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127 Hours
127 Hours
Hard to imagine cutting your arm off... - Cam3ron36
Published by Cam3ron36@NFF
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127 Hours

The pain shown... just thinking that this really happened to someone is unbelievable, however the acting job in this movie makes it all seem frighteningly real...

Going into this movie, I wasn't sure what to expect, the concept I was told about sounded like it could make a really great movie. True enough to my beliefs, it was amazing. Some may argue that they dragged on the story for too long, but it was all part of a big build that never really got boring. The fact that this was based off a true story that actually happened to Aron Ralston is frightening. I can't even imagine having to accomplish such a treacherous task.

The feeling of confinement you get while watching this is just astonishing, the mood could not be played better accompanied by the suiting music, and sound effects, and one perfect acting job to top it all off. The movie follows the events of Aron Ralston; an adventurous climber and canyoneer venturing off into the desert once again for another big sporting trip. Aron is video taping his entire trip, and a camera would probably be a wise tool to have if you were going to be documenting your own death. The thing is here though is that he obviously had no idea a rock would wind up pinning his arm to the wall, but you get my point.

Once again I cannot describe the mood set in this film well enough, James Franco just played his role very cleverly and didn't spare us any horrifying detail of how this would be, the story builds and builds showing flashbacks and showing Franco trying to escape from this rock through some extensive methods that all fail. Every morning seems to pump you up with this new idea he has to escape and as the day goes on, every time you begin to feel that feeling of hopelessness as all the characters plans fail once again. The tone here really gets pretty drastic as all sorts of flashbacks make you feel god awful for this poor fellow as he slowly runs out of water and food and begins to go a bit crazy and starts to die.

Words cannot describe the climax of this film, and if you have heard anything about this film, then you already know what happens. Let me tell you though, it was nearly unbearable to sit in a chair and watch as this guy snap the bones in his arms by his own body weight and begin to perform surgery to cut his live arm off with a dull knife. It's unbelievable witnessing Franco mimic this task, it was performed so well, the sound effects were perfect to set the mood and Franco acted accordingly. I had my jaw clenched the entire time, because the sheer details were enough to do that to you. Think about it, a dull knife through your arm... Through the major nerves in your arm for pete's sake. It's not to say the scene was bad, but it was definitely worth the wait and the hype. I don't think I could have been more impressed with this film, it was executed really well from what I saw and it's worth seeing.

The story, the mood, the flashback's, the sound effect's, they were all amazing and in extreme detail. This is an example of a movie that was done near perfectly to suit the theme it was following. Check it out.
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By Lukario on 03-17-2011, 02:52 AM
What exactly is the premise of the film? Does Franco go climbing and due to an accident gets stuck? Or is he simply trying to climb some sort of mountain?
By Cam3ron36@NFF on 03-17-2011, 06:13 PM
he is just hiking in the desert for fun and he is climbing through a crevasse when a rock he puts his weight on comes loose falling on his arm as he falls. He neglected to tell anyone where he was going as well.
By Lukario on 03-17-2011, 07:12 PM
Oh, I see. Makes a little more sense, now.
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