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Will Resident Evil 6 bring back survival horror?
Will Resident Evil 6 bring back survival horror?
Published by Rai17
Will Resident Evil 6 bring back survival horror?

The death of survival horror?

Growing up with Resident Evil, I remember getting chills when the opening prologues would begin. If that didn't to raise your heartbeat, the corridors of the original mansion or the streets of Raccoon City would definitely take care of that. With Resident Evil 4 and 5, it seemed like Capcom took a turn in a different direction. When you truly go back a bit and compare the evolution of the Resident Evil franchise, the survival-horror atmosphere seems to have disappeared a bit. Here's a quick but analytic breakdown of how several of the games and how they've the genre into what seems like a race to the highest score and focusing more on action than staying alive.

Resident Evil

RE characters Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen back-to-back getting rid of zombie baddies in the Arklay Mountains Research Facility's basement.

Let's start with the prequel, shall we?
It seemed like we knew the story well; too well, no? Back in 2003, Capcom threw a curveball at us by releasing , telling the story leading up to the first game released back in the late 90's. When details were released that the game would focus on Rebecca Chambers, a minor character in the original game, it seemed to interest fans, until a new male character would be playable alongside Chambers, instead of choosing either or. This seemed like a risk developers were willing to take, and thank God they did too. While both characters are together for majority of the game, you would think that the survival-horror feel would diminish, but think again! Most of the game needs Becca's chemical ability and Coen's muscles, so being stuck in a certain section of the game would require a character to go on alone. Besides the drastic change of controlling two characters at once, the level of the game's "scary-ness" is pretty high if you ask me; if playing in a difficult setting, ammunition is scarce as well as health items, and the monsters unique to the game seem to multiply. If that doesn't scare you, then the rest of the Resident Evil games won't either.

Resident Evil (Remake Included)

Central characters Chris Redfield poppin' a cap on en enemy in the upstairs section of the mansion.

Do I really need to say much about this masterpiece? The one that started it all, Resident Evil 1 gave birth to the genre of survival-horror. You'd start as either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, both S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team members sent to find out what happened to Bravo Team. Throughout the game, zombies pop out, dogs break through windows, and different types of monsters make their way towards the player. In the much-anticipated/needed remake for the Gamecube introduced not only new plot details, but the upgraded version of normal zombies, Crimson Heads. These lovely things are reanimated zombies that you didn't decapitate or burn earlier in the game, running towards you with their claws. If that doesn't have you trembling, Lisa Trevor was also thrown into the game, a mutated victim of the T-Virus (that later became a crucial component to the development of the G-Virus) that appears several times throughout the game that is impossible to kill. Hope you had fun figuring that last part out if you didn't know already
Apart from Lisa, the scariest monster I've ever faced was the T-002 Type Tyrant. With a thing powerful enough to kill you at two full swipes, you better get rid of it and fast.
The overall scary-feel of this game is high on the original (the voice-acting turned me away from it for a long time to be honest), but the remake's scare-o-meter is through the roof. Arguably one of the best survival-horror games out there, Resident Evil 1 ignited what would be a very successful line of sequels.

Resident Evil 2

Claire Redfield sorrounded by a swarm of the livind dead at the Raccoon City Police Dept.

Returning to Raccoon City in order to meet up with her brother, happy-go-lucky Claire Redfield teams up with RPD rookie Leon S. Kennedy, his first day on the job. This sequel blends the horror-like feeling of the original game with a brand new environment: the streets of Raccoon City along with its police department. Throughout the game, a new type of B.O.W. follows you around and appears unexpectedly. Before the remake, this was the first time something chases you around for a good chunk of the game. It managed to follow its predecessor successfully. With added mini games in several versions for different consoles and other scenarios like "4th Survivor", it also had a considerable amount of content.

Resident Evil 3

Jill struggles through the streets of Raccoon in order to get out alive.

Yet another installment to the horror series, this one takes place during Resident Evil 2, with the recurring character Jill Valentine with UBCS Carlos Olivera at her side trying to escape the city before a bomb destroys all evidence tying in the Umbrella Corp. RE3 introduced us to one of the more notable members of the B.O.W. family, the T-Nemesis follows Jill around, as she's the final member of S.T.A.R.S. that it can identify and Nemesis is programmed to pulverize them. Scary, huh? Although the game continues to have the same elements of its previous installments, it still had the "get outta there or die trying!" element that made this particular sequel ever-so popular.

Resident Evil 4

Leon Kennedy takin' care of some Illuminados members.

This is where things take a turn, where Resident Evil permanently evolves, and all it takes is one key element to do so; its camera angle. No longer in fixed third-person mode, the camera is now over-the-shoulder. This is definitely the key factor that completely changed my perspective on the rest of the Resident Evil games. It seemed like the camera angles in third person only let you see what what given, not giving you control over what you can look at. I always like to think that not only am I viewing the game through that fixated angle, but that is the only way I was given to see the events, as if there were security cameras placed throughout the environment. When it's over-the-shoulder, it's less scary at times. Not to sound lazy, but it's just something else you're responsible for! Overall though, this game still captures the essence of survival horror...somewhat.

Resident Evil 5

A now beefed-up Redfield slays a village infected with the Uroboros Virus.

Years after the Raccoon City incident, Chris Redfield, now in alliance with BSAA and is sent in with his new partner, Sheva Alomar, to stop B.O.W.'s from being sold into the black market...
Survival-Horror fans around the world wept when they first played RE5. I know I did. Why did I feel like I was playing a spin-off of Call of Duty, or some other war game? Because of the game's lack of key components that make Resident Evil scary. Not only did the enemies seem a bit predictable, but the characters seemed too different from their past selves. I understand that even video game characters grow up, but Chris turned into this ape on steroids while Jill turned pale and....blonde. Finally, Wesker dies! While his death seemed necessary, I somehow felt like the rest of the series won't be the same. If the final installment where he was featured lacked horror, imagine the rest of the upcoming games?

Resident Evil: Revelations

Meeting an extremely unfortunate ending, FBC Member Rachael is killed off by a new zombie, an Ooze.

Rachael's extended trailer released in Tokyo, and the first clip I saw. Needless to say, my obsession and hunger for experiencing fear was satisfied.

This game brought me so much joy and hope for the rest of the series. Not only was it a 3DS exclusive, but majority of the elements that made Resident Evil "Resident Evil" resurfaced!! Plus, this game made me accept the over-the-shoulder camera angle. I figured that it you can't do anything about, you might as well give it a chance. When I did, I became fond of the camera method, and eventually mastered it. With that irritation out of the way, my love and fear for the series returned. The future of this game seems bright, no?

Conclusion: Resident Evil 6

Leon's in a bit of a bind, isn't he?

...I'm shaking in my shoes. Not only because of this screenshot, but because of all the questions I, along with thousands of Resident Evil fans, have unanswered. Can we wait until this fall? NO!! According to some interviews with developers, many elements that made Resident Evils 4 and 5 have been included, but much to my surprise, "It'll be a Resident Evil like no other". All we know at this moment is that Chris and Leon take the center stage, plotlines that have been left out will resurface, the game will take place at different parts of the world, new zombie types will arise, and UGH OHMYGOSH SO MUCH MORE NEEDS TO BE REVLEALED!! So for now, the future of survival-horror in Resident Evil seems bright...or is it dark? Whichever one means "scarier" to ya
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By Carnival on 04-28-2012, 09:30 PM
Great article. Really.
I'm glad people are still aware of the genre, and hope of its return.
By Rin on 04-29-2012, 11:20 AM
That was a nice read. If you want to find some Survival Horror stuff, Mikami is working on a new game for his own game company now that is right down that isle.

As for the RE series ever being based on Survival Horror again as its focus...don't count on it. I feel they are going after the CoD market. I believe they've said as much at some point.
Last edited by Rin; 04-29-2012 at 01:54 PM..
By Megas75 on 04-29-2012, 11:35 AM
I still want to give RE6 a shot, but I don't have high hopes for it, seeing as how they flat out said that they want it to aim for the CoD crowd
By Zero on 04-29-2012, 12:52 PM
Will it bring back survival horror? Hopefully, but probably not.
By Aether_Fenris on 04-30-2012, 12:25 PM
It's a good article, but there are LOTS of typos. You should give a proofread. Also, I'd like to point out a small fallacy - Resident Evil did not give birth to the Survival Horror Genre. There have been survival horror games as far back as the NES.
By Rai17 on 04-30-2012, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by SuperGamecube64 View Post
It's a good article, but there are LOTS of typos. You should give a proofread. Also, I'd like to point out a small fallacy - Resident Evil did not give birth to the Survival Horror Genre. There have been survival horror games as far back as the NES.
Sorry about the typos, I uploaded this through a smartphone. Which errors though? I just proofread it, and spell-checked. And you can categorize games before Resident Evil under survival horror, but by "giving birth" to the genre I meant "giving life to it", since before its release the genre didn't have that much popularity. Because of this success, many titles were developed with the same theme. Sure the franchise itself was based off of previous titles like Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home, but names and defines the survival horror genre.
By Markus on 04-30-2012, 02:13 PM
Considering 4 and 5 weren't even scary and didn't feel like a survival horror in the first place, I doubt it.
By Rai17 on 04-30-2012, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Markus View Post
Considering 4 and 5 weren't even scary and didn't feel like a survival horror in the first place, I doubt it.
Yeah, 4 and 5 felt completely different.
I still have high hopes.
By Konata on 04-30-2012, 02:32 PM
The regenerators in RE4 were scary man.
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resident evil 6, survival-horror

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