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A Mega Guy in Cosmos
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Cosmic's Pokemon Crystal Playthrough

(If this isn't something to post in General Chat, then anybody feel free to tell me so I can have a mod move it to the proper subforum.)

Yo. I'm CosmicMega, and I doubt anybody knows me too well. I've been bored lately, so I'm going to do something that I'll update infrequently and do on the side; a Pokemon Crystal playthrough. With text commentary and maybe some screens and everything. Awyeah, man.

I'm actually not all TOO familiar with Crystal myself, which may make my twist to this playthrough a bit more challenging... I'm going to do a Nuzlocke run of Crystal. That's right, ladies and mentlegen! A Nuzlocke run!

What's that? Somebody doesn't know what a Nuzlocke run is? Well, a lot of you probably do know,

but just in case somebody doesn't, I'll explain. A nuzlocke run of a Pokemon game (popularized by the Nuzlocke webcomic) is where one goes through the game with three primary rules:
  • The only Pokemon you can catch are the first ones you find in an area. Depending on your luck, you could end up with a team of darling little death machines or a bunch of Rattata.
  • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead. No Revives or anything. You must either release it or just permanently box it. Making the E4 even more devastating.
  • If you white-out, it's Game Over.

There are a lot of optional side rules, but these are the only ones I'm using. Hopefully, even though I'm not doing videos, just posts, these will entertain you enough to keep you somewhat engaged. Also, if you end up liking this, hope I don't white-out due to my awful skizzles, as when/if I do I'll end this playthrough indefinitely.

We all set? Mmkay! Then let's go... into Episode Oooooooooooone!!


PROLOGUE: Off to Adventure!

And here we go, startin' up the game. The little intro cutscene looks kind of weird, honestly... though the title screen is nice.

Setting the text speed to fast and the sound setting to stereo, zooming through Prof. Oak's opening speech, all that good stuff. I decide to name the main character GOLD, mainly due to my dedication to Pokemon Special.

The New Bark theme is kind of cool and technologic, but doesn't contain half the value or nostalgia of the Pallet theme. For shame.

I go downstairs, examine a TV, wonder why the main character never talks in normal conversations when they can think to themselves about things like this, and talk to my mom, who insists on me going to see the town's local pedo--er, professor, Elm, as he wants me to do something for him. She also gives my Pokemon Gear, which is referred to as Pokegear everywhere else in the game except for this opening bit. Psh, our mom is so behind the times. She even asks me for the day and time because she's too lazy to go check a

Walking outside now. That fat dude walking around shouted out to me with "Yo, Gold!" Are we buddies...? Meh, just another of Pokemon's countless unexplained mysteries.

We run on into the creepy Elm's lab. Mr. Sicko here wants us to travel the world so he can write some stupid research paper? Then again, I really just lay in my bed at home and be silent all day, so I guess I've got nothing better to do. May as well take 'im up on his offer.

Now he wants us to go ask Mr. Pokemon, who lives past Cherrygrove City, about some random discovery he's just made? What are we, this guy's errand boy? I mean really, how can he--ZOMG WE GET SOME POKEMEN

Aww yeah, time to pick our starter; the very core of our team. I gravitated to one pretty quickly, and that one waaaas...

AOTA (Cyndaquil)
Tackle, Leer
Received at New Bark Town.

I've decided I'll name all the Pokemon I get after random forum members. I can't promise I won't box you forever upon catching you, though~

With trusty AOTA and a Potion received from an equally-creepy "aide" hanging out in a darkened corner of the lab by a bookshelf, we head off to go talk to this Mr. Pokemon man. Also, there's a suspicious red-haired guy hanging out, watching the professor through a window at the side of the lab, but it seems there's nothing we can do about it now... Hmmmmm...

We head into Cherrygrove Town, heading straight for the Pokemon Center to lick our minor wounds, skipping over the Guide Gent and his lame tutorial. Town Map? Psh! Who needs a town map?!

Heading up into Route 30, we talk to a guy inside a house; no, unforunately, it's not Mr. Pokemon. > However, he does tell us how the berries we've been collecting can heal Pokemon, and he shares with us a Berry of his own. Handy.

Crap. We find a Poliwag first thing that would have been a nice addition to our team, but we've got no balls right now (oh dear that sounds awkward), and it has Bubble, which AOTA is too weak to stand up to right now. We, regrettably, run from it. I'll back for ya baby! Just show up first here once I got some balls for ya! (Okay, I laughed that time.)

We reach Mr. Pokemon's house after a few more encounters. He hands us a mysterious egg and tells us some crap about how Elm is a biologist on fictional matters and that's why he wants him to study it. Prof. Oak from RBY is also here, and he tells us that he was waiting here for us because he heard we were running an errand here. (...okay forget what I said about Elm being Mr. Sicko) He tells us the usual shtick about how we look like we'll take care of our Pokemon, even though if these things go down just once in battle I'm never going to use them again. Oh well. Appearances can be deceiving.

Oak also hands us a Pokedex, as since we seem to be so competent at doing stuff for people he wants us to do something for him too. Glorious. Oak leaves and Mr. Pokemon sends us back to give Elm the egg. At least we're healed as compensation.

Soon as we walk outside, Elm calls us on our Pokegear to say he's peeing our pants over something back at the lab and to get back immediately. I almost feel like taking one step every three seconds out of spite, but it's not going to matter either way, so let's just head back and see what all the fuss is about.

We reach Cherrygrove again, but as we try to exit the city... le gasp! The red-haired kid from earlier walks in! ZOMG Chekhov's Gun fo realzzz!!! He also behaves like a complete tool.

??? wants to fight!

    Scratch, Leer

Our Team

  • AOTA (Cyndaquil)
    Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen

Acts like a jerk and has a starter with the dominant type to ours? Feels like a surefire rival to me. We have a couple of levels on him, so we make fairly quick work of his watery croc by tackling it into a bloody pulp. (Though to be fair, I did have to use a Berry, as he Leered me once or twice and so did more damage than expected.) After we defeat his only Pokemon, he goes mute for a moment before declaring that he's going to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer that ever lived, shoving past us, and sauntering off.

Yep, definitely our rival.

So we head into Elm's lab and--HOLY CRAP IT'S THE FUZZ! HIDE THE BEER, PROFESSOR!!

Okay, but seriously, he states that there's been a stolen Pokemon in the area, and he's been interrogating Elm about it. Some dude with long, red hair is the susp--oh wait. We tell him we know his identity, and so he forces us to reveal his name. Several derogatory insults float through my brain, but keeping with the Pokemon Special allegiance, I name him SILVER.

After the policeman thanks us and leaves (mmk, bring it out again, prof), we give Elm the egg, which is evidently a Pokemon Egg. He's mildly surprised, but seems totally flustered when we tell him about our shiny new Pokedex from Oak. Due to Oak's perception, Elm believes we have the potential to become the Champion. Hurraaaay! He suggests we take the Pokemon Gym Challenge by starting in Violet City; but we should talk to our mommeh first. As we try to leave, the creepy aide blocks us again by giving us 5 Poke Balls; which is actually very useful. (Although it's rather confusing that the text refers to them as if he just gave us a single Poke Ball.)

Mom seems totally OK with us leaving home to become a world-spanning traveller at the ripe old age of 10. She even offers to help us by saving some of our money every time we earn some; we turn her down, since I don't see much use in doing that. I mean, I know she sends items that she randomly buys with our cash, but said items are often not too useful. I'll just keep my money, thank you very much.

And, well, it may seem a bit anti-climactic to some, but here, as we stand at the exit to New Bark, seems like a good place to end the Prologue to our bountiful journey. Things will continue soon with Chapter 1, where we will (hopefully) catch our first Pokemon; which may turn into a second member of our team.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed it!

~Stay awesome

Aaaaaaaaand abandoned due to lack of interest.

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First time I ever seen a text commentary playthrough...

Ah... Bravo?

Cool Sig huh^^?

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Originally Posted by xXDaKidXx View Post
First time I ever seen a text commentary playthrough...

Ah... Bravo?
Check the Pokemon section, there are several.

Originally Posted by Brandyn View Post
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