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Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s inside story
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s inside story
Published by Mikematute
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Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s inside story

During videogame history, Mario has had a series of RPG games. Among those there are the ones where he teams up with his brother Luigi and they go through a series of strange events, but this is one of the most unexpected events that the Mario Bros. could ever face.

The story line is really simple. A weird disease called the 'Blorbs' appears, which causes the Toads to inflate in enormous amount and start rolling around; thus, threatening Mushroom Kingdom. Mario & Luigi are called to help solve the mystery of the disease. In the middle of the gathering, Bowser shows up trying to kidnap Princess Peach, as always, and Mario, as always, kicked his butt out of the castle.
Bowser arrives at a nearby woods after being sent off flying through the skies. In there, the main antagonist of the game, Fawful, tricks him. He persuades Bowser to eat a poisoned mushroom, that makes him suck-up everything, including Peach and our two moustachioed heroes. After sucking up almost half of Mushroom Kingdom, he faints.
Mario & Luigi find themselves trapped inside their nemesis but they find a way to trick him without him even noticing. Their main objective is to find Peach but at the same time they have to help Bowser find impediments on their way.

Like story, the gameplay of this game is really simple. While you play as Mario & Luigi inside of Bowser, you play in a 2D world. This is the only downside of the game but it makes a good impression while inside your nemesis. An awesome feature of the game is that you can manage Bowser in the outside world. While controlling Bowser you play in a 3D world.
The battle controls are the same as in other Mario & Luigi games, although in this one you can also battle as Bowser. When you control/ battle with Mario & Luigi you use the button “a” for Mario and the button “b” for Luigi. In battle you can either jump on enemies or smash them with their hammers. Another thing while battling as Mario & Luigi is that you can do combo attacks to apply more damage to the enemies.
While playing as Bowser you use the buttons “x” and “y”. At the beginning of the game you can only punch enemies but later on you get other attacks. In the same way as Mario & Luigi, you can use special attacks but in this case you use your minions to apply massive damage.

The Graphics are decent enough to make this game a very good one. Enemies are shown in more detail in comparison to other games, and attacks really show if it is a mediocre attack or a powerful one; although, it isn’t the best thing about the game.

The sounds in this game aren’t annoying compared to other games. The sounds give a pretty good mood in different occasions of the story and in some battles. They make up a good arrangement instead of putting in different sounds just randomly.

As a bonus feature in my review I will compare the difficulty of the game to a 7-year-old gamer. We’ve owned the game for about 3 months now. He has only finished about 10% of the game. But he can’t advance because of the difficulties of the battles. He cannot advance because of some challenges placed in the game that measure your ability.

This game is of a medium difficulty level, but it is an enjoyable game. I would recommend this to any gamer who is looking for a good game and maybe a good challenge if you want to finish it at a 100%.
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By Mario789 on 05-08-2011, 10:22 AM
Really nice review! I loved all of the pictures used.
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By Megas75 on 05-08-2011, 10:51 AM
I really need to start playing this series...
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By Nights on 05-08-2011, 04:35 PM
You describe every detail from the begging to end of the game great job on it!!!
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By Mikematute on 05-08-2011, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by Megas75 View Post
I really need to start playing this series...
yeah, you really need to ^_^. get an R4, they really come in handy in those cases...except for this one, when it came out it didnt work so i buyed it but you may try ^_^
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By Mario789 on 05-08-2011, 04:56 PM
This series was one of my favorite RPG mario series right under Paper Mario so yeah, I suggest it as well Megas.
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