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GUNHED: Gun UNit/Heavy Elimination Device
GUNHED: Gun UNit/Heavy Elimination Device
At the end of the world, the adventure begins!
Published by AlexTheGamer1000
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Cool GUNHED: Gun UNit/Heavy Elimination Device

GUNHED is a sci-fi movie created by Toho Studios, the creators of Godzilla in 1989. It all started with an internal contest at Toho Studios to create a script for a new Godzilla movie. Some guy named James Bannon came up with a script for a Godzilla film called Godzilla 2, where the King of the Monsters himself fights a giant supercomputer. It lost out to an early draft of the script for Godzilla VS Biollante. But, Masato Harada got interested in the script and he and Mr. Bannon re-worked it into that of GUNHED. Production of GUNHED began in 1986-7, and it came out in theaters across Japan in the summer of 1989, and there was also a shmup game released for the PC Engine video game system created by HudsonSoft as a tie-in for the movie. The movie was also brought to American theaters in 1991, with Director Masato Harada using the infamous Alan Smithee identity for the English dub. The movie was also released in West Germany, Spain, Greece, and Mexico.

In the year 2005, 1000 miles off of the Asian Coast, on a small volcanic island simply designated 8JO, the CyboRTech Corporation created the world's first fully self-contained industrial complex. Its purpose: to manufacture the most advanced robots ever known. At the center of the 400-story complex is a computer, more powerful, more advanced than anything before it: Kyron-5. Kyron-5 controlled every aspect of its world, and for 20 years, things seemed to have ran smoothly. A handful of CyboRTech technicians and their families were stationed on the island as custodians, but the cruel fact was that human beings were unnecessary. On July 4th 2025, Kyron-5 declared war on the world. The Allied Forces dispatched a GUNHED Battalion to 8JO, and the Great Robot War began. The fight lasted for 373 days, and on Level 389, Kyron-5's last line of defense, the unstoppable Aerobot, has wiped out the GUNHED Battalion, and shortly after, Kyron-5 went dormant. 8JO was closed off as a forbidden zone, with the World Federation Gov't falsifying that there's radiation in the area. In the early 2030's, mankind discovered a powerful new mineral known as Texmexium (it's the name, really!) that is more powerful than nuclear energy and they learned how to refine the stuff. They had caches of Texmexium kept under heavy guard at the Hyper-Nuclear Facilities powering the major cities of the world, knowing of its dangerous potential in the wrong hands. At the same time, the earth's natural resources depleted and machine parts, computer chips, and conductive plastics become more valuable than gold, and a new breed of treasure hunter (bandit if you're a cop) has evolved to fulfill the demand. These soldiers of fortune would brave any threat to get their loot, even in the forbidden zones...
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