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Points: 1,323, Level: 20 Points: 1,323, Level: 20 Points: 1,323, Level: 20
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Getting nervous, outplayed, can't read your opponent?

How to handle being nervous: Before playing take a deep breath. If your shaking or not ready to play then do not play and ask for a little break.
.You won't stop being nervous if you don't think you can win
.Drink some water with a pinch of salt to get a little bit more energized and focused
.Think of a strategy(Camp, aggressive, defensive, patient)
.Have fun and don't get stressed over losing a match or a stock early. That kills your focus and makes you even more nervous

How to avoid being read/outplayed:

Ever fight a snake who always punishes your dodge rolls and side steps with ftilts?
Or an olimar who grabs you no matter how hard you try to avoid it?
Or a wario who always kills you with a fart after you air dodge?
This means your being read and outplayed by your opponent
In order to stop being read so badly you need to know your options
When playing avoid rolling into your opponent after being hit, doing multiple spot dodges for no reason, and going for obvious kills
Rolling: Rolling into your opponent after getting hit makes it ridiculously easy for them to hit you. Especially if they aren't moving! That means they are waiting for you to roll into them. Rolling away or getting up regularly are better options if you don't tech the floor. Always make sure you look at your opponent before making your decision. You already know what your characters gonna do why are you looking at it?

Spot dodging: Spot dodging is amazing especially with characters like R.O.B, Wario, Falco, and Dedede. But doing it over and over isn't always going to work.

You might be able to catch someone with the spotdodge spotdodge fsmash with wario once twice or even more but it won't always work unless you mix it up. If you keep doing it all your opponent has to do is stand still and wait for the punish. Characters like Rob who can do sidestep to dsmash is also very predictable and can be punished blocking after the sidestep and punishing after the dsmash ends. Spot dodging is amazing... but don't over do it.

Fishing for obvious kills EVERY SINGLE TIME: Won't get into much detail about this.

Basically if you go for a kill when its very obvious chances are your opponent are going to avoid it and punish you. Got for the kill when you read an airdodge or read a tech/roll. It is much safer most of the time.

Air dodging: Don't airdodge into your opponent. Its WAY safer to fall away from them. Its also smarter to do this so you don't get read(pivot grabbed/charged smash attacks). However if you want to take the risk to try to get the free hit go for it. Just don't do it every single time!!!!!!

Now ill start getting into how to read your opponent and properly punish them as well as the appropriate time to go for a hit.(also spacing and other ****)

* You won't be able to learn your opponents patterns and play style if you only play them once or twice*

When playing someone new you don't try to read them right away but try to get them to show you how they play
For Example: Say I play a Rob for the 1st time. What I need to do is learn his spot dodging habits, what kind of play style he or she uses, and whether or not that person knows the match up.
Im going to use snake as my example because he is the easiest to explain this with.
During this match up you start out by camping with your grenades. First thing you realize is whether or not your hitting him with them or if he is avoiding them. This reveals a couple of things
1) If he gets hit a lot you can assume that
a) He doesn't know the match up
b)He is aggressive or impatient
Granted you might be hitting him whether or not these things are true or false BUT you need to consider this when you play your match. There is no reason to approach if you can rack up damage with your grenades because he is too impatient to stop and think.
2)He dodges the majority of them and uses them against you
a) He knows the match up
b)He is patient and will camp you if need be
This is where you panic! Nah just kidding.

Once this is done ( this all happens in about 10-20 seconds) you need to learn his air dodging/ side stepping habits
Rob is known for his SIDESTEP TO DSMASH during up close combat.(Combat time!!)
Knowing this you purposely walk up to him and shield. If he side steps and dsmashes you take it into consideration. This is where you punish the dsmash with a ftilt because you blocked it and waited for it.
Wait a second he side stepped 3 times and then rolled away?
Wait a second he didn't dsmash he grabbed me?
When that happens it means that your opponent knows his options. Side step to dsmash was too obvious and he knew that you were waiting for it so he did something unexpected.
This is where mixups, spacing, timing, and knowing your character comes into place.
Lets go with number 2
You know he is patient and he can wait and avoid most of your grenades. You also know he uses his options correctly and won't make obvious decisions all the time.
Snake has a lot of range in his tilts and a good projectile , power, blah blah
1) Spacing your moves and timing the attack
Your opponent knows your range! At a distance you can hit him with a placed ftilt or something.
Now what you need to do now is wait for the side step. At the end of his sidestep right before its done you execute your Ftilt. Congratulations you punished robs sidestep*audience clapping : D*
2) Getting the kill
DO STEP 1 ONLY WITH YOUR KILL MOVE (utilt for snake)
Punishing air dodges, trading hits and just throwing it out randomly are also other options(Getting lazy here to explain)
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