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Super Mario 3D Land
Super Mario 3D Land
Published by jdude0822
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Post Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land!

Super Mario 3D Land,
Like many Mario games before, this game introduces new aspects in into the Mario series. Obviously the main one here is the aspect of 3D. Back in the day of the NES, Super Mario Bros. 3 was (and still is) regarded as the best entry in the series yet. After a strange sequel (at least in America) to the first game, gamers were hyped to have a more traditional experience. Yet, Nintendo wanted to shift the Mario experience elsewhere, so they trashed the new power ups they had come up with, and went on with the series. People were somewhat disappointed with this, but hey its hard to mess up Mario. Over twenty years later Nintendo decided to revisit the old classic and release Super Mario 3D Land.

Hey its Mario, unless its an RPG you shouldn't be expecting much else. If somehow you dont know the story normally consists of
1.Peach invites mario to do somthing(like have cake!)
2.Bowser utilizes this instance to steal peach in front of Mario's eyes
3.Mario goes out to kick his ass

The story opens with a Tanooki Tree in the frame. A storm one night blows all of the leaves off of the tree, and a connection to Bowser is immediately made because of his laugh heard in the background. Peach, being worried about the tree, goes out and checks it out (I bet you all know what is going to happen next). Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario, and the toads go out to save her and the leaves. Once mario goes through all 8 worlds, and drops Bowser into a pit of lava, he gets the princess back and heads home. Yet, the game isn't over yet! Mario soon learns Bowser has rekidnapped Peach, and took Luigi too! Mario heads out to replay all 8 worlds as special stages, which are for the most part like Super Mario Galaxy's extra worlds. Once you beat world one, you find Luigi and save him, and go out to save the princess from Dry Bowser, the skeleton form of Bowser (Who looks like a badass).

As you can see the story is different from all the others, but the premise is really the same. The story gets stale, but is acceptable. I would give it a

As a die hard Mario fan, I really think the improvements and alterations of gameplay to suit the 3DS are fantastic. Gameplay definately makes a game, and this goes doubly so in platformers, so this will be the most meaty section of the review.

When you take the classic elements of SMB 3 and mix them with the new ones from Super Mario 3D land, the product is amazing. But first you will need to be familiar with the elements before I go about reviewing them.

The Mushroom

If you don't know what this does, I don't think you should be on this site XD.

The Fire Flower

Well I could say the same thing i said earlier about the mushroom could be said about this item too, but I will go through with it this time. This powerup normally only appears when you already have the mushroom powerup, and allows you to shoot fire from your hands and reign down upon your foes!

Tanooki Leaf

An old powerup that some youngsters might not be familiar with (Even though i'm only 18 XD). This debuted back in SMB 3, and it for the most part does the same thing. Back in the day you used to be able to fly with it, but those days are gone. You still though can float and spin attack with it.

Stone Tanooki Leaf

They had a power up similar to this back in SMB 3 and its now back. When you do the "Ground Pound Move" with this powerup, you turn to stone and all enemies ignore your existence. It shares all the same attributes as the tanooki leaf.

Boomerang Flower

This new powerup gives you the power to throw boomerangs like boomerang bros. Boomerangs can kill enemies and pick up coins. Its a nice little thing they added, but it really dosnt have much to say about itsself.

P Wing

Back in the day these items were really frowned upon to use because of how cheap they were. You had unlimited flight, and therefore pretty much invincible. Same goes for in Super Mario 3D land, except it has a different function. As you may very well know, Nintendo has softening up with gamers as of late, and that includes Super Mario 3D Land. In this game, when you lose 10 lives on one level a P Wing block appears and if you use it it teleports you to the end of the level. This really Peeves me when Nintendo does things like this, but its in there.

The Baddies

There is a whole slew of new bad guys to fight in this new installment, and there is definitely no shortage of tanooki tails here. If you take just about every previous classic enemy from mario games and add a tanooki tail to it, it probably exists here. A list of new enemies include:

Fake Blocks
Goomba Towers
Grand Tail Goombas
Inky Piranha Plants
Spike Eels
Tail Bob-ombs
Tail Boos
Tail Bullet Bills
Tail Goombas
Tail Thwomps(Wtf?)

My favorite new enemy is the Inky Piranha Plants because they utilize the 3D element to deter you by spraying ink on your screen, not unlike the blooper from Mario Kart. You can get rid of it by blowing in the mic.

Inky Piranha Plant

Most all baddies are defeated by jumping on them, like normal, and others like the Wallops and Thwomps can't be destroyed normally.

Now to shift away from the powerups and baddies to focus the attention on level framework.

What Nintendo did with the gameplay for this game is absolutely brilliant. They made a 3D mario game that is the most linear a game can get. The idea of retro Mario in 3D really wouldn't have crossed my mind until I played this game, and it works great.

Not only is there the 3D 2D hybrid retro feel, there are also new 3D puzzles that utilize the 3D to its fullest potential. When you can actually see a puzzle in 3D, you don't feel like you need a camera control. The game literally shifts the camera itself, and where you would normally need it in 2D, the 3D makes it so you don't feel like you need it because you can easily visualize it. The game has 2 different 3D modes. One that puts an emphasis on depth and one on making the game "Pop out" I personally use the pop out option because the depth option hurts most people's eyes I know, which really is the only downfall to the graphics.

The game has 3 large Star Coins throughout each level, and to unlock all of the levels, you must get them all. Most of them are easy to find but a few are hidden in good places. They really help make the game more enjoyable, and difficult for the more hardcore player. One gripe I have is the fact that to 100% the game, you must hit the TOP of each flagpole on each level. I didn't know this for quite some time, and now I have to revisit each level and hit the top of the pole on all of them (because I am OCD). Another problem I have is the game is simply too easy. If you are seeing a game over screen, I am sorry but you are awful at this game. I had over 50 lives after the first world, and died less than 3 time (I don't know the exacts, but I died little to no times). The game gets harder, but not much. I have never dropped below 50 lives the entire game, and the game just dumps them on you like they are nothing.

The controls as I said earlier feel floaty for a Mario game. I felt like I should be able to run and do a triple jump, but there is only the single jump (which makes sense because Nintendo wanted a more classic new hybrid expirience). The long jump controls feel a bit off also, and the backflip is also weird. The backflip is like in SMB 2 where you crouch for a certain time to charge up, then jump high. A new control addition was added though that will make speedrunners very happy. If you are crouching and press "B" you will do a dive roll, which gives you a good speed boost. Being able to blaze through levels is a great feeling, which makes this new mechanic spectacular. The other controls really are self explanatory, A is jump, L is crouch, holding b lets you run, and pressing it makes you use your current power up's ability. It all molds together pretty well.

Now I could go on and on about the gameplay, but I will spare you and just give you my final judgement. The gameplay is excellent, and the controls are acceptable. The powerups are classic (with a few new elements) and work great, the badddies are cute and new, but the P Wing really disappointed me. The gameplay deserves an



Though this will be a short section, it is an important one to some gamers. Even though I believe in the motto "Graphics dont make the game" I sure do think they help.

Super Mario 3D land's 3D visuals are great, and the graphics are bright and colorful. I sometimes forgot that I was playing a 3DS when I was in the heat of the game because the graphics were so nice! I have seen nor heard of any graphical glitches so far, and I like it that way. The visuals greatly resemble Super Mario Galaxy's(mainly because the same team that made SMG made it) which is a good thing.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 3D Land

As you can see there are many similarities in the style and presentation, which looks beautiful. These graphics are the best so far in the portable mario series, and so the graphics deserve a high



As anyone would expect, this game has an excellent soundtrack. When it comes to Zelda and Mario, Nintendo dosn't around. I love the music from the Mario series, and this game isn't an exception. The happy overworld music, and the classic underground music works great for the game. The toad house music also brings back great memories from the old days of SMB 3. The Boss music is great and adds a fun feel, and the Bowser battle music is menicing and memorable. WARNING you will find yourself singing these catchy tunes to yourself after you play the game. The sound deserves a


To conclude, I would definitely recommend this game to anybody who mildly enjoys Mario or platformers. It is my favorite portable title so far, and have not had the slightest regret after purchasing it. This game overall deserves a rating of (even if the average dosn't come out to this) a


In short


I am sorry because I am SURE I missed stuff somewhere, got something wrong, or whatever. I just ask you guys be polite about pointing it out XD.

Thanks for reading!

*****HUGE EDIT!!!*****

I COMPLETELY forgot to thank Mario789 for pre-reading this and giving me some tips on how to make it better. THANKS BRO!
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By AlloftheAbove on 01-22-2012, 08:32 PM
A pretty good review, considering it's your first on this forum.
I got rid of the so-called "disclaimer" at the beginning, because everyone knows that a review is an opinion. My only piece of criticism is maybe you go into a bit too much detail.
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By jdude0822 on 01-22-2012, 09:00 PM
Yea I was so overwhelmed at how to explain the new experience it got a little lenghly. I realized that so I tried to put lots of pictures to try and help, but I realize it's too long
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By Aether_Fenris on 01-22-2012, 10:34 PM
Very well done.
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By =^.^= on 01-22-2012, 11:26 PM
they put a HUGE emphasis on the tanuki tail that it was just sickening
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By AuraGuardian20 on 01-24-2012, 10:38 AM
Yes brilliantly done I have the game and I have beaten it more times then I can count and I love it. I have 964 lives know so I do silly stuff to see if I can get through boards differently and faster. Each time I replay the more I appreciate its replay ability^^ Great Review!
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By jdude0822 on 01-24-2012, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by =^.^= View Post
they put a HUGE emphasis on the tanuki tail that it was just sickening
I absolutely agree. Once i got to the tanooki bullet bills I was like "Srsly? What the hell"

Originally Posted by AuraGuardian20 View Post
Yes brilliantly done I have the game and I have beaten it more times then I can count and I love it. I have 964 lives know so I do silly stuff to see if I can get through boards differently and faster. Each time I replay the more I appreciate its replay ability^^ Great Review!
thanks bro!
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By NommyNommy on 01-24-2012, 05:27 PM
tanooki enemies were cool, its just that using the takooni suit basically puts you into easy mode
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By jdude0822 on 01-24-2012, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by NommyNommy View Post
tanooki enemies were cool, its just that using the takooni suit basically puts you into easy mode
Well I felt that they were cool when I first started, but there just were so many of them it got old for me. Also the easy mode thing is definitely true.
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