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In entry NO. 1 Colorful CrAzYonZz
With -Love You To Death
Part 1: Christmas

"Thanks for inviting me over. See you later, David." Amber smiled at her boyfriend, leaving the house while his mother waved goodbye. She had spent the day at his house, helping them get ready for Christmas. She grinned as she thought of the gift she had gotten him, that she would give him the next day. It was a merry and bright Christmas Eve in town, people were smiling and talking and snow was gently falling, leaving a light dusting on the sidewalks illuminated by the streetlights. Amber sighed happily as she took in the bright sights on her way home. She was in no hurry to get to her empty house. Amber was 20, she had just gotten out of college. She was an aspiring writer, currently writing an article for a newspaper until her current book could get published. Amber had brown hair that hung around her shoulders and dull blue eyes. Her eyes almost looked like the sky on an overcast day. "Brr...." She mumbled, pulling her scarf tighter around her neck and shoving her gloved hands in the pockets of her jacket. Even though she had on a heavy winter coat and a thermal shirt, the icy wind was getting to her. Amber was suddenly in a hurry to get to her house.

After she locked the door behind her, she began to strip out of her thick layers of clothes. She pulled off her gloves, scarf, jacket and thermal shirt. She took off her jeans and replaced it all with her flannel pajamas. She made some hot chocolate and curled up on the couch to watch T.V. Amber glanced over at her Christmas tree. Only a few presents were under it, the one her parents sent her, some from her friends, and the one she got for David. Amber smiled, looking at the gift she got for David. She was confident he would be pleased. David had been her boyfriend for two years, and things were going perfect. He could be a little jealous, but Amber thought it was sweet he loved her so much to want her to himself. She didn't really have many other guy friends anyway, so it didn't seem like a big deal to her at all. She laid her head down on the couch and soon fell asleep right there, T.V. still on.

"Amber...." Amber gasped as she heard David's voice calling her, but he didn't sound normal. His voice was eerie, cold. For some reason, Amber was frightened. She didn't want to answer back to him. "Amber..." The voice repeated in the same tone. Amber got up from where she was sitting and began running away from the sound. It was dark, she couldn't see anything. She heard water dripping from above, and the air felt damp and cold, like death. She couldn't see where she was headed at all. Her panic grew as she ran, stumbling in the dark. Before she could react, a shadow stepped out in front of her. "Amber." It said. It was David's cold voice again.

"No!" Amber shouted. Then she woke up. Shocked, she searched the room. Instead of a dark, damp room, it was cheerily lit with Christmas lights and decorations, and the morning news was on, whishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

"Wow, what a dream!" She said, rubbing her head. She wondered why she was dreaming like that on Christmas Eve. She laughed it off and got up to make breakfast before heading over to David's house. After eating, Amber put on her cutest red sweater and a skirt with leggings underneath and her new snowboots. Then Amber picked up the gift and stepped outside. She saw people out with their families, enjoying the snowy day. "Merry Christmas!" They called as she passed, smiling and waving to them.

When she arrived at David's house, his mother opened the door. "Hello, come on in." She said, smiling. Amber nodded and walked in. She sat the gift under the Christmas tree in the living room. She saw they already had opened the other gifts. David's mom was a kind lady, she had the same color hair and eyes as her son. She smiled gently at Amber and went back into the kitchen. Amber followed but sat in a chair at the table to avoid being in the way.

"Where's David?" Amber finally asked, tired of waiting in silence. David's mom turned away from her cooking to give Amber a warm smile.

"He went out to do some shopping...only a couple stores are open today...why in the world did he wait until the very last minute?" Amber laughed as she explained. She knew he was just like other men, always putting things off. "He should be back soon, all the same." She said, going back to cooking for Christmas dinner. Amber leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling. She felt out of place, like she should offer to help, but knew she would only end up getting in the way.

Ten minutes later, a cold burst of air blew in from the open door as David, clad in a leather jacket, scarf and boots stepped in. He was carrying only one bag, with a colorful, small square box inside. Amber smiled as he shut the door and took off his jacket and scarf. He was wearing a brown sweater that clung nicely to his perfect chest. He took the box out and smiled, walking to Amber. She smiled widely and got up to meet him halfway.

"I got this for you." He said simply, smiling wide and handing Amber the little box.

"Ah!" Amber mumbled happily as she gently opened it, gazing at the necklace it held. The glittering silver chain held a beautiful heart encrusted with small sapphire jewels. It was beautiful, and such a pretty ocean blue. Amber's eyes sparkled as she carefully lifted it out.

"Blue looks so good on you, I thought that would look beautiful, too." David grinned as he took it out of her hand and put it on her neck. His mother watched with a hidden look of disapproval. Amber blushed as she admired the gleaming blue and silver on her neck, then went over to the tree and getting the gift she had gotten for him.

"I got this for you. I hope you like took me too long to decide!" She explained quickly as he opened it. He pulled a long silver chain out that had a cross pendant attached. There was a note taped on the chain that read:

I had absolutely no idea what you wanted for Christmas, so I saw this interesting charm in a store while pondering what to get. It was said to bring good luck, so I picked it up. Maybe it will give you luck at your next concert.
Love, Amber

Amber blushed as his eyes scanned the short note and his face turned into a smile. He put the charm on and pulled her into a hug. "It's perfect! I'm sure I'll do great at my next show with your luck on my side." Each word made Amber even happier. She felt like she was at the point of tears. David was in a band, and Amber never failed to attend every performance, no matter where it was.

"I hoped it would be okay, I mean, I didn't know what you wanted and-" David cut her off.
"You know..." He said, his finger on her lips, "You have a terrible habit of talking too much. You really shouldn't use your precious voice to babble on about nonsense." He kissed her before she could utter another word.

She spent the day with them, and ended up eating Christmas dinner with them and a few other family members who shot endless questions at her. Once everything quieted and the guests left, Amber and David sat, wrapped in a red blanket, on the couch. David's mother was washing dishes, seeming slightly annoyed. "David, you can come help me out!" She called. He groaned and slowly got to his feet. Amber giggled, but was a little disappointed. She stood with him and followed into the kitchen. David began drying the dishes.

"Oh, let me help." Amber took a stack of dishes David had dried and moved one hand to open the cupboard to put them away. As she lifted the heavy stack of plates and glasses into the shelf, she suddenly lost her balance on the slippery floor. Some water had splashed out of the sink, and Amber was standing on her tiptoes, causing her to easily slip and fall over backwards. The whole pile of glass came down with her, shattering all around where she had fallen. David watched in horror as the shards of glass sliced into Amberís skin.

"Amber! Are you alright?! David crouched down and scooped her up in his arms, heading out to his car. "I'm taking her to the emergency room, she's starting to bleed badly." He yelled, rushing out the door. Amber stared up at his panicked expression as he gently sat her in the car and drove off to the hospital. "How are you feeling? Do you hurt?" He asked, his face tense, staring straight ahead.

"I-I'm okay. Don't worry so much." To tell the truth, her whole body stung with the glass shards stuck in it, but she hated seeing him like this. He glanced at her, nodded, then looked back at the road. He seemed to evaluate her expression and see through her lie.

It was a painful process as the doctor cleaned her many cuts and stitched closed the deep ones. "There. You are free to go home. Nothing is too serious, but you might want to get a good rest tonight, you hit your head when you fell. Change your bandages often and make sure your cuts donít bleed anymore." The doctor explained, leaving the room. Amber nodded and got up. David came into the room, putting his arm around her waist for support.

"I'm okay." Amber smiled at him and nodded, trying to make his worried expression go away. David smiled, but it didn't quite match is regular smile. He took her home in silence. She had spent two hours in the ER, it was now 10:30 p.m. Amber hugged him goodbye and quickly changed into her pajamas, easing herself into bed to rest like the doctor had asked. She was still stinging all over, the fresh cuts make it difficult to move around too much.

Amber called David around noon the following day. The snow had begun to melt, it was slightly warmer and sunnier, the day after Christmas. He still sounded tense. "Listen, Amber. I'm coming over. I need to get out of here for a while." He said, hanging up. This confused and alarmed Amber, she had never seen him this disoriented before. What had happened since she fell to make him like this? She pondered the reason that he was acting this way up until he rang her doorbell.

David marched in and sat at her table. She hurried over and sat beside him, her hand resting on his knee. "What's wrong? Is this about my accident yesterday?" She was fine, why would he still be upset?

"No." David replied, with an edge. "My mother and I got into an argument. I don't know what happened, it started with your fall...she doesn't want me to be with you anymore." Amber was alarmed further by this. What had she done? "I have no clue what has gotten into her. But she doesn't want you around anymore." David took in her hurt expression. His lips were a tense line and his eyes burned with anger and fear.

Amber searched for words, and finally found something to say. " going to" She muttered sadly.

"I'm not giving you up. The thought of you being with another man makes me sick." He got up and moved to the door. "If it comes down to it, I'll get rid of her. Nobody is pulling me away from you, not even my own mother." With that he left, without a goodbye.

Amber swallowed the lump of panic in her throat. She didn't understand anything that was happening or had happened. She didn't know whether David was serious, even though he sounded sincere. Would he really "get rid" of his mother if she tried to break them up? What did he even mean by that? She fell onto the couch, this was too much to register in her mind at once. She spent a good three hours thinking through everything that happened in the past 24 hours, while David and his mother continued to have issues...days passed.

Part 2: Murder

Amber didn't think David could be dangerous. He was the sweetest human being she had ever known. But here it was, three days since she heard from him last, on the T.V. "Breaking News! Woman in quiet neighborhood murdered by a single gunshot wound!" The headline said as the blonde news anchor began to speak. "Early yesterday morning, neighbors around Green Avenue awoke to a single gunshot heard nearby. The police were called, and a woman was found dead, lying in her living room...with one gunshot wound to the head. There are currently no suspects in this case...." Amber was devastated as she saw photos of David's mother appear on the screen.

"He didn't." Amber repeated over and over, even as the report went off. She couldn't think of anything else but that. The sound on the T.V. had become a low buzzing sound. A knock at the door made her jump, snapping her back into reality. She knew exactly who it would be.

There he stood, hands in his pocket, pitiful pout on his face, and emotionless eyes, on Amber's doorstep. "D-David." Was all Amber could say. His eyes darted over her terrified face as he stepped in. He knew exactly what happened, she already knew everything.

"Did you do it?" Amber cried as the report flashed on the news again. She was sitting on the far edge of the couch, while David sat at the other end. He still had that pitiful pouty face.

"She wasn't going to let me marry plan was to propose on Christmas Eve, but she isn't always as friendly as she looks! She didn't let me do it. I had to return the ring and everything." He explained, not looking directly at her face. "I honestly regret what I did...but I-I didn't want to give you up! I love you, Amber." He stopped, looking down with tearful eyes. Amber bit her lip, wanting to run away. She wished this was all just a nightmare and she would soon wake up. Amber just couldn't accept that her former love was a murderer, a killer...a criminal. She began to fear that her life was in danger too!

She stood up, almost falling back down. "Amber." David got up to help her gain stability.

"No...Ē She said shakily, not wanting him near her. She was too scared to know what to do. "You need to get out of here, aren't the police after you?" She turned her head slightly to see his expression.

"No, they have no idea that I did it. I called 911. They all truly believe I'm the innocent, concerned son." He stopped trying to smile. "This is great, now we have nothing stopping us. We can get married and start our life." Amber couldn't believe all of this was happening. She did not want to marry a criminal! She took one last look at the man she used to love, then darted off outside.

"No!" She mumbled, noticing it was getting late. Nobody was outside. "Uhh..." She grunted, trying to think of anywhere she could go. She turned down an alley and kept going. Suddenly, she remembered a friend of hers lived a few blocks down. "Ah!" She would go to her house and call the police. It was getting dark fast, and it wasn't long before she took a wrong turn. "Oh no!" Amber had no sense of direction, which made this situation even harder.

"Amber..." The same chilling voice from her dream. Her dream really was a premonition of the future. She frantically looked around. Darkness. "Amber, you aren't trying to run away, are you?" She took off again, running slam into a brick wall.

"OuchÖ" She fell back, dizzy. She heard a sinister laughter coming from somewhere behind her, and footsteps. Slowly, he was drawing closer. Amber looked in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. Still, her eyes widened in horror as she realized she was going to die.

"Amber, you can't run from me. If I can't have you..." He paused, and the footsteps stopped. "Well, if I can't have you, nobody can." She could feel him right behind her.

"No!" She refused to let herself die at his hands. She got up, running again. She didn't want reality to become her dream, she knew it ended badly.

"Amber!" His tone made her shiver. "Amber!" She kept running. She had to get out of the dark part of town. Find someone to help her. A gun was fired behind her. "Ahhh!" She screamed as it grazed her shoulder. "No!" She muttered, holding the wound with one hand. Suddenly, she saw the streetlights. "Ah!" Amber smiled and didn't give up her speed as she came closer and closer to help.

"You won't escape!" David shouted, and she felt a stabbing sensation in her back. David had gained on her, and he slowly wrapped his arms around her neck as he shoved a knife into her back. Amber didnít scream, or feel any pain, she simply collapsed.

"Help!" Was the last word she heard herself say.

"That's it." Amber said, leaning back in her chair. "That's everything that happened." She said to herself, staring at her computer screen. Her newest novel was complete. The scary thing about her newest book is that it was all true. Six months ago, she was going through the horror she had just put into writing. She pushed the memories out of her head, and decided to put the ending on it.

"That's when I woke up in the hospital."

"Where am I?" Amber shouted, sitting up. The bright white room almost made her close her eyes again.
"You are very lucky, Miss. Amber. A man heard you shout for help, and called 911. They got there just in time. That man would have killed you otherwise." Amber felt sick. Her boyfriend almost killed her. She was almost afraid to ask, but she did anyway.
"And...what about the man who hurt me?" She looked down as she uttered the painful words. The doctor eyed her suspiciously, but answered her question.
"He was arrested, sentenced to life in prison for murder and attempted murder." Amber didn't know why, but she burst into tears. Her parents rushed into the room, but she was incoherent. The terrible nightmare was over, but her pain was just beginning
"Okay, that's the whole thing." Amber handed her manuscript to her editor. She turned to leave, but the editor stopped her. "Miss. Amber, this doesn't have a title. What shall we call it?" She sighed and turned back.
"I was thinking about it up until now, but I think I want to call it....Love You To Death."

~The End.~

And In Entry NO. 2: Bryaugh with.....Untitled
The valley shook violently as the giant beast slammed into the corpse-strewn earth beside its fallen comrade, the emotion now blazing in its eyes as it gazed down upon the bloodstained mass of scales beside it seeming for a moment so intense that it ground the world into stillness. In this fleeting moment of breathless silence as the whole mountainside froze in despair, the slayer finally set his gaze upon the truth that had been hidden before him for all this time. Before he even had time to comprehend its meaning, the burning red eyes swivelled to find the object of their agonising rage and the jaws so thirsty for blood plunged forwards into the intoxicating depths of their revenge.

PLease Vote for the One YOU think it was more creative. you will only get One vote and If you vote for yourself you loose for default.


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