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Fortune Street
Fortune Street
Published by Mikematute
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Fortune Street

So I haven’t done any reviews in a long time (that’s because I’m lazy) but our head reviewer has drawn me to it again.
So this month I will be talking about a great board game called Fortune Street. It was drawn to my attention by one of our local members in a thread and I actually started to like the idea of a board game in the Wii (something like Mario Party).

A week ago I bought it and played it with a friend so here is my review.
I think one of the best features of the game is that Nintendo actually mixed Mario and Dragon Quest characters. So mean while you are kicking as with Bowser or Bowser JR, your girl friend who doesn’t like peach because she seems to stupid, can choose a girl named Bianca (who actually seems taken out from Dragon ball rather than DQ), or any other character from DQ. Not only that but you may also play with any Mii character you have.

The main point in the game is to get to a definite amount of net worth (depending on the board you are playing. The bigger the board the more net worth you have to get). You start out with 500 coins of cash and the lowest finish line is 6000 of net worth.
The point in the game is to buy properties (by landing in them) and every time another player lands in one of your properties, he/she looses money and you gain it (kind of monopoly) the trick here is how you play. If you have two or more properties in a row, the values of your shops goes up and you can invest more in your shops.
How do you invest? You actually land in one of your properties and you have the option to invest in any of your shops. Depending on how much money you invest, the more expensive your shop can be, and if you have a lot of properties together, the less money you have to invest to actually become more expensive. You can actually make a shop charge up to 2250 (I think you can make it be more expensive but that is the limit I have reached once). If you make counts, if another player lands in one of those, you have already reached 1/3 of the goal in one turn.
You can buy shops from other players (if they accept your deals) buyout any shop if you have enough cash or even trade shops.

Now you have to be careful because there is “ready cash” and “net worth”. Your ready cash is what you have in the moment and your net worth is what your shops + your cash are “worth”. So many people may think that if you invest in a shop, you actually start loosing when is the contrary. When you invest in a shop, you still have that money in your net. In other words the act of investing doesn’t affect you in terms of winning or loosing. It can actually make you win.
Besides winning money, you can get a promotion. Through out the game there are 4 different kind of “studs” (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs”) once you get them all four, you go to the bank and get a promotion. With every promotion, you get a cash bonus.
There is also the Standard rules (all the listed above are the easy/basic rules) where you have others squares, you have districts and you have stock value.

Video isn't mine, just found it. It may be useful to understand how the game play is.

There is no “story mode” in the game. There is something called Tour that you embark in 5 different boards and you have to accomplish different things. While accomplishing them, you unlock new boards.

The sound inside the game is not that of a new Nintendo game. Considering for the Mario part, there are the basics sound of a Mario game, or other classic Mario sound. There isn’t any new sound, they seem to just copy paste the sound. That as well for the Dragon Quest part.

There are many different boards for the game, not only from Mario (like Peach’s Castle, Mario’s baseball court, etc) but from DQ as well (like an active volcano or some ones Castle)

The graphics for the game are okay. It isn’t the greatest graphics of the world but there accomplish a mission. Entertain.

The game is rated E for America. If you aren’t American and your main tongue isn’t English, I would actually recommend it for kids 12 or older who already know even a little English. I use my little Brother as example. He already knows some English but if I actually put him to play, he will loose all his cash on the first investment. And then go bankrupt.

This is a really fun game and the best part is that if you don’t have 4 Wii controllers you can use only one for all the players. Playing against the computer will never be as much fun to play with your friends (specially where you offer a definite amount for a shop and the COM will always ask for the 150% more.
I hope you enjoyed the review. See you next time.
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By =^.^= on 01-23-2012, 07:01 AM
investing, net worth, ready cash, promotions! this sounds really complicated!
but i didn't like your review that much tbh. you talked about how your younger brother doesn't speak english well. i don't think that had anything to do with the game, other than the fact that he found it hard to read. and you also go into how you think one of the characters looks more like a dragon ball character than a dragon quest character, and how your girlfriend picked her because she doesn't like peach.

i dunno, it just felt weird to read.
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By Mikematute on 01-23-2012, 03:51 PM
Its called opinion, and my little bro couldnt play it because he doesnt know what is to invest, what is net worth, etc. anyone with a basic knowledge of english can play it. and I include my little brother as a basis to rate. check any other of my reviews.
And yes. It is complicated but fun at the same time
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By NommyNommy on 01-24-2012, 02:40 AM
the creator of dragon ball illustrated the characters in dragon quest

just saiyan
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By Mikematute on 01-24-2012, 04:00 PM
I dont doubt it :P
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By Carnival on 01-28-2012, 01:12 AM
Woah, I didn't even know this game existed until reading this !
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By Mikematute on 01-28-2012, 11:17 AM
It happens. Half of the game that I know of is because of reading reviews here
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By Mr.Efra on 07-09-2012, 04:15 PM
Well i dont have the game, but the graphics looks amazing, is like the "Monopoly game" so i dont think is so fun the game, if the game haved minigames maybe would be considerable a good game.
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