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The Many Swords of Zelda
The Many Swords of Zelda
Published by Aether_Fenris
The Many Swords of Zelda

Tomorrow is a momentous occasion - Skyward Sword will release in America, and millions of gamers will finally be able to wield Link's sword like never before. The Zelda series is obviously very heavily reliant on swords. Let's take a few moments to take a look at some of the swords from this legendary series.

The Master Sword

All Zelda fans are - or at least should be - familiar with the Master Sword, also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane. This sword first appeared in a Link to the Past and has sicne become a crucial part of The Legend of Zelda. It is the only sword that can harm Ganon, and is mandatory for Link to defeat the evil king.

The Biggoron Sword

The Biggoron sword made its debut in Ocarina of Time, where it was the result of a rather long trading sequence. It is an unbreakable version of the giant's knife which can be purchased for 200 rupees earlier in the game. this sword is so huge, Link has to weild it with two hands. Biggoron's sword made another appearance in the Oracle series, but was only available via the games' link system. In Oracle of Seasons, it is obtained from Biggoron himself, while in Oracle of Ages it is received from the Goron elder. In the Oracle games, the sword takes up both items slots, and Link swings it in a full 360 degree circle.

Four Sword

The Four Sword, also called the Picori Blade is Link's sword from The Minish Cap, though it's first appearance was in Four Swords. In The Four Swords, which was a bundled in multiplayer game with the GBA release of A Link to the Past, Link takes up the Four Sword, dividing himself into 4 entities in order to save Zelda from the evil prince Vaati. It later makes in appearance in Four Swords Adventure for the Gamecube, where it again spits Link into 4 to take down Vaati. The Four sword is to Vaati what the Master Sword is to Ganon. In The Minish Cap, the origins of The Four Sword are revealed. It started as a simple blade smithed by...well, smiths. It is later reforged by the Picori, and after it is imbued with all of the elements, becomes the Four Sword, or Picori Blade.

The Gilded Sword

The Gilded Sword began as The Razor Sword. The Razor Sword has a small set back - it is brittle, and breaks with use. By smithing the Razor Sword with gold dust, it becomes the Gilded Sword, and will never break again. the Gilded Sword has only been used in Majora's Mask so far, but perhaps we will see it again someday.

The Great Fairy Sword

The Great Fairy Sword could be considered the Majora's Mask counterpart of Biggoron's Sword. This sword is obtained from the Great Fairy of Ikana Canyon when all the stray fairies are returned to her. Unlike other swords, it is equipped with the c-buttons. This is one of the most powerful swords in not only Majora's Mask, but the entire series.

Phantom Sword

The Phantom Sword is composed of three types of pure metal as well as the Phantom Hourglass. In The Phantom Hourglass, this is the only sword that can hard either Phantoms or Bellum. It can also be sued to stop time.

Lokomo Sword

The Lokomo Sword serves the same basic uses as the Phantom Sword, except it cannot slow time, and is sued against Malladus instead of Bellum. It was originally forged by The Spirits of Good and sued to defeat many evil creatures.

Royal Sword

This is the sword wielded by Zelda (as well as Puppet Zelda) in Twilight Princess. Not much is known about this swords origins and history. Zelda dropped this sword in submission to Zant.

Twilight Sword

The Twilight sword was used by Zant in Twilight Princess to resurrect Stallord at the Arbiter's Grounds. Aside from resurrecting this behemoth, it is unknown if it was ever used in combat. It's origins are also unknown.
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By Nintenduendo on 11-19-2011, 08:31 PM
I'm surprised you didn't mention either Ganondorf's Sword from TP and the wooden sword from LoZ.
By Aether_Fenris on 11-19-2011, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by Glastonbury View Post
I'm surprised you didn't mention either Ganondorf's Sword from TP and the wooden sword from LoZ.
Ganondorf has a different sword almost every time he is seen with one. Also, didn't feel like mentioning the original colored swords, wooden sword, etc.
By Mikematute on 11-20-2011, 11:15 AM

you forgot the sword that
was used againt ganondorf for his sentence that was latter used by him agains Link
By MrMario on 11-20-2011, 07:02 PM
The four sword is beautiful!
By Tanis on 11-20-2011, 09:08 PM
Ah, the Great Fairy Sword...good times in Soul Calibur 2.
By xXMence and FlowXx on 11-23-2011, 12:20 AM
The Master Sword is BEAUTIFUL. Probably one of the most recognizable Swords in gaming history.
By xXDaKidXx on 11-23-2011, 10:41 PM
Now for "The many Shields of Zelda" make it happen SGC64.
By NommyNommy on 11-24-2011, 07:30 PM
Wooden, Hylian, Mirror.

By xXDaKidXx on 11-24-2011, 11:34 PM
There's more than that..
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