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Pikachu Guardian Soul: A Lucario Fanfic

This is my first post of a Fanfic on NNF but not my first ever fanfic it will be continued as I finish the future Chapters so Please Keep an Eye out^^

I want to see what my friends think so without farther ado. Here are the prologue and the beginning...BEHOLD MY AURA!


The Guardian Soul Awakens

Aura sat staring at the sky, as the moon rose overhead “It looks the same as it did 5000 years ago.” He thought as he looked at a shooting star fly by but as it flew by he looked at his paws “Why do this ideas continue…I was not around 5000 years ago…” he growled and jumped off the rock and went back the way he had came from Tatiana’s camp. But as he walked in to the cloak of trees he shivered “What is going on…I feel scared but why if anything is out there its nocturnal Pokémon” but he was still scared, the idea of nocturnal Pokémon didn’t put that nagging feeling at the back of his mind at ease. Aura stared into the darkness and closed his eyes and allowed his aura to flow out and engulf his surrounding area. But as his aura reached out he felt something but he could not make it out at all… it was concealed in shadows. Aura brought his senses back and stared into the depths… “What’s out there and why do I have the feeling its watching me…waiting for its time to strike.” He growled and continued to his destination as he vanished over the next hill…Shadows began to move. “Is he the one?” asked one dark voice… and it got a response “It is quite plausible…but if he isn’t…I must admit his abilities are quite unique he sensed us and he is not yet dead… he may be of use to us if he is not the one we seek.” The shadows again became calm as the figures quieted down.
Aura was soon asleep in the sleeping bag beside Tatiana he began to dream, He was walking through a sandy desert and he didn’t know where he was but he did know that his destination was over the next dune as he climbed to the top of it he was speechless at what stood in the distance… “Pyramids…” he spoke to himself as he slid down the dunes and ended up in front of the pyramids as he looked up at them “I have been here before…but isn’t this Ancient Egypt…how is that possible?” he asked and as he strolled toward his destination but as he got closer he felt a power calling out to him… “Aura…Rukario…Aura…Rukario….” He stared at the huge ruin in awe but was hesitate “My name is Aura but who is Rukario?” he called to the voice and a voice answered “You are…Aura…Rukario …” it continued to call as Aura stared up at the sky “Maybe I should just leave…” he thought as the voice became more urgent… “Your destiny awaits…your past awaits…” it spoke and Aura backed up “I already know my past…I was born in Sinnoh and my mother was killed by poachers…my father still lives…so you don’t know what you are talking about!” he said and turned around but the voice spoke “your ancient past awaits…” he stopped and glared back at the sound “I don’t care…I don’t want to know about it…” then a voice in his mind spoke “Those that don’t know their past are doomed to repeat it…” Aura stopped but continued to walk away until he looked up and saw cloaked figures staring down at him…Aura backed up as one raised his hand and pointed it at him. Aura gasped as the figures began to fly at him… “Once again that voice spoke “They know who you are…Run to the pyramid if you wish to awaken for the sun tomorrow…” Aura gasped and turned and ran as fast as he could as the figure continued to pursue him… as the pyramid came into light Aura saw the door slowly open he dived for it and continued to run as it slammed down keeping the creatures from enter…Aura stared at the door and then around himself… “Where am I?” as he spoke the voice “You are safe but…beware of the ones whose shadows hide them from you aura….” It spoke and a light engulf Aura and he awaken in the tent with Tatiana sleeping beside him…He gripped his body as his aura began to flare…Aura stood up and left out of the tent with a slight stumble… which awaken Blazekien who was guarding the outside “Blaze…” he asked as he saw Aura whose eyes were pure red as he stared at the sky. “Augh…” Aura groaned as he stumbled into the trees and appeared at the meadow he was in earlier and stared at the sky…he felt like his soul was splitting in half. He stumbled to the center of the clearing and fell to his knees “What’s happening to me…what’s going on?” he asked as he gripped his head as images flew through his mind…images he couldn’t explain. Aura heard a twig snap and his head shot up and he turned to the sound…standing on the edges of the clearing were cloaked figures and one spoke “Rukario…look what you have been reduced to a parasite forced to live off of a host…you don’t even have a form this time do you…” it laughed as Aura growled “I am not Rukario…stop calling me that…My name is AURA!” he called and the figures laughed “Your hosts name is Aura but you are still there you been in there…for so long that you can’t even come forth to protect your pathetic host’s body can you…all you can do is torment him with images of your past…” he said as Aura glared at him and slowly stood up “Oh I can come forth…” Aura heard himself growl but it wasn’t his voice it was deeper and more threatening. “This creature is not a host…he is me…and I am him…you should know by now that I am reborn every time my mistress dies and comes back…but this doesn’t concern her this time she is alive and well…you came to this time to destroy me haven’t you…you fools are afraid that if I am reborn seven times I will become more powerful than your master isn’t that right…” he growled and the figures looked at one another… “We know not of what you speak…we were ordered to end you at all cause because…your time on earth is becoming a burden to the Abyss and its followers.” Growled a figure but he gave a smirk “You may be able to surface but you powers are still sealed aren’t they…” it spoke and Aura felt his guest growl deeper and soon he knew why “Once we rid the world of you…your mistress…well actually your host’s mistress will be next…without the both of you…the world shall fall to the darkness. Aura felt himself speak this time “NO I WON’T LET YOU HURT, MY FRIEND TATIANA!” he yelled and the figures growled “So your host does have a bit of willpower…and ya’ll agree that this Tatiana is important…but still your threats are empty for as long as you can’t awaken your weapons you are vulnerable to the darkness of the abyss. Aura felt himself get in a fighting pose and he spoke inwardly hoping his voice would carry to the presence in his being “Please, we have to win…why are your weapons sealed…” he spoke as the figure forced them to dodge. He got no answer and tried again “Please… I don’t want to die tonight…” he spoke and finally the figure answered “Because you are constantly fighting me… for my weapons to come to you…we must be in sync…you never allow me to become one with you…” Aura felt his body dodge once more and he closed his eyes “I am afraid that if I let you become me…I will lose what makes me…Myself…A person is defined by the state of their soul…I have two…I don’t want to lose what made me special in the eyes of my mistress, Tatiana…” the soul was silent then it spoke “You are who you are…even with me inside of you…you follow your own heart…consider me an alternate personality a piece of your soul that makes you special…in more ways than one…” Aura felt he could trust this presence and sighed as he spoke “You are me and I am you…you are my past beyond my past…I except you…into my soul…WE ARE ONE!” as he spoke loudly and the figures gasped as a the creatures eyes became their nature light and he dodged as a Bird of fire flew from the heavens and flew around them and the Ankh staff and Crock Staff appeared in his hands. The figures scattered as the leader stared wide eyed as the image of Rukario appeared over the one called Aura and they spoke “AURA FIRESTORM!” and funnel of heavenly fire engulfed him and he spoke as he was burned “My dear leader…I may have lost but he lives …Rukario lives within the soul of one called… AURA….” as the great funnel of fire vanished Aura stood in the field staring at the sky before smirking and collapsing in the moonlight. The presence of Rukario vanished from his body…Blazekien ran into the clearing and to Aura’s side “Blaze…” he said as he kneeled beside his friend and checked him and sighed he was okay just exhausted. Blazekien carefully picked up the little jackal and carried him back to the clearing where the others waited. He did not notice the fire bird sitting in the tree watching as they disappeared into the depths “The Guardian Soul has Awakened!” it spoke as it took flight and flew into the clouds “It begins again…” it cawed as it vanished.
Chapter 1
Aura awaken to find Oracle sitting on his midriff staring straight in his face “Daddy, are you okay?” asked the small blue puppy Pokémon as it crawled off. Aura sat up “I’m fine what made you think otherwise…” he asked as he stretched. Oracle stared at him “Because Daddy…you are waking up at Noon and Mommy wanted to head out at 11:00.” Aura turned to his son “What I overslept…” The little Riolu stared up at his father “Nope, you were practically dead to the world…even me bouncing on you didn’t awaken you from your slumber.” Aura looked at Oracle and stared at him “Really…” the puppy nodded and bounced out the tent “Mommy wanted to know when you got up…I’ll go get her.” Aura stood there stunned as he sat down on his mat and the images of last night began to play through his head. “So what happened last night was no dream…so I am in grave danger…from creatures from the past…and who is Rukario and why is he buried deep in my soul? Aura looked up as the flaps flew open and Tatiana, Oracle, Blazekien, Sceptile jogged into the tent and Rayquaza peeked his head in through the flaps. Rayquaza growled softly as Aura’s eyes fell on him, the jackal looked at the ones surrounding him and sadly he felt out of place amongst his good friends. Aura looked down at himself “Rukario…what have you done…I feel your emotions of loneliness…Stop that.” He sighed and looked at Tatiana’s face as she placed a hand on his head feeling for fever “Aura you had me so worried…are you okay? Your eyes seem more focused than they did yesterday…is everything okay?” Aura looked up at his mistress “I’m fine…just had some bad dreams last night…that’s all.” Tatiana pokes her lip out at Aura “Mo re like a bad reality…Blazekien told me he found you sprawled out in the middle of the meadow.” Aura began to blush “Sorry if I had you worried…Sorry.” He looks down at the blanket he was under last night. Tatiana petted his head causing Lucario to nuzzle her hand “Had me worried is an understatement…I thought I was going to have to go get Nurse Joy and have her make a tent call.” She stood up “Come on…my little Knight in blue fur…you need to eat something.” Aura nodded and stood up pushing the blanket aside “Now that you mentioned it I am starving.” He stretched before exiting the tent. Aura blinked and squinted into the distance. “What?” he gasped as he blinked again. In the distance Aura saw heat rising over the area a few miles away and in the haze stood pyramids. Aura turned away and glimpsed over his shoulder “Okay, I have officially lost my mind.” as his eyes focused the image faded but it still floated in the area at the back of his mind. “Why is all this happening now…” he grumbled to himself and a voice answered “Because the past is revealing itself now…and we must be ready…” Aura groaned and walked over to the picnic table Tatiana had sat up.
He climbed in beside Tatiana and Oracle clambered up beside him “Daddy, is something bothering you?” he asked as he was served a helping of spaghetti. Aura looked over at him “I’m fine Oracle…stop worrying.” Aura smiled at Oracle who had started eating. Aura began to eat but as he looked up he saw a figure hidden in the nearby shadows even though he couldn’t see their face he knew they were staring at him. Aura swallowed the food then looked over at the figure as his eyes fell full focused on the figure it vanished into the shadows. Aura felt himself growl deeply and Tatiana turned to him “What is it Aura?” Aura looked up at her “Nothing…I thought I saw someone over there by the trees.” Aura pointed even though he knew no one would be there. Tatiana looked and frowned as did Oracle “Aura…there is nothing there?” spoke Tatiana but she leaned over to him as did Oracle who spoke “Daddy have you been seeing them too?” he asked in a whisper as Blazekien and Sceptile looked over at them. They knew of the weird things their trainer and friends see so they were not worried. Aura looked at both of them “You two have been seeing shadowy figures…watching you…” he asked and Tatiana shook her head “Not watching us…Aura…watching…” Aura looked at them and was crestfallen “ME…” he spoke softly and Tatiana placed a hand on his shoulder “No one is going to take you away from me Aura…no one do you understand.” He nodded as Tatiana stood up and went to wash her dish with Oracle behind her, along with Blazekien and Sceptile close behind. Rayquaza roared and place his bowl with the others before flying into the air to stretch his body. Aura sat playing with his food “I know she won’t let anything take me but…if the past returns and it wants me…I don’t think she will be able to save me…” he continued to eat but out the corner of his eye the figure in the shadows was still there but in his hand he held a hourglass. Aura gulped he knew what that meant it was a threat…and it spoke loud and clear “Your days are numbered, jackal.” Aura finished eating and jogged over to Tatiana, he knew he couldn’t run from this but still he wanted to get away from this area…too much has happened here for one day and he couldn’t wait to get into town. Tatiana noticed that Aura seemed a little jumpy as they packed up camp “It will be OK, lil Aura.” She whispered and Aura stared up at her. He knew she only called him that when she wanted him to feel safe and protected under her watch. Aura sighed and nodded but deep down he was worried because these people. If they were even people, didn’t want to capture him…they wanted him DEAD! This was what frightened him the most.
As the group sat out for the next city on the map, Aura strolled beside Tatiana and did all in his power to not look back. But his head did turn and he wished he hadn’t. A figure stood in the shadows and his eyes bore holes into Aura’s being and he heard its thoughts “Follower of the Gods of Egypt, he shall raise and consume all this world…starting with your soul, Rukario and the soul of your host…Aura your soul shall belong to the abyss and our lord shall feast on your flesh and bone…Don’t run from us come to us, your death would be so much easier.” As the world spoke Aura’s eyes went blank and he almost walked back to the figure but a invisible hand grabbed his arm “Don’t fall for those mind trick or your death will be too soon.” Aura blinked and saw Rukario standing beside him glaring at the figure. Aura turned and jogged to Tatiana’s side as Rukario vanished. The figure vanished but the threats rung clear in his ears. He was in grave danger.

I am the Aura Guardian and Princess of Ventisca Kingdom. My Lucario(Aura) and I have yet to lose a Pokemon Battle.

Trust your aura in everyday life and you to shall become more aware of the world around you^^
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