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Scroll from the Shadow Temple: Sheikah Combat Training (SSBB Sheik Guide)
Published by Brandyn
Link Old Scroll from the Shadow Temple: Sheikah Combat Training (SSBB Sheik Guide)

~Table of Contents~

June 29, 2011: Added the statistics for Sheik's Final Smash (in the special moves subectsion of section 2) and her dash attack; added information about Sheik's matchup with Snake in section 4; added info about Sheik's colors and taunts to section 1.

Section 1: Overview/Changes from Melee to Brawl(plus alternate colors and taunts)
Section 2: Movelist/damage chart
Section 3: Combos and General Tactics
Section 4: Matchup ratios/details

*If you have any insight to anything in the guide, let me know and I will add it and credit you!!!

~Part I: Overview/changes from Melee to Brawl~

With everybody back in the spirit of Super Smash Bros, I figured I would post another character guide. This edition is on one of my favorite video game characters and my second main in Super Smash Bros, Sheik! Sheik has been one of my most played characters ever since the early days of Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Melee, she wasn't very strong but she did have speed above most others. Most notably, her attack speed was unrivaled, and she could really rack up damage quick. In Melee, I think most people used Sheik more, and for good reason. Zelda was slow, and extremely laggy. Sheik could easily defeat Zelda in a fight.

Now comes Brawl and the tables have turned; Sheik has been made even weaker, and Zelda was buffed big time. Now...Zelda could probably destroy Sheik. It actually took me a couple years to get over this, as even I had turned my back on Sheik and just switched to Zelda. Recently though, I began to play her, and despite being weak she's still fast and she still has good tactics, so with enough dedication, a Master Sheik user can still dominate battles. To be fair, Sheik does have some buffs in spite of her nerfs, and her kill moves are still fairly good.


+Has a projectile. Needles are essential to Sheik's game.
+Very fast, both in running speed and attack speed!
+Has alot of combos, and alot of ways to set them up
+Has a tether recovery in her Chain
+Can rack up alot of damage at a fast rate
+Incredible air game only beaten by few characters
-Low killing power. I feel like she has the worst killing power in the game
-Extremely easy to kill being lightweight. A few well placed blows and she's down.
-Some of her kill moves are very telegraphed, making them easy to counter
-Bad recovery with her Up B, and unlike Melee, you can't switch to Zelda in mid air to use her superior recovery.

~Alternate Colors~
1/default: Light blue and dark blue suit with blonde hair and white bandages on forearms and fingers and head with a white scarf covering her lower head.

2: Red and pink suit with paler blonde hair and red bandages on forearms, fingers, and head with white scarf covering lower head.

3:Blue suit with light blue bandages with blonde hair and red scarf covering lower head. Looks pretty much the same as the default suit except the scarf is red.

4: Black an white suit with white bandages, white scarf covering lower head,and blonde hair.

5: Turquoise suit with white bandages (green on head), blonde hair, and green scarf covering lower head.

6: My personal favorite! Black and gray suit with black bandages, black scarf covering lower head and white hair. Makes her really look like a ninja. I figure it would make more sense for these to be the official Sheikah colors since their element is Shadow and all....

Up on control pad: Sheik does a handstand on one hand.
Left or right on control pad:Sheik menacingly flashes her chain at the enemy, like she's going to hang them with it.
Down: Sheik puts her hand in front of her face and does a ninjustsu sign.

~Part II: Move list/damage chart~

This section lists the moves and the amount of damage that they do.

*Note: The following move list assumes that you use a GameCube controller. Most players of the game use a GameCube controller. If not, figure out the equivalent of the listed button on whichever control scheme you use.

A Button moves:

Neutral A Combo: Sheik does two jabs and then like Captain Falcon she releases a flurry of jabs that continue for as long as you hold down the A button.
Damage: 3% per hit for the 1st two hits, 1 or 2% per hit after.
Notes: This is a good combo starter, as it can be linked into a Forward tilt and you can go from there. It's also a great punisher.

Down Tilt: Sheik does a sweeping leg.
Damage: 8%
Notes: Another solid combo starter, you can often link it into another tilt and go from there.

Up tilt: Sheik does the vertical split and raises one leg in the air, and then brings it back down for another hit.
Damage: 6% (initial kick), 7 % (end kick)
Notes: Sometimes makes a decent anti-air if the opponent is coming at you from straight above, but due to lack of priority I would rather use an Up-Smash.

Forward Tilt: Sheik does a roundhouse.
Damage: 5%
Notes: This move is your bread and butter against heavyweights (and some mediumweights). Sheik can perform the F-tilt many times in quick succession, creating what is called the F-tilt lock, similar to Ness's down-tilt lock. Lightweights can easily escape it after a few hits, but against tall mediumweights like Link and Captain Falcon, and all heavyweights, they'll be stuck in it for quite a while. When you are done or when it looks like they are about to escape it, you can follow it up with either a Neutral Aerial or a Forward Aerial attack.

Dash Attack (pressing A while running)
Damage: 7%
Notes: This is one of Sheik's essential moves, it's quick, good priority, and sends enemies flying at an angle so you can follow up with an air combo.
Smash Attacks

Up Smash: Sheik raises both arms in the air until her hands intercept, then bring them back down (in game, I suppose this slices the air around the foe making it painful?)
Damage: 12% when uncharged, 16% when fully charged
Notes: One of Sheik's killers, though it's not the ideal one.

Forward Smash: Sheik kicks forward twice.
Damage:5% for the first kick, 9% for the second kick (uncharged)
7% for the first kick, 12% for the second kick (fully charged)
Notes: Sheik's second best killer. Very punishable on block though, so use it carefully.

Down Smash: Sheik drops on her back and spins around with her legs outstretched like she's breakdancing.
Damage: 13% uncharged, 18% fully charged
Notes: I rate it as Sheik's most prefered killer. Even if the opponent sidesteps it, they can still be hit for as long as the animation for the attack is still going on.

Mid-Air attacks

Down Aerial: Sheik stops in the air and drops down at a sharp angle with great momentum to stomp on her opponent. Just like Sonic and Zero Suit Samus's D-air.
Damage: 10%
Notes: Use carefully, the lag that occurs when Sheik lands is noticeable. If an enemy is standing under you and it looks like they're standing right where you would land, chances are they're trying to bait you into using the attack to punish your landing lag. If you see two or more players in a big fight though, this is good for interrupting it.

Forward Aerial:Sheik does a jab in the air.
Damage: 9%
Notes: Can sometimes kill.

Back Aerial: Sheik kicks out behind her.
Damage: 11%
Notes: As with many B-airs, this move can kill. It's probably Sheik's best mid air killer, so if you need to mix up your killing techniques, short hopping a B-air should send the enemy packing.

Up Aerial: Sometimes called the Drill kick, Sheik turns upside down in mid-air and does a spinning kick. Unlike Samus's, it does not hit multiple times but sends the enemy further into the air.
Damage: 11%
Notes: At really high damage, probably close to the 200's in many cases, this can kill.

Neutral Aerial: Sheik outstretches her leg in a kick.
Damage: 13%
Notes: Good for getting enemies away from you. A short hopped N-air makes a good combo finisher.

Special Moves

B: Needle Storm
Damage: 18% if all six needles connect, 3% per needle.
Notes: Sheik's pride and joy, Needles can be used both offensively and defensively. This is how you really pack on the damage. Against heavyweights, Needlestorm is the essential key to victory. Is Ike spamming Quick Draw? One needle will stop him in his tracks. In general, any opponent foolish enough to charge at you is asking to eat some Needles, so feed them.Offensively, they can really help you get the damage on. In Melee, Sheik was unable to move until she released the Needles. In Brawl, she can charge them up and then move around and release the charge at will, just like Samus and Donkey Kong. If someone attacks you while you're charging, press left or right on the stick to do a roll dodge. This will save the charge.

Side B: Chainwhip
Damage:5% if sweetspotted (will zap the enemy with electricity). Otherwise, it will do around 3% per whip, dependant upon the space between you and the opponent.
Notes: Offensively, it's not really advised (horribly punishable when dodged). However it makes for an amazing tether recovery! Vanish leaves Sheik terribly vulnerable upon landing. With this though, you can get back without too many problems. This is the most preferred recovery method when possible!

Down B: Transformation
Damage: None....except maybe some to you!
Sheik transforms back into Zelda. Transformation time as increased very noticeably since Melee, so transforming in the middle of a fight is not advised!!! I don't really know any players that use Zelda and Sheik together in the same battle, unless they bring out Zelda to kill. If you do use both together, obviously it is not advised to transform in mid-battle if your opponent is not trying to recover or otherwise incapacitated for the moment. Though Sheik/Zelda is invinicble in mid-transformation, she is very vulnerable as soon as it's done.

Up B: Vanish
Damage: 15% upon vanishing, none upon reappearance.
Notes: This is another killer. The vanish creates an explosion around Sheik that damages everyone within radius. There is no damage done upon returning though, so if they dodge the explosion, you're in trouble.
As a recovery, this move quite frankly sucks. In Super Smash Bros Melee, a tactic that a Sheik player could use when knocked far away from the stage was to switch to Zelda in mid air and then use Zelda's superior recovery to return to the stage, and then switch back when the coast was clear. In Brawl, you can't quite do that due to the absurd increase in transformation time. Though it can still work on gotta be lucky.

~Final Smash~ Sheik fires a Light Arrow. Whosoever shall be caught in it's line of fire is usually dead.
Damage 48%
This move is usually a one hit kill. The difference with Sheik's version vs Zelda is that Sheik's Light Arrow sends opponent(s) flying horizontally, whereas Zelda's sends the opponent(s) flying vertically. Another nice thing about the Light Arrow is that it can go through solid walls, so enemies cannot hide there. I believe it can indeed by sidestepped or even roll dodged, but the timing for that must be precise so if an enemy is in the line of fire they should be done for.


Grab Attack:Sheik elbows the opponent in the face
Damage: 3%

Down: Sheik slams the opponent on the ground and then delivers an overhead kick to their chest.
Damage: 6%
Notes: Good setup for some of Sheik's sick air combos, as it pops the opponent straight into the air.

Forward: Sheik elbows the opponent away from her.
Damage: 7%
Notes:Can sometimes be followed up with a running attack.

Back: Sheik brings the opponent around her and kicks behind her.
Damage: 7%

Up: Sheik lifts the opponent up with her legs and kicks them
Damage: 5%
Notes: Good starter for air combos.

~Part III: Combos and General Tactics~


Grab> Down throw> Mid air needles>Forward Smash

Grab>Up Throw>B-air> Down Smash

Grab>Up Throw>N-air> *choose between >Down tilt>F-air
> Forward Tilt>Neutral A>Forward Smash

D-air>Up Smash

General Tactics:

First and foremost, Sheik is more reccomended for one-on-one fights. As fragile as she is, she can easily be destroyed when two or three players gang up on her.

Sheik is extremely light. Two or three Ike smashes and that's the end of a stock. As such, you must Never stop moving, and be good at sidestep dodging and rolldodging

A significant amount of Sheik's game revolves around her needles. Always Have a Needle Storm ready to go. They're great for offense, defense, and punishment.

Sheik's recovery is terrible, so you must remember to Use the chain to tether recovery whenever possible.

Don't go looking for fights. You're playing as a ninja, so like a ninja, if you're in games with more than one opponent, sort of be defensive and simply let them fight each other while you wait in the shadows. Some might call this being cowardly, I call it letting the brutes destroy each other to help you come out on top. Sheik isn't great dealing with multple opponents at once. Her only reliable crowd control move is her Down Smash. In general though, It's easy for Sheik to get overwhelmed when she is getting jumped by a crowd. Overall she's more of a one on one character, so don't bite off more than you can chew.

Keep your morale high. A first, you will not win every match. You would be surprised at how many times I've had an enemy on the brink of death, only for him to come back, kill me, and win the match. It is normal to experience great frustration when playing Sheik because of her lack of killing power, but if you play patiently, then once you really Master her, you should eventually start winning matches with a stock or two to spare!

SuperGameCube64 says: "Sheik is ALOT better when you use her with Zelda instead of sticking to her exclusively. You should use Zelda from a distance and Sheik at mid range/close combat."

~Part IV: Matchup Ratios/Details~

Most of the following difficulty ratings were tested on level 9 CPUs on Final Destination with all items including Smash Balls off. Before you start whining about how "CPU's aren't the same as humans, thus invalidating these ratios" I don't know another human player of each character, so you'll have to give me a break. Of course humans might have different tactics, but AI has unreal reaction times because they function off of input on the human controller, so it's pretty accurate I would say.
The bolded matchups are Sheik's most intense fights. These fights are often better left to Zelda.

Mario: 2/5
Notes: Sheik's running speed and attack speed overwhelms Mario, as well as the fact that she outranges him. Cannot Needle spam him, however.

Luigi: 2.5/5
Notes: Faster attack speed makes him slightly harder. Needles stop his Cyclone approach.

Peach: 3.5/5
Notes: Powerfrul aerials and smashes pose a threat for light weighted Sheik.

*Bowser: 4/5
Bowser hits very hard, and Sheik's lightweight means that any blow he lands will be DEVASTATING. Needles are VITAL, but killing him is the problem. Sheik already has trouble killing as it is, but seeing that Bowser is the heaviest fighter in the game, he wont go down easy. Bowser on the other hand can kill Sheik at only moderately high percentages, so once Sheik reaches that point, even the smallest mistake can cost her her life!

Donkey Kong: 2.5/5
Notes: Not as hard as Bowser it seems, so long as you stay in his face and don't give him room to breath. DK is not as good when on the defense. Use Needles to cancel his punch, you do not want him having a fully charged punch handy to kill you with...

*Diddy Kong: 4/5
One of Sheik's more even matchups, Sheik outcamps him with Needles. He is pretty fast. On the ground, Sheik and Diddy will be trading blows while dodging each other. In the air though, Sheik has the advantage.

Yoshi: 2/5
Notes: Not that difficult for Sheik. Needles can stop his Side B eggroll attack.

*Wario: 3.5/5
Wario is like a smaller, more agile version of Bowser without Fire. His erratic movement patterns can make him hard to read. Sheik takes advantage of Wario's poor range to overwhelm him, but like fighting Bowser, one mistake at moderately high damage can cost Sheik her life.

Link: 2.5/5
Notes: Really not too difficult for Sheik. The only catch is that Sheik will have to approach Link, as his projectiles (namely arrows) have longer range than Sheik's Needles.Luckily, Sheik dominates Link in close-quarters-combat with her superior speed. However, a few well placed blows from the Master Sword will put an overly aggressive Sheikah in grave danger. Aerial combat is the key, Sheik destroys Link in the air.

Zelda: 4/5
Another of Sheik's more even matchups. Sheik cannot really threaten Zelda with Needles due to Nayru's Love, and then Zelda will pressure you into approaching with Din's Fire. Once you're face to face, it unfortunately doesn't get easier. Her sheer power will destroy your lightweighted self. Do not let up...or make a mistake.

Ganondorf: 2/5
Notes: As a Ganondorf user myself, I can attest that Ganon doesn't fare well against speedsters. But we all know that. For the most part, Ganondorf will rely on Sheik's mistakes to really hurt you. As such, this matchup really depends on how well you play. If Sheik makes little to no mistakes, Ganondorf will not be able to do anything. If you keep messing up however, you will get punished.....hard.

Toon Link: 3/5
Notes:Sheik does not have to worry as much about Toon's projectiles, as they're all so slow to weild that she'll be in his face before he can pull them out. His agility makes him more formidable in close combat than Link, but his range is significantly worse. Plus, he is lightweight and much easier to KO.

Samus: 2.5/5
Notes: Samus doesn't seem so hard for Sheik. At close range, she's no match. In the air, Sheik is dominant.

Zero Suit Samus: 4.5/5 (stop laughing, Tanis)
ZSS is just as quick as Sheik, so she'll have absolutely no problem keeping up with the ninja. The two women actually have alot in common (aside from being hot). They can both crawl and wall jump, have the same down aerial, and whips. She also suffers from the same problem as being easy to kill, as well as having low killing power herself. This match is pretty much about who gets the upperhand first, whoever gets their combos going first. She can halt your recovery, but you can mess hers up completely by edgehogging. If she ends up beneath the stage, she's done. She can Down B Flip Jump right over your Needle Storm, and she outranges you. All in all though, this is sort of like a mirror match. Even though they have different moves, they have alot of the same attributes to make them evenly matched.

Pit: 4/5
Sheik can crawl under Pit's arrows. He's light and has trouble killing, so it's almost even. Pit will slaughter Sheik in the air, however.

Ice Climbers: 2/5
Notes: Not that hard. Separate by knocking them into the air. Once one is dead, the other, is practically dead as well.

Notes: Use Needles to stop him from charging his Gyro (that thing has more knockback than you'd think). Not hard, but his aerials can destroy Sheik.

Kirby: 3/5
He can easily escape Sheik's combos because of how small and lightweight he is. He also outperforms Sheik in the air. He's strong on the ground but rather slow. His Down B Rock will block Needles but make him vulnerable after.

Meta Knight:
Make good use of tilts and grabs. Needles can stop his Mach Tornado.

King Dedede: 2.5/5
Notes: Not as hard as Bowser. F-tilt lock and B-air works wonders. Make sure to shower him with lots of Needles.

Captain Olimar: 3.5/5
His range is higher, and his Smashes, especially with Purple Pikmin, hurt badly.

***~FOX MCCLOUD~*** 5/5

A dead even matchup I would say. He will reflect Needles, so he takes away Sheik's most important damage racking tool. On top of that, he will shoot Sheik to rack up damage, but a single needle will stop him. Close Combat is evenly matched, it goes to whoever is better at dodging and predicting his opponent's next move.


The Anti-Sheik. He will say a big fat "No" to Sheik's needles by shooting her, and because his blaster stuns, it cancels the charge. Even if she does manage to get a Needle storm charged up, he will reflect them (yes his reflector can reflect all six needles). Chasing him into the air will usually result in getting spiked right back down to the floor (or worse, into the abyss). Close Combat is very difficult since he hits hard, yet is only slightly slower than Fox. He's also harder to kill since he's heavier. Sheik can crawl under his lasers however.

Wolf O'Donnell: 2.5/5
Notes: By far the easiest of the StarFox characters for Sheik to deal with. His reflector means no needles for Sheik, however. Also, Sheik cannot crawl under Wolf's lasers like she can Fox and Falco's. He's relatively heavy, so Sheik can combo him pretty well.

Captain Falcon: 2/5
Notes: Although his running speed is faster than Sheik, his slow attack speed is what limits him from being able to hit her. His attacks have ending lag that leave him wide open. He is also susceptible to combos and the F-tilt lock since he is tall and relatively heavy.

Pikachu: 3/5

Snake: 4/5
Though Sheik's speed is almost too much for Snake, I rated him a 4 because when you do get's gonna be extremely devastating. Also, because of how unrealistically heavy he is (doesn't matter if he's carrying all that gear, a human should not be that heavy), it's going to take Sheik quite a long time to KO him. Even powerhouses tend to have problems killing Snake somtimes. The point is, in close combat, you need to be weary. For the most part though, this fight usually ends up being a camping war of Needles vs Grenades and Nikitas. Snake's projectiles are easier to dodge though, so Sheik should be able to pressure Snake into approaching. He will probably do so with his dash attack, which is also very powerful so do not get hit by it. Finish him opportunistically.
There is one way Sheik can take advantage of how heavy Snake is. Three words: Forward Tilt Lock :-)

Written 6-27-11 by GameBoy.. Happy Smashing!

This guide has been editing by SuperGamecube64 to include an image for use on the front page. None of Gameboy's thoughts have been changed.
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By Aether_Fenris on 06-27-2011, 07:41 PM
Sheik is a LOT better when you use her in combination with Zelda instead of sticking to her exclusively.
By Brandyn on 06-27-2011, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by SuperGamecube64 View Post
Sheik is a LOT better when you use her in combination with Zelda instead of sticking to her exclusively.
In theory it is, because realisticly Zelda is better than Sheik in Brawl. The problem is the absurd transformation time it takes in Brawl; in Melee that tactic was fine in practice, but in Brawl it takes too long to transform and finding a good time to turn's more of a hassle. That's why most people just use one or the other per match. However, if it is working, by all means. I mean, I have nothing against Zelda, just the transformation time...

But then, my guide is open to all suggestions. Would you like me to add that?
By NommyNommy on 06-27-2011, 07:49 PM
the time it takes to transform is fine, it would be unfair if it were any faster
By Aether_Fenris on 06-27-2011, 07:50 PM
Up to you, bro, it's your guide. If you are going to added, you should also add that you should use Zelda from a distance, and Sheik for mid range or close combat.

Also, I am not a mod in this section, so I can't update my list to include this guide. I have asked Mario to add it for me.
By Brandyn on 06-27-2011, 07:51 PM
@Nommy Well, that's your opinion but transforming mid match is practically suicide. It probably takes longer than the Pokemon Trainer switching Pokemon.

@SGC Sheik's Needles work good to pressure most opponents into approaching. All she has to do is get within their my experiences anyway. Again, I had to use Lvl 9 CPU's for most of my matchup testing since I don't know a player for every character
By NommyNommy on 06-27-2011, 08:05 PM
solution: dont switch mid. switch when the enemy is trapped/busy/far away/dead
if you are on a small map, or even FD, you can always just jump as high as you can and transform.

it's pretty easy to transform safely really
By Aether_Fenris on 06-27-2011, 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by NommyNommy View Post
solution: dont switch mid. switch when the enemy is trapped/busy/far away/dead
if you are on a small map, or even FD, you can always just jump as high as you can and transform.

it's pretty easy to transform safely really
That's what I do when I play zelda/sheik.
By Brandyn on 06-27-2011, 08:09 PM
Well I say in the guide not to do so "unless the enemy is recovering or otherwise incapcitated for the moment", it can just be risky.

Besides, it's a Sheik Guide. I just wanted to help people learn that Sheik is still good, everyone already knows Zelda's game :P
By Mario on 06-28-2011, 08:20 AM
Nice guide Gameboy should help some peeps out.
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