vile climate pervades the land and causes nightmares to those sensitive to it…”

Those sensitive to it? Saria wondered. Is that why I’m also having those nightmares? Is that why I’m always having flash backs?

“Verily, thou hast felt it.”

Saria was about out shout out “No I haven’t!”, but she held herself back when she realized the Great Deku Tree was still talking to Link. Her nightmares were her own problems right now; she didn’t want anyone else caught up in her mayhem.

“Link…the time has come to test thy courage. I have been cursed…I need thy help to break the curse with thy wisdom and courage.”

“You need my help to break a curse?” Link repeated. Saria watched Link scratch his chin, as if the boy was actually going to consider turning down the Great Deku Tree’s plea for aid. “When it comes to monster fighting, I’m pretty sure I can help you there. But breaking curses? I really can’t say that’s my forte. I don’t really have any knowledge or wisdom in curses.”

The Great Deku Tree cracked a smile. “Wisdom and knowledge will come to thee in time. What I ask of thee now is thy courage. Dost thou have the courage to undertake this task?”

“Of course.” Link replied without a moment of hesitation.

“Then enter, brave Link, and thou too, Navi.” The Great Deku Tree opened his mouth. It was an unpleasant sound, as if trees were being uprooted by an oppressive force, but eventually, a massive opening made way before Link. With the Great Deku Tree’s mouth open wide enough for his lower lip to submerge beneath the ground, the path to the inside of the Great Deku Tree’s body was open.

“Well, it’s just you and me Navi,” Link said, drawing his sword and strapping on his shield. “Best of luck to the both of us.”

“You’ll be doing most of the fighting. I’ll just stay back and scream orders at you,” Navi said.

“Thanks for the support.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The two of them entered the Great Deku Tree, who sealed his mouth shut the moment they entered.

“Why Link? Why Link?” Mido snarled, pacing in small circles as he cursed his own luck. “I can break curses! I’ve read a few scrolls at the library! I can use a little fairy magic! I’m just as capable!”

Then Link’s probably more capable, Saria thought, seating herself on the grass just in case the wait was a long one. If Mido only read a few of the scrolls, then Link’s obviously got the advantage since he’s read every single scroll at our library. If it comes down to smarts, I’m sure it’s nothing Link can’t handle.

Saria froze. She was having that visionary playback of some past life again. Perhaps it was a good time to look back on her lives; she wasn’t doing too much at the moment. Maybe one of her past lives was a good kisser; she could learn from that. The memories began playing before her eyes, but nothing interested her. They were simple, random memories. She saw three golden stars shooting across the sky, a world of white where nothing but some small triangular treasure existed, a fortress in the middle of the desert, and some tunic fish slapped between slices of bread. Nothing about romance.

And then the next wave hit her, where her senses were powerful enough to detect every living being in the forest. Still nothing much. It wasn’t a power she was really interested in. Sure, sometimes it was nice to be able to find Link no matter where he went with this ability (which made her feel like a first-class stalker), but it didn’t really give her any tips on romance. Hey, maybe she could keep an eye on Link while he was inside the Great Deku Tree. She could easily sense Link; the small pillar of gold wandering within a mighty tower of emerald, the Great Deku Tree. Saria noticed that Link’s new fairy, Navi, gave off an unusually different presence than all the other fairies, but didn’t make much of it.

And that’s when Saria felt utter fear. Something was all too wrong. She didn’t notice it before, but scattered within the radiant emerald tower were specks of black. Saria tried to count them, to see if there was some sort of mistake, but she knew there was only one truth: Link was trapped inside the Great Deku Tree with close to a thousand monsters.

And there was one monster that stood out among the rest. It beneath the emerald tower, underground; a black hole so deep and Saria couldn’t bear to look at it. Whatever this black hole was, it was a monster she had never seen before, but knew one detail about: Very, very dangerous.

Doing her best to keep her fears within her control, Saria clasped her hands together and concentrated on a single thought: Link, please come back alive!
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Hi there! Took me a while, but here's Chapter 3! Link's first boss fight! Go Link! Anyways, you'll realize once you start reading this chapter that I left something out. Yes, that ever so important dungeon run. I tried, honestly I did. I wrote out every puzzle and detail Link had to do in order to clear the Great Deku Tree dungeon, and it bored me. So, I took out the entire dungeoning part and slapped the boss in. As always, if you're afraid of long chapters, turn back! Chapter 3 is probably shorter than Chapters 1 and 2, but still not that short. If you have any comments on the story, write it down! I love opinions, even critical ones. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors you see, I will fix them if I find them or if they're pointed out.

Chapter 3
Parasitic Armored Arachnid

The first thing Link noticed was the hole in the center of the Great Deku Tree’s body. It was just a few feet in front of him; a gaping hole nearly sealed shut by several layers of cobwebs.

“That can’t be healthy,” Link said, taking a few steps closer to the hole. He poked at the cobwebs with his sword, finding the webs were both elastic and durable. He even stepped onto them, experimentally jumping up and down and peeking through the spaces between the webs to see exactly how deep the hole was.

“Hey! Are you crazy?” Navi demanded, slamming her body into Link’s forehead so that he was forced to take several steps back into firm, wooden ground. “What if those webs broke? You’d probably plummet to your death!”

“I wouldn’t,” Link assured his fairy. “These webs are probably strong enough to support ten of me. I can’t even cut through them with this sword.”

“You sure it’s sharp enough? I doubt you children even know how to properly maintain a blade.”

“We don’t need to,” Link replied, giving his Kokiri Sword a twirl. “This sword was made by the Great Deku Tree himself. He enchanted it so that it would never break, wear down, or ever need a sharpening stone.”

“Oh? That’s quite handy. Did he also enchant it so that it could cut through curses?” Navi asked.

Link didn’t have an answer for that. Secretly he was hoping so. Sure, he read all about curses in the Kokiri Library, but knowledge was useless unless he knew how to put it to use. Right now, he didn’t even know what kind of curse he was facing. He was trying to treat a patient without having any idea what the illness or symptoms were.

“I suppose the only thing I can do is look around then,” Link said, taking a closer look at his surroundings. Normally, it would have been pitch black within the Great Deku Tree, but Navi’s body shed enough light to illuminate the entire chamber. He found it rather surprising to see that the inside of the Great Deku Tree was mostly hollow. There were a few protruding branches and wooden ledges that led higher up the inside of the Great Deku Tree, but those only led to an empty ceiling a hundred feet above them.

One, two, ten, thirty…a hundred…Link continued to count, until he reached an uncomforting number. This…is really bad.

“Should we try looking around?” Navi asked. “Try to look for something that could be harming the Great Deku Tree?”

Link tightened the straps on his Deku Shield, and gripped the handle of his Kokiri Shield with renewed force. “No need to look. Our welcome party is already here.”

Navi looked around for the “welcome party”, but apparently saw nothing. Link almost couldn’t believe how oblivious the fairy was to her surroundings.

And then the cobwebs stealing the hole in the center of the room moved. Navi gave off a small ring of alarm, and Link slowly raised his shield to defend himself. Crawling out of the cobweb gaps was the strangest bug Link had ever seen. He had seen Skullwalltulas and their older cousins the Skulltulas, but nothing like this. This creature was as big as a Skullwalltula, barely a foot tall, but its body was composed of nothing but a single orange eye. It moved by scurrying about on its three scaled limbs that grew from equal sides of its body.

At first, Link thought, What harm could this little guy do? When the small creature jumped at Link to attack him, all he had to do was raise his shield and knock it aside. When it attacked a second time, Link caught the creature with his leather boot and crushed it beneath his heel. He didn’t bother looking down to inspect the mess it made when it went splat on the ground.

“Navi, do you know what this thing was?” Link asked his fairy while he scrapped the remains of the insect off the sole of his boot with his sword.

Navi had to take two moments to find her voice. When she did, it was shaky and terrified. “I do. It’s a Gohma Larva, and that means we’re in serious trouble.”

“I also noticed that we’re in a bit of trouble. Is the trouble you’re thinking about the same as the trouble I’m thinking about?” Link asked.

“I don’t know. What’s the trouble you’re worried about?”

“We’re surrounded by at least a thousand of these Gohma Larva things. What about you?”

“If there’s a Larva, then there’s a queen. Which one should we worry about first?”

Link took a moment to think. “Probably about the thousand Gohma Larvae. They don’t look too happy about me squishing their little friend.”

Navi rescanned their surroundings, and finally she noticed. Perhaps they had been harder to see when they were standing still, but now that all nine hundred ninety nine were in motion, it looked like the very walls surrounding them were closing in on Link and Navi. The scuttling noise they produced was louder than Fresta’s war cry, echoing about Link’s ears in the most unpleasant of ways.

“Hey, Link. I’ve got a question. How are we going to get out of this alive?”

“Like this!” Link reached into his tunic, grabbing one of the two Deku Nuts he picked up after slaying the seven Deku Babas from before. “If you’ve got eyes, now’s the time to close them Navi!” Link shouted before shutting his own and hurling the Deku Nut at his feet. The Deku Nut shattered upon impact, releasing a blast of light so powerful Link could feel the brightness through his shut eyes.

Once Link reopened his eyes, he saw the Gohma Larvae were in utter discord. Since these monsters clearly relied on their sense of sight far above any of their other senses, being blinded was a terrible blow to these creatures.

“Good, you bought us a few seconds! Now what? You can’t expect to be able to slice through all of them!” Navi shouted over the squeals of agony coming from the Gohma Larvae.

“Now we go up! We’ve got one shot at killing all these Larvae!” Link shouted before racing to an inclined slope that ran around the interior wall, leading to higher ground. A few hundred of the Gohma Larvae fell as they struggled in their blindness. Link slashed apart at least ten of the Larvae fell too close to him. Just once the pathway ended abruptly, forcing Link to climb a few hanging vines in order to process higher up the inside of the Great Deku Tree. It wasn’t easy, climbing while trying to evade hundreds of blinded bugs all looking to kill him.

Around half way up, where Link found another ledge to run up, the Gohma Larvae were regaining their sight.

Should I use another one? I’m at least half way there, and I’ve got just one more Deku Nut left. Link thought as he ran, watching as swarm by swarm the Gohma Larvae experimentally blinked their single orange eye to see if their sight had returned.

“Think you can pick up the pace?” Navi asked, as a particularly large swarm of Gohma Larvae beneath them recaptured Link with their eyes and charged after him. Link could hear a small edge of panic in Navi’s voice.

“I can try!” Link didn’t need Navi’s encouragement; it was run or die now. Around half the Gohma Larvae below them had regained their sight and were pursuing him, while handfuls of Larvae above them were jumping down at him with a vengeance. It was hard to slash and block while running on steep, narrow ledge without slowing down or falling.

Five of the Gohma Larvae found it smarter to try and block his path rather than jump at Link directly. They landed a few paces in front of Link, forming a perfectly little line. Link braced his Deku Shield against his shoulder and rammed through them, watching the five shatter to piece when they hit the ground from the corner of his eyes.

He was three-fourths of the way from the top, and all the Gohma Larvae within the Great Deku Tree was swarming after him like a tidal wave. Link dared a look down, calculating his chances. Can I make it from this height? No! Even if I get all the way to the top, there’s no guarantee I’ll break through! I really don’t like the odds right now!

Momentarily side-tracked, three Gohma Larvae seize the chance to tackle and stick to Link. One of the Larvae clutched to Link’s left leg, another to his chest, and the third attached itself to Link’s back.

They’re trying to slow me down! Link thought as he slashed the Gohma Larvae on his leg to pieces and grabbed the Larvae on his chest by one of its limbs and hurled it into its siblings. He couldn’t reach the Gohma Larvae clinging to his back, so Navi assisted; she rammed her body into the creature’s eye, forcing it to dislodge from Link.


“Don’t mention it.”

“Why?” Then Link took a good look at Navi. “Ah, got it. Never mind.”

“Good, or else I’d have to dump you in Gohma Larvae eye fluid as well. Take it from me, it sucks. Link! We’re almost at the top! If you’ve got a plan, you better put it to use!”

Link had reached the end. He was on the highest ledge with the ceiling just an inch above his head. He looked down the entire hundred feet, watching as hundreds of Gohma Larvae scurried towards him like a solid moving mass.

“Wait for it,” Link said, bracing himself for what he had to do.

“There’s not much to wait for except death at the moment.” Navi grumbled, but she perched herself on his shoulder just in case.

The entire population of Gohma Larvae was getting closer and closer. Their beady orange eyes blinked with increasing anticipation and they zeroed in.

“Navi, how smart are these things?”

“They’re not too bright, but they’re persistent. Once they’ve got a target, they’ll never give up until either their target or they die.” Navi replied.

Link grinned. “Perfect.”

Link and Navi were perfectly surrounded; there were Gohma Larvae above, below, and all around them. And they charged, rushing at Link all at once as a single massive wave.

Link didn’t move, not even when five of the Gohma Larvae started crawling all over his body and at least twenty more were amassing near his feet.

“Link!” Navi screamed as one of the Gohma Larvae managed to cling to her. “You said you had a plan, so get on it with!”

“Don’t hate me for it!” Link laughed before grabbing Navi and the Larvae attached to her and jumping clear off the edge and nose-diving towards the ground. Navi screamed, shouting the words “Dim-wit”, “Gohma Fodder”, and “Worst Partner Ever” between gasps.

Just as Navi had said, the Gohma Larvae were persistent. For a full second, almost a thousand orange eyes stared as Link executed his death dive. In the next second, every single Gohma Larvae with their eye on Link jumped after him. When Link took a split-second to look behind him, all he managed to see was a massive pillar of Gohma Larvae rushing at him like a giant spike.

Now or never! Link spun out of his nose-dive, landing feet-first onto the cobwebs sealing the hole in the center of the ground. With the additional force of his terminal velocity, Link plunged through the webs. He broke through layer after layer, falling an addition hundred feet of darkness. After that, he found himself quickly descending into a spacious chamber that could only be underground.

Need to stop falling, need to stop falling! Link thought as he wove his hands through the thick threads of cobwebs that clung to his tunic. Luckily, the webs were enough to slow his fall from instant death to painful landing. He managed to break most of the fall with a last second roll, but it still put a searing strain on his knees.

“Above, above, above!” Navi shouted, furious pounding at the back of Link’s head. He didn’t need to look up to see the emergency. He quickly scrambled aside as a thousand Gohma Larvae came pillaring down the web-covered hole Link and Navi had just broken through.

And Link and Navi heard a thousand Gohma Larvae go “splat”.

“That…is disgusting…” Navi said, inspecting the insect-carnage. Link turned to the pile, and found that he agreed. It was a messy pile of broken baby arachnid limbs, insect guts, with a bit of popped eyeballs on top.

“I told you I had a plan,” Link replied.

“Naturally! It would have been nice if you told me what it was, but n~o. You just had to do a leap of faith and test your luck against some serious extremes. WE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!” Navi burst out.

Link’s ears quivered at the intensity of Navi’s voice. “No we wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have done all that if I thought we were going to die.”

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Link’s ears twitched at the noise.

“But you were pushing our luck!” Navi continued on.

“Not really. I knew we could break through that web if we jumped at it from just the right height. I was testing its strength before when I was hoping on it, remember?”

Navi struggled to think about what to complain next; she clearly didn’t think Link had planned this far. “What about when we were falling? You couldn’t have known how deep this fall was going to be!”

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

“I did. I looked down and measured.”

“You can’t just measure stuff like that just be look!” Navi shouted in protest.

“I did. Don’t complain about, you’ll get a headache,” Link replied. “Besides, we’ve got something else to worry about, don’t we?”

Navi hovered for a few moments. “Hey! That’s right! Gohma! If there were Gohma Larvae, there’s definitely a Gohma somewhere!”

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

“Is a Gohma just a bigger version of a Gohma Larvae?” Link asked, giving himself a full body check to make sure he didn’t have any lasting injuries. His knees gave off a slight burn, but nothing worse than that. He restrapped his Deku Shield to his right arm and gave his Kokiri Sword a few test swings to ensure his left arm wasn’t suffering any damage.

Navi went hysterical. “Just a bigger version? Gohma is completely different from the baby spiders it gives birth to! Imagine a Gohma Larva, but twenty times bigger, with legs so powerful they could make craters in the earth, and an eye so evil and large it feels like it can stare right into your soul! Now you tell me! Can you call Gohma just a bigger version of a Gohma Larva?”

“You sound like you’ve seen one before.”

Navi grunted. “Maybe.”

“So I probably can’t step on Gohma and kill it, huh?”

Navi turned a shade red. “Are you taking this seriously?”

“Very. Now get ready.”

“For what?”

“We’ve had our welcome party. Now it looks like the big bug of the house is coming out to give us a house tour.”

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

While Navi looked around for the “big bug of the house”, Link quickly scanned his surroundings; if there was anything useful this environment had to offer, he needed to take full advantage of it.

The chamber they fell into, underground and beneath the Great Deku Tree, was incredible spacious; the entire village could relocate to this place and still have room to spare. Link also noticed that there were columns of stone that seemed to connect the mossy ground and the ceiling. They were placed randomly about within the chamber. Upon closer inspection, Link noticed that the walls curved inward and into a circle, a very large circle. There was also some sort of mist spread across the entire surface of the floor, like a second layer of skin.

“I don’t think Gohma’s in here with us, or at least not yet.” Navi said.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

“Oh no, Gohma’s here all right.” Link said, glaring at the shadow-covered ceiling. “See that orange light?”

Navi looked up and followed Link’s line of sight. “Oh, that? Well, it’s way, way too big to be a Gohma Larva’s eye. Some kind of underground glowing mushroom?”

Link took a sigh. Sometimes it was inconvenient others didn’t have his level of sight and hearing. “Take a closer look.”

Navi did, and from the way the small fairy gasped, Link guessed she was finally seeing what he was seeing.

The glowing orange light wasn’t some underground glowing mushroom, since Link doubted mushrooms could move around while making scratch sounds on the ceiling.

It was a single, orange eye; big enough for Link to fit uncomfortably in it. Navi had been right about that part; Gohma was easily twenty times bigger than any Gohma Larvae. They had their similarities though, such as the glowing orange eye which made up most of its body and the three equally space limbs. Differences? Gohma’s limbs were easily thicker than Link’s own body and were at least fifteen feet long. And there was something Gohma had that its Larvae didn’t; two small stingers placed between two of Gohma’s more massive limbs. From their placement, they resembled ugly eyelashes, but Link knew they were more than just decoration when he noticed an acidic scent oozing off the tips.

“Link?” Navi whispered. “Any plans this time?”

“I’m in the middle of making one.”

“Good. Try not to take too long. It doesn’t seem like Gohma has noticed us yet, so let’s try to stay inconspicuous.”

“I’ll try.” Link said before stabbing his Kokiri Sword into the ground, pulling out his slingshot, arming it with a Deku Seed and shooting it at Gohma’s eye. The Deku Seed hit with perfect accuracy, but bounced off Gohma’s eye, as if it were protected by armor. Gohma didn’t let the attack go unnoticed; the queen arachnid quickly realized it was under attack and spotted its assailant.

Navi turned pale; she was stunned beyond measure. “Link…did you hit your head when we fell down here?”

“Nope.” Link replied, placing his slingshot back onto his belt and rearmed himself with his sword. “I just needed Gohma’s attention. I can’t really make a plan if I don’t know anything about the monster I’m facing, so the quickest way to get more info is to face it head on.”

“Link…if we die…and go to the Goddesses on the other side, I’m going to ask them to ban your spirit into the deepest foundations of the Sacred Realm.”

“Thanks, knew you always had my back.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Gohma came crashing down, causing the chamber to tremble and making deep indents in the earth where it landed.

Up close, Gohma seemed even bigger. The monster slowly approached Link, and when it was a mere meter away, it balanced itself on a single limb, waving its remaining limbs and stingers at Link in a rather menacing way.

“Nice to meet you too,” Link said, grinning despite himself. “I’ve got a message for you from the landlord. You’re evicted.”

Gohma’s reply was something like, “Sccccccrrrrrrreeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!” The monster didn’t have any visible mouths, but it sure knew how to scream. Then Gohma’s eye flash red. The bloodshot pupil glared at Link before Gohma tilted on its single limb and threw a full on body slam at him. Link had already expected the attack. He rushed forward just as Gohma had started tilting forward, slashing at the leg Gohma was supporting itself on. Link’s sword bounced off with a clang.

Armor? Link wondered. He slashed at Gohma’s backside while it was still down thrice more, only to have his sword harmlessly pass over Gohma’s tough armor.

Gohma got back to its legs, use all three of its mighty limbs to turn around and face Link once more. When its eye, which had reverted back to its normal orange glow, was close enough, Link took a jump and slashed at it. As he expected, his sword encountered a strong layer of armor, thoroughly protecting Gohma’s eye. This time, instead of executing another body slam, Gohma raised two of its armor plated legs and swung at Link with frightening force. Link managed to easily duck under the first swing, but then Gohma’s eye flashed red once more, and when it swung at him for a second round, it was impossible for Link to dodge in time; he was forced to raise his shield and receive the hit.

The result was devastating. Link heard a crack, and the next moment he was flying fifty feet backwards, the wind knocked clear out of his stomach. He landed hard on his back, skidding a few more feet backwards before coming to a full stop. Link tried to stand, but his vision was shaking and he could barely find enough strength or air to support his body. Navi was flying in front of his face, doubtlessly demanding to know if he was okay; Link’s ears were occupied with a shrilling ring that throbbed in unison with the pain coming from his heavily bruised chest. Gohma had struck his shield so hard it Link had jabbed that his own clenched fist into his chest, thus his pain.

Gohma wasn’t giving Link any time to rest. After seeing Link slowly get back to his feet, Gohma charged at Link with the momentum of an unstoppable rolling boulder. Desperate, Link released his sword, shoved his hand down his tunic and pulled out his second and last Deku Nut. He threw it at the ground, blinding Gohma with the flash of light that exploded from the shattered Deku Nut.

With Gohma in a spasm of blinded pain, Link groped for his Kokiri Sword and limped to a nearby stone column, falling off his feet as he leaned against it. It took him a minute, but he eventually got his breathing and hearing to normal.

“Link! Are you okay?” was the first thing he heard.

“Navi…hide. Hood…douse light,” Link managed to say as he panted for air.

It was enough for Navi. The fairy zipped into Link’s green hood, dousing the only light source and drowning the two of them in utter darkness.

“Link, are you okay?” Navi repeated.

“Somewhat. I didn’t break anything, so I should be as right as rain in a moment.” Link replied, gingerly touching the bruise that was swelling on his chest; even without any light, Link knew it must have looked bad.

“You’ve had your head on meeting with Gohma and almost lost your head in the process. Please tell me you’ve learned something useful,” Navi pleaded.

“Gohma is armored from eyeball to toes. The way it is now, it’s impossible for me to even wound the thing.” Link reported.

Navi was not thrilled. “Great. Is this the part where we hope for an instant death instead of a painful death?”

Link suppressed a chuckle. “Not at all. This is where I turn this fight around.”

“How? You said it’s armored from head…I mean, eyeball to toe. Did you figure out a way to break the armor with your strength?” Navi asked.

Link raised his arm, allowing Navi to peek at his biceps.

“Guess not,” Navi sighed.

Link timed his breathing, relieved to see that he was in fighting condition once more. “Once I start fighting again, fly high and try to emit as much light as you can. I need to see everything when I’m fighting this naughty spider.”

“If that’ll help, sure.”

“It will, trust me.”

“Not with my life.”

Link jumped to his feet and walked out from his hiding spot, prepared to face Gohma once more. Navi shot out from Link’s hood (almost taking his green cap with her) and flew high above the space between Link and Gohma. From there, she held her position and started to ring as she forced out as much light as she could muster from her fairy body.

Gohma still seemed temporarily blinded; its single eye was continuously flashing from red to orange.

And then Link saw it. His eyes had never lied to him before. He had just seen the key to defeating Gohma.

Gohma regained its sight, and its single eye turned orange once more. The arachnid spotted Link and crawled towards him, obviously determined to squash Link like a bug.

Link stood still, waiting calmly and patiently for Gohma to approach him. He sheathed his sword and armed himself with his slingshot. He loaded it with a single Deku Nut and then aimed it at Gohma’s eye, but didn’t fire.

Now Gohma was standing over Link, balancing itself on a single limb and preparing to crush Link beneath its armored bulk. Navi was screaming at Link to move, but he didn’t pay her any mind; he knew exactly what he was doing. Once Gohma started teetering dangerously, its eye turned red.

Link fired. This time, his Deku Seed didn’t bounce off any armor; it struck Gohma’s eye, dead smack in the center. Gohma shrieked in pain, a noise that greatly resembled someone scrapping metal against metal. The arachnid was wailing on the ground, wildly flailing its limbs as it thrashed in pain.

Link picked up his sword and rushed towards Gohma’s bloodshot eye. He didn’t hesitate. Once, twice, three times he slashed, and three times his sword dipped and exited Gohma’s pupil, spraying a slimy stream of eye fluid with each stroke. Gohma’s wail of agony intensified as it forced itself to its feet and started randomly scurrying about, often colliding into the inner walls of the underground chamber or into one of the many stone columns.

When Gohma calmed down, it glared at Link with a look of such severe loathing that Link was surprised it didn’t bust a vein. Navi obviously wanted to interrogate Link at how he had managed to wound Gohma’s supposedly armored eye, but Gohma made sure Navi didn’t have time to. The arachnid scurried up one of the stone pillars in the room and started scampering around the ceiling. Gohma anchored itself into the ceiling with its two stingers and two of its massive legs, but left its third leg to dangle loosely in the air. Then the tip of the dangling limb began to expand until it formed a hole roughly a foot in diameter.

“Link!” Navi shouted. “Be careful! Gohma is giving birth to more Larvae! It’s trying to outnumber you!”

“I see,” was Link’s response.

From the hole in Gohma’s hanging leg, an egg slipped out, followed by another, and another, and another. Each landed on the ground with a sickening squish, and soon enough there were eighteen pulsating eggs in front of Link containing Gohma Larvae just waiting to be born.

There was no reason for Link to just wait for that to happen. He charged forward, using his Kokiri Sword and hack and slash away at every egg that was intact. When he was done (it only took him six seconds), he was standing in a circle of half formed broken baby arachnid legs and shattered egg shells.

Gohma looked down, apparently wondering why its eggs weren’t hatching. The moment the arachnid did, with its eye red, it received a Deku Seed directly into one of the swords wounds on the surface of its eye. Again Gohma writhed in pain, forcing the arachnid to fall from the ceiling to the ground. Link attacked while the monster lay stunned, landing four additional blows to Gohma’s tattered eye.

Now Gohma was fully blinded. No matter which direction it looked or what color it turned, Gohma was unable to see past its two dangling stingers.

But it was pissed off. Now that Gohma was blinded, it was even deadlier than before. While it had its sight, it calmly and carefully attacked. Now that it was blinded, it was rampaging about, flailing its massive legs and stingers in wild motions, making it impossible for Link to get any closer to Gohma without risking serious injury or death.

While Gohma was busy clawing at a stone column, Link sheathed his sword and aimed his slingshot at Gohma. He wasn’t going to damage, he just needed to see whether Gohma would notice or not.

It did. When the Deku Seed Link fired bounced off Gohma’s armored hide, the arachnid quickly spun around and charge at Link like a frenzied Moblin. Link took several steps to the side, watching as Gohma darted straight past him. Clearly Gohma’s could feel incoming attacks with her armor, but without any sight or hearing (which the beast never had to begin with), it was nothing more than a brakeless monster. Once Link knew how, these types of monsters were easy to deal with.

Link jogged over to the stone column that Gohma was occupying itself with before. Chunks of the stone had been either torn away or pulverized by Gohma’s flailing legs. The column had lost more than half its base; a single good ram from a particularly large monster would have the entire column fall down.

Link rearmed his slingshot with a Deku Seed and fired at Gohma, regaining its blinded attention, but this time he had his back to the broken stone column. When Gohma came charging and Link went running, Gohma collided right into the stone pillar, shattering its foundation. Link had originally planned for the stone column to tip over and fall on Gohma, but instead Gohma had knocked out the entire bottom section of the stone column and was now wedged beneath the top section, which was still standing.

“Well…I can’t say I was expecting that, but hey! Works one way or the other,” Link said, striding over to Gohma, who was struggling to free itself but to no avail. Link directly in front of Gohma’s eye, which was now a bleeding, bloody orange. Even blind, Gohma could tell Link was just inches away from its two stingers atop of its eye. Link grabbed one of its stingers and used his sword to hack away at a small gap between the small groves in its armor. Gohma gave a small, pathetic whimper as Link detached one of its stingers and then slashed off the other.

Link juggled one of Gohma’s stingers in his right hand. “You’ve now been officially evicted. I hope you’ve packed your things and decide to return once you learn how to properly pay a rent and learn some manners.”

Gohma didn’t say anything.

Navi flew over to Link, landing on the top of his head. “Link, are you going to finish Gohma off?”

“Of course.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Just stab its eye like you did before. Actually, I still have no idea how you did that.” The small fairy said.

Link shrugged. “Once you know the secret, it’s easy enough.”

Link demonstrated before Navi could ask what the secret was. He jammed his Kokiri Sword into the base of Gohma’s eye. As expected, his sword made impact with an inch thick transparent armor, but that wasn’t his goal. With surgical precision, Link navigated his sword into a small grove near the bottom of Gohma’s eye. Once he had a good hold and the proper leverage, he heaved. Slowly but surely, the armor protecting Gohma’s eye slipped upward and off, exposing its defenseless red eye.

Navi took a sharp intake of breath. “So that’s how.”

Link nodded. “That’s how. Gohma’s eye is armored, yes, but there were times when it took off its armor. That’s when I attacked it.”

“But how did you know?”

“Simple. Every time Gohma tried to land a decisive attack on me, its eye would always turn from orange to red. At first, I thought it was some sort of battle instinct, as if Gohma’s eye would always turn red if it attacked in blood rage, or something of the manner. But I learned that wasn’t the case. Remember when Gohma hit me and sent me flying pretty far?”

“He tossed you like a Deku Party Ball.”

Link couldn't tell whether that was an insult or a fairy’s sly way of making a compliment, so he ignored it. “Right, that time. Gohma here attacked me with one of its legs while its eye was still orange; its aim was way off when it did, dodging that was no problem. But when Gohma’s eye turned red and it attacked, it managed to hit me. Obviously, since Gohma can easily attack regardless of whether its eye is orange or red, I made a theory: Gohma’s armored eye is only armored while its eye appears to be orange, but not when it’s red. The real color of Gohma’s eye is red, and this somewhat see-through armor covering its eye is yellow, so when the yellow armor covers the red eye, it looks orange.”

Navi gave Link a small ring of applause. “I’m definitely impressed, but I still have one question.”

Link stopped juggling Gohma’s stinger in his right hand. “What’s that?”

“Why would Gohma remove the armor covering its eye anyways?” Navi asked, “If it just kept its eye covered with its armor, it would have been practically invincible! You would have never defeated Gohma if its eye were protected, so why did it leave its eye unprotected so many times?”

Link gave Gohma’s eye protector a few taps with his finger. “How easy do you think it is to see through armor this thick?”

Navi felt the answer come to her. “I get it! Gohma kept taking off its eye armor because it clouds its vision! Gohma probably couldn’t see much with the armor on, so it frequently took it off in order to see with perfect vision!”

“That’s right,” Link said as he gripped the stinger in his right hand and jabbed it so deep into Gohma’s exposed eye his arm (all the way to his elbow) disappeared into Gohma’s pupil. This time Gohma didn’t struggle or scream; it simply died. Whether it was vulnerable to its’ own poisoned stinger or if Link had simply struck a vital point in its eye, no one would ever know. All Link cared about was that Gohma was dead; its large limbs quivered one final time, and its single armored eyelid slowly closed as Life left its body.

Link wrenched his arm out before Gohma’s eyelid full closed. He swung it several times to shake off a few large chunks of Gohma’s eye.

“Now!” Link said. “Hopefully with that, the curse is broken.”

Link’s answer came when the ground beneath his feet began to flourish, and a tree began to grow under his feet. Before Link could wonder what was going to happen next, the tree’s growth suddenly augmented, and Link found himself on a one way right up as the tree grew taller and taller, shooting him upward and outward. He was carried back out the previously web-coated hole he fell from and dropped off from where he started; the inside of the Great Deku Tree.

Slow, the Great Deku Tree reopened his mouth, and Link watched with a sense of fulfillment as natural daylight poured over him.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Link said when Navi noticed his widening grin. “You make an excellent lantern, but I prefer all natural sunlight.”

“Ha—ha—ha.” Navi spat out. “You know, I was just beginning to think that you wouldn’t actually be so bad as a partner. Don’t make me regret thinking those words.”

Link laughed. “I would never.”

And he walked out of the Great Deku Tree, bruised and covered in eye fluid slime, but happy to be alive nonetheless.

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wow, and i mean wow.
for just three chapters, that was long.
and I really liked it! long fan-fic for teh win! your fan-fic is really interesting!

i think you said you wanted feedbak or something somewhere, so here's mine

CHapter 1
food fight w/ infinit ammo? Sign me up! i'd pwn all those little midgets~!
and why'd you make some of the little koki kids so vicious? that one girl you called Fresta. what's her problem? either way, liked the chapter 1, was awesome!

Chapter 2
love is in the air! I love sappy romance. kinda wish Link and Saria were more adult like when all that and that happened, but oh well. and what's with all of saria's visions and whatnot? Mido is a jerk. he was a jerk in the game and he's a jerk in your book, i like it!

Chapter 3
boss battle! i really liked that you didn't write in the whole dungeon nonesense. if you did, your story would be a walkthrough instead of a story. was cool idea, having millions of little whatnots chasing link! navi seems like a jerk, so i hope you do something about her attitude. was gohma's eye really covered in armor in the game? was fun to read! can't wait to see your chapter 4! it better be long, i like long fan-fac!

you better post ch.4 soon, or my evil chipmunks will say and bite you!

What do I fear? Chipmunks! I don't even know if I spelt that right. Whatever.
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