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Of June
Of June
Owl City
Published by Rai17
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Average 95%
Of June

  • This EP is available originally through digital download, but was released in 2010 via iTunes and actual CD.
  • The release dates EVERYWHERE vary. It was actually released in 2007, the first Owl City album. If you go around anywhere though, some people would argue that it was released in 2010. Um, it wasn't. The more you know ~
  • I has an alternate cover that's been the main cover for some reason... (in my opinon, the original album cover is much better, but eh. To each his own.)

Of June Tracks:
1. Swimming in Miami
2. Captains and Cruise Ships
3. Designer Skyline
4. Panda Bear
5. The Airway
6. Fuzzy Blue Lights
7. Hello Seattle [2009 Remix]

Individual Reviews:
01. Swimmin in Miami
Rai17's Rating: 5 Stars
This track is a different approach from other Owl City songs. It's a way to express solitude, in an adventurous sort of way. The main chorus can also get in your head!
02. Captains and Cruise Ships
Rai17's Rating: 5Stars
♪Old Captains, and brand new cruise ships, sailing over the brimy sea...♫
The song describes a boy longing to reunite with his girlfriend- at least that's one way to interpret it. There overall beat is positive, but every now and then it's like there's a sudden burst of moody verses. It's unique
03. Designer Skyline
Rai17's Rating: 3 Stars
It's such an 'out there' song that sets a creative tone along with ways to daydream throughout the night!
04. Panda Bear
Rai17's Rating: 3 Stars
Just a silly song :P Silly silly silly xD
05. The Airway
Rai17's Rating: 4 Stars
It's another one of those songs that give off a pensive feeling and mood. A real thinker. It's sort of like "Sky Diver" from the second studio album "Maybe I'm Dreaming".
06. Fuzzy Blue Lights
Rai17's Rating: 5 Stars
One word: STRONG. Simply STRONG. It uses many poetic elements to describe how much something can make you suffer, but how much your self-esteem can improve afterwards. I think it's the best song in this album. Period.
07. Hello Seattle [2009 Version]
Rai17's Rating: 5 Stars
Since this was the original one (It was released once again in "Ocean Eyes"), it only differs a little bit from the other version. It has a slower beat to it, more dream-like. It's overall nice, a way to encounter a new beginning, or to just wake a walk around the park
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Closed Review

adam young, e-pop, electronica, of june, owl city, pop

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