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ReDeads - Why They're So Darn Scary
ReDeads - Why They're So Darn Scary
A LolGames4U article
Published by LolGames4U
Link Old ReDeads - Why They're So Darn Scary

ReDeads - Why They're So Darn Scary
ReDeads, the subject of this article, made their first appearance in Ocarina of Time, and I encountered them first in the Royal Family Tomb. I am deathly afraid of them and often start screaming and/or crying when they attack.

ReDeads make their presence known when you enter the area they inhabit. They emit low-pitched moans and slowly move towards Link. When they get close enough, they emit a high-pitched scream (for something dead, they have impressive vocal range) that paralyzes Link. If they bite Link, they latch on to him and the player must mash on any button to escape. ReDeads also suck increasing levels of health out of Link the longer theyíre attached. In this manner they behave the same as Metroids.

However, ReDeads are surprisingly easy to kill Ėfire defeats them easily. Link can use the Sunís Song from the Royal Familyís Tomb (in Ocarina of Time) to effectively wipe out the ReDeads that make the tomb their miserable lair. When Link later learns Dinís Fire, he can also use it to decimate ReDeads. In Wind Waker, ReDeads reside in the Earth Temple, where Link gets the Mirror Shield. The addition of this shield to Linkís arsenal is vital to the destruction of ReDeads, as the concentration of light onto their decaying bodies is fatal. In Majoraís Mask, if Link is wearing the Gibdo Mask, Garoís Mask, or Captainís Hat, the ReDeads will start dancing, instead of attacking. Creepy, but effective. Thriller, anyone?

Now, why are they so scary? Letís start with the appearance. In Ocarina of Time and Majoraís Mask they are brown and skeletal. That lovely brown coloring is probably due to the rotting. In Wind Waker, they are even more skeletal.

In my opinion, the main trait that makes ReDeads so darn scary is their method of attack. The paralyzing scream, the quick leap, and then the latching on just scares the crud out of me. It reminds me of leeches in gross water, sucking out my blood. Eew! I can laugh about my fear when Iím in a safe area of the game (or the real world), but when I see them and they attack, I start freaking out.

I have been terrified by ReDeads on multiple occasions. One time I was playing Wind Waker with my friend right before Christmas, and she went upstairs to get a glass of water and left me in the basement with her Wii. I was in the Earth Temple and one of the coffins dropped and the ReDead emerged. I screamed, paused the game, and huddled under her couch. Needless to say she was very confused when she came back downstairs.

I was terrified again just weeks ago playing Ocarina of Time with the samefriend. (The Letís Play videos will be posted on my channel in the near future.) We went into the Royal Familyís Tomb to get the Sunís Song and I saw the ReDeads. As soon as it latched on and bit Link, I started SCREAMING! And of course, my friend laughed so hard she snorted.

In conclusion, ReDeads have many traits that make them so darn scary: theyíre ghastly appearance, ghoulish scream, and their disturbing method of attacking. I think these traits give me good reason to be scared to death of them. You wonít be seeing me watching any zombie horror films any time soon!
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By Aether_Fenris on 02-22-2011, 11:36 AM
Honestly, they're no more scary than a normal zombie. So basically, any zombie traits you are afraid of would carry over to a redead.

I'm not going to lie to you, though, this wasn't an interesting read at all. You just kind of wrote a wiki article about redeads and added in personal feelings.
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