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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - Review
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - Review
A Honorable Suprise.
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 88%
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - Review

Probably the most pleasantly suprising game of the Wii so far.
A title that may as well be given the title of
THE best-controlling first-person shooter.
A great 32 person multiplayer mode, and still going strong
WiFi wise. It's a benchmark for future FPS games.



If you played FPS's, the chances are very high that 89% of them were WWII inspired, so most likely you've played a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game in your lifetime. Is this one any different? Not really. You play as a US Allied soldier, sent to get behind the Nazi enemy lines and cause as much havoc and destruction as you possibly can. You can destroy U Boats, Anti Aircraft Guns, and plenty more as you go through 10+ missions spawning across blood soaked Europe. Either then that, its your typical WWII shooter just with Wii contols.

Enemy sighted! CHAAAAAAARGE!

Now for the interesting part... Marvman knows you are wondering, "Ok, nothing new. So what makes it so good [or bad?]" Well, one word....Controls. Any game on the Wii gauges it's sucess by the innovative use of the Wii'mote enhanced controls. Does it stack up to the blueprint that Metroid Prime 3 layed down? Yes. In every way and even added more.

Your basic controls. To move you use the analog stick on the nunchuck to move back and forward, and to strafe left to right. The Wii'mote itself is used to see all around you. Now, the best part. In MP3C, there were two modes of sensitivity on the controls. Which was a step forward, a lot fo FPS's didnt even have that. But MoHH2 take's it s step further, just like on your PC you can adjust X- axis and Y- axis sensitivity to match your needs exactly. At the same time, it doesn't make the game lag or anything at all. Infact it still runs at a steady 50-60 fps.

Cool right?

Now to reload just quickly bob the Wii'mote down and up. To zoom in just press the A face button. For sniper rifles it's very special to zoom in and out. Twist the Wii'mote like you were to unlock a safe, then it adjusts the zoom in or out depending on your precise adjustments. If that is too much you can always take that gimmick off and have it on auto adjust. To lean in or out of cover, just twist the nunchuck left or right, and you'll be able to get the drop on those Nazi's! Throwing grenades take a bit more skill then usual, and it's rather slow if you're not used to the controls yet. Change weapons by pressing left or right on the D Pad. Once you cycle through your two weapons, you will find grenades. To cook the grenade [cooking is setting off the timer ealry to have a quicker explosion. CAUTION: It will explode in your hand if you keep it] press A face button and then press B to set a location to throw it. When ready quickly lob the grenade like you would in real life, and watch the bodies fly. A lot of work, but with practice it becomes a standard skill you'll need in order to pass missions.

The missions themselves are fairly moderate. As you start along, they are fairly easy. Wave after wave of Nazi forces will come swarming in on your location and taking out some of your Allies. As you continue on with the game, things get more harder. The AI will do some unexpected things like lobbing frequent grenades and pin point headshots. At the same time your Allies become more stupider then they were five minutes ago. Charging into fire. Taking silly cover behind small crates. Even mis-firing grenades by throwing them in the wrong field of enemies. Pretty much you'll feel like the lone wolf and handle it all on your own. Who cares? Thats how it was going to be like anyways as they bark out insane orders like "SAVE SOME FOR US!" Like they really care? Cause YOUR doing all the work!!!

Shogun + Nazi = PWNAGE


Visually the game looks good and runs smooth. Not an MPS3 futuristic view but just good enough to tolerate. The level themselves are pretty detailed, but you get the feeling that it is just you and the enemie in these walls or barrier. What is out there? Is anybody else fighting? You really couldn't tell if its some paintball arena or battlefied once you look around. But still the levels themselves are pretty detailed. Just the atmospere isn't. Player and enemy models have their ups and downs. Fluid animations? No. Half the time, once you kill a enemy they just disappear. Freakn A?! Or quickly fall to the ground. You would think it was all some trippy arse dream. Reason for this: faster gameplay, less frame drops. There is a lot going on around you in this war. With so much bullets whizzing by and waves of Nazi grunts coming at you, the frame rate would drop considerably, if they didn't do a few cut backs. So kudos for Team Fuzion for thinking of the gamers!

Ah, Easy play.


Not every mission is passable. Sometimes you need some easy way to beat the level. What really frustrated Marvman the most was the lack of checkpoints in important parts of the levels. Get swarmed by Nazi's in the middle of the next checkpoint? Ah, oh well, back to the last checkpoint 30 minutes ago! That was a big drawback, alot of the time when Marvman played, he stopped once he died. Because, he didn't want to replay the last 45 minutes of his life just to die Freakn A again.

Thank God for Arcade mode! If a level is too much for you to handle on your own, Arcade mode can help. Also it's a means for Casual gamers to get into the game without having to go through all that extensive learning curve of ducking, dodging, hoisting grenades and switching weapons. You have infinite bullets at your disposal.
But, you do have to reload. Like Time Crisis, you can duck, but that really doesn't help at all. Some how, those Nazi's can shoot though rocks. This is also the best time to use the Wii Zapper!


CTF?! Marvman can't hear you, OVER!


The Wii's online system is...less to be desired. It's practically useless with so much to offer. You have WiiConnect24, and yeah. Look how that went. [*looks at MP3C*] So if you're thirsty for some online frag fest, MoHH2 can provide just enough to want more. 32 players? YES.
For the most part it's lag less. Fully customizable games ranging from an all out Deathmatch to
Team: Capture The Flag. They are fun and annoying at the same time. Like a weird looking fruit, with a great taste. Multiplayer adds the sprint button! Yes, like in CoD4 you can sprint in multiplayer [yet not in single player where you could use it just as well?]. Unlike CoD4, if you sprint, you can still shoot, reload, and melee. Speaking of melee, there is a melee button instead of a gesture!

In multiplayer it lacks a lot of cool stuff that would make it the best experience on the Wii.

1. Voice chat? No way. CTF and other Team based matches get too quiet and isolated, you are on a team but it doesn't feel like team match because of the lack of coordination.

2. Hit detection, is extremely off. Marvman emptied a whole clip in someone's general direction, and at his torso, and the player didn't die. WTH?!

3. Weapon Balance. A lot the weapon you just feel is weaker then should be and some are stronger then what they reall are. A MP14* [sub machince gun] and a Shotgun battle. Close range: Shotgun wins. Mid Range: Mp14 wins. Aight. In the game, Longe Range [Sniper Distance]: MP14 wins. Mid Range: MP14 wins.
Short Range: MP14 wins. NOW WTH?!

The overall expereince of multiplayer can get down right boring, but a lot of the times, if played with a decent group and great level you can get a greatmatches that can last for a good 2 hour session.


+ Controls are just excellent. On point in every way. You can even customize them to fit your needs.

+ Level detail is very good, better then CoD3 and MoHV

+ 32 player, freaking muliplayer!

+ Arcade mode to pass some Campaign Mode Levels FTW


- Stupid AI

- Up ands Downs of Mulitplayer

- Where the heck are me checkpoints?!

- Wii Zapper is Crap.

Graphics: 8.0/10 - Not this title's strong point.
Frame rate wise; very smooth. Texture and Graphic wise; needs more polish and added refining. It also has a bit more color than your typical WWII game. The graphics are consequently less dreary than what you may be used to.
Simply put; Xbox generation visuals.

Storyline/WiFi: 8.8/10 - You're an operative in the Special Forces and it's up to you to stop Hitler from deploying his new rocket, the V2. Over the course of eight missions, you'll perform the usual array of activities found in many a WWII-based FPS: You'll plant charges, pick up documents, fight in a church, launch mortar rockets, operate large cannons and stationary machine guns, and kill seemingly endless waves of Nazi soldiers. The WiFi mode is what makes this game good. Almost no lag, and the 32 person fragfest is fun. WiFi as its supposed to be....almost.

Controls/Gameplay: 9.5/10 - Sharp controls. And not only does it control well, it also makes great use of the WiiMote and Nunchuck for added interactivity. As for the gameplay itself, the single player campaign is short, but enjoyable; the Arcade mode is well done; and the multiplayer is excellent. Except for the lack of maps (6).

Music/Sounds: 8.4/10 - Outside of some interesting uses of the Wii Remote's speaker, what you'll hear from Heroes 2 is what you've heard from Vanguard, Heroes, Airborne, and every other Medal of Honor game: good-sounding weapons; sparse, but fitting music; and soldier chatter.

Overall Rating: 8.7 - A very solid FPS title from EA Canada.
Team Fuzion a rookie developer, has got its sights straight.

Sharp controls, speedy gameplay, and an impressive online mode, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a battle worth fighting.
It really is a great game.

Shoot For Glory, Shoot For Honor.

Published by
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By SeanMi on 08-18-2008, 12:50 PM
Very good review Marvman. Your right on just about anything. The AI are really dumb. My troops seem to just shoot at the thing there taking cover behind...
The controls are great, and the online is Fun. But playing teams without voice chat...really dosent work.

I didnt know you had MoHH2 Marvman. We should play sometime.
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By Lukario on 08-18-2008, 01:17 PM
Based on this review, I am tempted to check it out. Thanks for the review, good work.

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By AlloftheAbove on 04-22-2009, 06:37 AM
I rented this game, and I love it. Too bad the Australian version doesn't even have multiplayer or Wifi.
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By Rin on 04-22-2009, 09:53 AM
I tried this out when it first came out. It was pretty good actually, though I couldn't keep it long...stupid rental :/
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By SirManguydude on 04-22-2009, 05:39 PM
It has the best Multiplayer so far, and I hope Conduit steps it up. I agree though the Mp14 wins always, I hate being allies since the Thompson(which is way better in real life) gets pwn'd by Mp14.
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By SeanMi on 04-22-2009, 07:32 PM
Thompson is a beast in the game if ya know how to use it. MP40 has a glitch. I don't use it much since its kinda noobish.
Thompson is very powerful, and accurate. It goes through the 20 mag clip really quick though.
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By SirManguydude on 04-22-2009, 08:21 PM
Thompson should kill rather quick since its shooting a sniper esque bullet. It has the highest caliber bullet of all Handheld Machine guns.
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