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Mario Strikers Charged - Review
Mario Strikers Charged - Review
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 86%
Mario Strikers Charged - Review

One of the earliest Wii WiFi enabled games,
and is still going strong...
It's poplualrity in the Nintendo WiFi arena still impresses
Marvman till this day. Tons of replay value here.

Mario Strikers Charged


Super Mario Strikers for Nintendo Gamecube was by no means an excellent game.
It got horrible reviews and it did not sell well, but Nintendo looked at every way
possible to make it better, and it is.
This Wi-Fi game will not disappoint you.


There is none! There are only different modes but the only one
that would relate to a story mode is called The Road to Strikers Cup.
What you do here is fight your way through tournaments until you come out on top!

If you are not a natural at Strikers, it may take you a few tries to
complete the Road to Strikers Cup, so it may feel repetitive,
but there are other modes that will keep you entertained if you feel this way.

Wii Remote Features

There are only a few instances where you use the Wii Remote in this game.
You can shake the Remote to hit your opponent, or use the pointer to guide
the goalie's hands to block the balls from going in during a Super Strike!

Each character has their own super attack to put the enemy to bed!
Crystal Smash!

You get to choose your captain, and three different sidekicks.
Pick the best combination for you.


Because there are different modes, there are different game structures.
In The Road to Strikers Cup, you battle through three tournaments that get harder with each step.
In the Wi-Fi mode, you can play against your friends or others,
to try to gain a spot on the leader board.
There is a Domination mode, to challenge your friends,
and Strikers Challenge, where there are preset options for you to beat.


The graphics are not really noticed, because the entire time you are playing,
you are very far away from the characters, but when it does zoom in to show replays,
everything is top notch.
If you get hit with an Ice Shell, you are covered in feel looking frost,
and you will be covered in ice for the rest of the game!

Enjoyable Rating

This game is great for two types of gamers. Gamers who always have others to play with,
or gamers that are able to play Wi-Fi. If you arenít any of these,
the game will probably become boring quickly.
Make sure you are on of these two before you get the game, otherwise Marvman doesnít recommend it.

If you are one of these two, go for it! Itís an amazing game.
There is always knew things to learn, and there is no limit on how much fun
you can have with an entire world of people that love the same game!


If you canít play with others, you will not be able to play
by yourself for a long period of time.
This was one of the problems of the first Mario Strikers even though
Mario Strikers Charged has done everything that they could to
squeeze out the single playerís attention.

Graphics: 8.6/10 - Nice touches here and there regarding the different
powerups and effects you get in the game. Very detailed and smooth.
Could use a little more polish and texturing, but this is grade A.

Storyline: NA/10 - Does not exist. Nor is it needed in this type of game.
It's all about mulitplayer fun.

Controls: 9.0/10 - The controls for kicking, dodging, and blocking shots
are simple and not too complex. It's very pick up and play. Once
you boot up the game you'll find yourself scoring goals in a matter of seconds.
Perhaps a little more integration of the WiiMote could have been
in order, but its still pretty smooth.

Music: 9.2/10 - Excellent incorporation of all original tunes
into the games soundtrack. Very fresh, but not annoying at the same time.
The SFX of the pitch, and voices, the powerups all leave a lasting impression
on the sound quality. Rockn.

Overall Rating: 8.9/10 - A Nintendo game thru and thru,
continuing the spirit of Mario sporting games.
This game is very good. You can continue to play
it forever unless you are alone.
It surpasses its first game in every way.
You will be delighted to play this game.
It's very poplular in europe, and it's not such an enigma to see why...

Source: Maxim at NW

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By Linkage on 08-13-2008, 02:54 PM
Never knew what this game was about now I do
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By Mario on 08-14-2008, 09:00 AM
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By geeksandotaku on 08-15-2008, 03:00 PM
The first online Wii game? Cool.
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